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Humans, Elvens, Darkelves and Orcs have mystics. They can be categorized as nukers, summoners, buffers and healers. A special case is the human Necromancer as this class has some nuker and summoner abilities, but mainly a big palette of debuffs. Another special case is the orcish Overlord, as this class can buff whole clans and alliances at once. These two classes are therefore not examined further in the following text.

Human, elven and darkelven mystics have balanced mental stats. Still there is an important difference: clerical classes can't change their Int with Dyes (which makes sense, as they don't need Int for anything). This means that Elven Elders have a whooping +7 more on their important stats than Shillien Elders, while Humans are in between (4 less than Elven Elders). This difference has to be fixed through better skills for Darkelves (and worse for Elves).



There are three nuker classes: human Sorcerer, elven Spellsinger and darkelven Spellhowler.

Nukers are there to deal masses of damage to the enemy via spells.

Now. There is. At least. In my opinion. No such thing as the 'best' nuker.

Each of the 3 have advantages and disadvantages.

Lets take a look at the stats and see what I mean.

DE Mage[SPH] STR 23 CON 24 DEX 23 WIT 19 INT 44 MEN 37

Human Mage[SOR] STR 22 CON 27 DEX 21 WIT 20 INT 41 MEN 39

Elf Mage[SPS] STR 21 CON 25 DEX 24 WIT 23 INT 37 MEN 40

Lets look at the 3 main stats used by mages. WIT - INT - MEN

WIT = Cast Speed / MCrit / Resist Hold (sleep/root/etc) / Resist all most all negative effects

INT = MAtk / Curse Rates

MEN = MDef / MaxMP / MP RecoverSpd / Poison + Curse Resist / Cast Cancel Resist

OK. Now lets look at the stats again. We can see that the class with the highest WIT is Elf Mages. Now. What does this mean? It means that a SPS will hit MCrits more often, cast faster and have a higher resistance to negative effects. We can see that the class with the highest INT is DE Mages. This means that Negative effects cast by the SPH will take effect more often. Also the damage of their spells is higher. We can see that the class with the highest MEN is also Elf Mages. This grants them a higher MDef, MaxMP, MP RecoverSpd and Cast Cancel resistance.

Also. We should look at the skills of the classes. The SPS and SPH are designed for 1Vs1 fighting. Although they both have summons that can aid them. On the other hand. The SOR is designed for taking out Groups of enemies.

So. Taking all the above into account.

For hunting solo. I would take the SPS. Because of the cast speed and cast cancel resistance.

For hunting in a party. I would take the SOR. Because of the skills.

For 1Vs1 PvP. Either the SPS or the SPH. Both have advantages.

       SPS hit faster(hit faster=More damage). 
       SPH hit harder and have a life draining skill.

For Sieges. I would choose a SOR. Again for the skills.

As you can see. There is NO 'best' Nuker in the game. It all depends on the situation in hand.

Considering the darkelves mystic Spellhowler has "Silence" which in term, making the other mystics incapable of casting a single magic, SPH does an advantage in PVP against other mystic classes. But for other classes, SPH is just an easy target especially for Gladiators.


There are three summoner classes: human Warlock, elven Elemental Summoner and darkelven Phantom Summoner.



There are two buffer classes: human Prophet and orcish Warcryer.

The elvish Elven Elder and the darkelven Shillien Elder also have a palette of standard buffs as well as some special buffs.

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With C3, Warcryer gets all good buffs in the game except the Prophets Berzerker Spirit.


The specialized healer is the Bishop. The buffer/healer combos Elven Elder and Shillien Elder are also often mainly seen as healers.

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It is of very little doubt that the Bishop is the best healer, as it is the only specialized healer class and gets all the best stuff.