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Spellsinger is a damage dealing mage class (so-called nuker). They get a unspecific weapon skill and a skill to use robes. The spellsinger has the ability to inflict massive damage at targets from the distances.

Key Skills[edit]

  • Hydro Blast: Quick reuse time, a lot of damage, good casting speed
  • Surrender to Water: A debuff that almost doubles damage with water spells
  • Frost Bolt: Slows the enemy causing some damage
  • Aura Flare: Extreme casting speed, good damage, melee range though.


Spellsingers wear robes. Being the fastest of the three nukers class, but having the weakest m.atk, spellsingers prefer equipment which strengthens their spells.

On no-grade, all mystics except orcs will try to get the devotion set which speeds up spellcasting. On d-grade, sorcerers love to have the knowledge set for additional damage, but the gloves of that set are droponly and therefore hard to get. On c-grade the demon robe set is the favorite for very impressing damage improvements, even if the hp penalty of that set is a considerable drawback for elves (one could try to get a dye for getting more Con at cost for Str). On b-grade Doom and Zubei are good choices. On a-grade no set really has been made for the spellsinger, but anything but Tallum is probably considerable.

Naturally, nukers prefer mage weapons with high matk and magic effects like Empower, Mana Up, UpDown, Acumen etc. For no-grade, the Voodoo Doll and the Crucifix of Blessing are best (and both can be combined with a shield). On d-grade, the Staff of Life would be optimal (but very hard to get) as it is again one-handed; otherwise the Ghost Staff and the Atuba Mace/Hammer all offer the same m.atk. On c-grade, the Homunkulus Sword would be the best onehanded weapon, which also can have two very good SA's, too (Acumen and UpDown). Otherwise, the Ghoul/Demon/Deadmans staff offer more matk, but their SA's are not that great (Ghoul Staff can have Mana Up, however).

On b-grade the Hell Knife (Magic Regeneration, Magic Mental Shield, Magic Weakness) and the Sword of Valhalla (Acumen, Magic Weakness, Magic Regeneration) are options for people who prefer to play with a shield. Otherwise there is of course the Staff of Evil Spirits (only crappy magic SAs). On a-grade, the favorite weapon of all mystics (except orcs) is definitely the Sword of Miracles with SA Acumen. Alternatively nukers can use the Branch of The World Tree with either Acumen, Empower or UpDown; spellsingers will probably prefer to get Empower.

Sacrificing Str for more Con is an absolutely natural choice for spellsingers, they have no use for Str. They will often also want to sacrifice either Men or Wis for more Int to get more matk.


Nukers tend to be loners. However, spellsingers still can get a party once in a while, because their mass sleep effects are welcomed for tight situations. Inside a party, nukers have to step careful. If they are the first ones who attack mobs, they will have to use the same techniques as in solo play (hit and run) while the rest of the party runs after them. Therefore it is best to wait for the party to attack first, so the focus of the mob is already focussed on someone else when the nuker uses his high damage spells.

On their own, nukers typically use hit and run techniques - they attack a mob with their highest range spell, run until it has recharged, then attack again. With this technique, nukers can kill even red mobs. Spellsingers are best at this technique, as they are both the fastest runners and the fastest spellcasters.

All nukers make good two people parties with Shillien Elders who can empower them and give them Mana, a feature which becomes very important on high levels with the Seal of Element spells which suck endless Mana away. Elven Elders work also - they can't empower, but can give Mana.

Class Comparison[edit]

Elves are the fastest spellcasters, but have worse matk than Humans and especially Darkelves.

Spellsingers are definitely an elven class which can at least keep up with their human and elven counterparts (Sorcerer and Spellhowler). In fact, they are easiest to play, as they are the fastest runners and fastest spellcasters; hardly do they ever get interrupted or even get hit at all. If you love elves, but want a strong class, spellsinger is definitely a good choice.