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Tyrants are offensive melee warriors (damage dealer, DD) of the orcs. They are specialized into Fist Weapons and Light Armor, and have Stun attacks.

File:L2 Male Tyrant with Fist Blade in Plated Leather.jpg
Male Tyrant with Fist Blade in Plated Leather Set

The extraordinarily high damage they deal is achieved through by their attack speed, not through high P.Atk (Gladiator, Destroyer) or through many and strong criticals with a dagger (Treasure Hunter, Abyss Walker, Plainswalker).

Compared to the Destroyer, Tyrants have only a very small number of hitpoints, and a bad P.def thanks to the limitation to light armor. They also lack the uber emergency abilities like Guts and Frenzy.

Tyrants are the only class that is really specialized into fist weapons. These offer good accuracy, which is good for Orcs with their low Dexterity. Like for dual swords, two hits of a fist weapon count as one attack, so if you compare Fists with other weapons, you have to double the damage dealt in one attack. Fortunately, one also needs only one set of soul shots (1-3 of them depending upon weapon) for these two attacks, unless one of them misses - the soul shots are then still consumed for the other attack.

Tyrants have a number of special abilities called Totems. They can be activated freely, but only the last activated one matters, and they need a certain time to regenerate. Most last far longer than the regeneration time, an exception is the Ogre Totem. The Puma Totem together with Fist Fury gives the Tyrant his especially high attack speed; they also get the passive skill Boost Attack Speed just like Treasure Hunters.

Tyrants also have special attacks, which work very much like spells, but need a lot of time to regenerate. Before they are used, they have also to be loaded through the special ability Focus Force. One can load this special skill up to 7 times, each increase will strengthen the power of the skill used afterwards. There are also energy stones which can store energy for the Tyrant to be used for these skills.


Format: Name of Skill (Level you get first stage [, next level for next stage...]) - Description


  • Totem Spirit Wolf (20) - Increases Speed and Accuracy.
  • Totem Spirit Bear (28) - Reduces Speed, increases P.Atk and Critical Atk.Power.
  • Totem Spirit Puma (40) - Increases Atk.Speed and Accuracy.
  • Spirit of Ogre (46) - Increases P.Atk., P.Def., M.Def., Critical Atk.Power and reduces Speed and Evasion.
  • Totem Spirit Rabbit (62) - Increases Speed and Evasion. Lowers P.Atk. significantly.
  • Totem Spirit Bison (68) - Increases P.Atk and critical attack rate if HP is low.
  • Hawk Spirit Totem (74) - Increases accuracy, critical attack rate and critical attack power.

Other Selfbuffs[edit]

  • Relax (5) - Recovers HP quickly when sitting. Continuously consumes MP.
  • Focus Force (24, 32, 40, 52, 60, 66, 72) - Gathers force for special attacks (see below).
  • Fist Fury (43) - Greatly increases attack speed. Continuously consumes HP.


  • Iron Punch (5-35) - Extra damage. Fist weapons only.
  • Cripple (20+) - Reduces target's Speed. Fist weapons only.
  • Stunning Fist (20-35) - Stun attack. Fist weapons only.
  • Burning Fist (40+) - Improved Extra damage. Fist weapons only.
  • Soul Breaker (40+) - Improved Stun attack. Fist weapons only.
  • Punch of Doom (55+) - Does a devastating attack to the enemy, but will stun you shortly when used. Fist weapons only.

Special Attacks (need to be prepared with Focus Force)[edit]

  • Force Blaster (24+) - Distance attack. 1 Charge used. Fist weapons only.
  • Hurricane Assault (36+) - A flurry of attacks. 2 Charges used. Fist weapons only.
  • Force Buster (43+) - Attack enemies in front of you. No Charges used but needs at least 1-2 Charges remaining. Consumes Energystone. Fist weapons only.
  • Force Storm (49+) - Distance area attack. No Charges used but needs at least 1-2 Charges remaining. Consumes Energystone. Fist weapons only.

Passive Skills[edit]

  • Iron Body (15) - Resist damage from falling.
  • Agile Movement (20, 40) - Increases Accuracy and Speed. Light armor only.
  • Light Armor Mastery (20+) - Increases defense. Light armor only.
  • Fist Mastery (20+) - Increases P. Atk.. Fist weapons only.
  • Boost Attack Speed (36, 46, 58) - Attack speed increases.


The special Focus Force and damage dealing attacks are rarely used outside of PvP, so one can concentrate on Stun and all standard skills (Light and Armor Mastery, Totems, Boost Attack Speed, Fist Fury etc) if sp are too low.


Like any other warrior, Tyrants will have a polearm weapon with them, for battling multiple opponents at a time.

A main problem of Tyrants are soul shots. Thank god for Con 47 and only Light Armor to wear, but still the Tyrant runs out of soul shots very fast. One strategy against this problem is using compressed packages, the other is getting a b-grade or better weapon.

On c-grade, Tyrants will obviously prefer the Plated Leather Set (+4 Str, -1 Con) over the higher protection of other c-grade armor, on b-grade the light Doom Set would be best (Dex gives Atk.speed and criticals), while on a-grade the Dark Crystal Light Set is the favorite choice, and the Nightmare Light Set isn’t bad either, because of the small vampiric effect.

Tyrants often have trouble getting good fist weapons as they are so seldom and Shamans often want to have them, too. Damage wise Focus and Haste are probably the best SAs, however in 1 to 1 PvP the Health SA on the Dragon Grinder and the Demon Splinter is much better.

Tyrants usually sacrifice 4 Con for getting 4 Dex, which helps against the various effects of their bad orcish Dexterity and, besides other things, gives a big PvP advantage thanks to higher running speed, especially in combination with the Wolf Totem.


Tyrants are very party dependent. Well buffed, protected from attacks by the leadership of a tank or under the supervision of a good healer, they are maybe the strongest warrior class of all and potentially dealing more damage than even the dagger users. But without a party and buffs, they are probably the weakest of all warriors, having the worst p.def of all fighters, hardly any good evasion, no rogue skills to avoid enemies, and no way to heal themselves except through potions or endless resting.

As already said, Tyrants usually fight with the Puma Todem and the Fist Fury style. While being alone, the Ogre often is more effective than Puma - much less damage received, some healing, and less soul shots used, all for a little less damage dealt per time unit. Unfortunately Ogre causes also very slow movement and is therefore often not applicable. For traveling, the Wolf stays ideal, while the Rabbit is obviously meant for fleeing tight situations.

Maybe even more than other damage dealers, Tyrants love the vampiric buffs from Shillien Elders (Level 30+), Warcryers (44+) and high level Bladedancers (74), because Tyrants deal even more damage, but have the worst defense of all warrior classes.

The stun attack of the Tyrant is not better than the stun of most other classes, so it fails very often. Only Paladin and Dark Avenger get a really good stun.

The special attacks which need to be prepared with Focus Force are mostly toys except for Hurricane Assault. Force Blaster can be used as a replacement for a ranged attack, and Force Storm can attract a group of mobs if you want to attack them with a polearm. If you run away and reload your Focus Force, you can also use Force Buster to soften them even more before finishing them in direct melee.

Tyrants often get unwanted attention from mobs in a group. There are a number of standard tactics against this - using the hate aura and/or aggression of the tank, or using paralyze or stun, the later possibly from the Tyrant himself, on the mob.

Player versus Player[edit]

The Tyrant is one of the stronger PvP classes. They can run very fast when using the Rabbit Spirit Totem skill, can Cripple any archer or nuker trying to get out of reach, have high attack speed to disrupt nukers, and have two stun attacks (but don’t overestimate those), two damage attacks and, if everything else failed, the final Punch of Doom. If they have time to prepare themselves, they also have the Assault Attack for even a bit more damage at a good place in the fight.

Still they have very much trouble against Destroyers. The problem is, the moment the Destroyer falls below 30% hp and activates Guts (you suddenly deal only one third of damage) or Frenzy (the guy hits you suddenly three times harder), you are doomed. One trick here is to realize that Guts helps nothing against magic, unfortunately Tyrant does zero magic damage so your best bet is just to activate Rabbit Spirit Totem and run away or Cripple kite him until Frenzy/Guts ends. So running away (Destroyers are very slow), loading Force Focus to maximum level, then using Force Blaster might give you the necessary edge. Don’t run away too long - Destroyers can heal their hp much faster than Tyrants, AND they can use Bows. Having Health on your Dragon Grinder or Demon Splinter might also give you an important edge.

Against archers, the Rabbit might be considerable, as it makes you even faster than the Wolf and gives you Evasion. Approach with the Rabbit, cripple the victim, then change to Puma and finish him off. Of course this works only once; if there are multiple archers (which is normal for PKs), Puma might be a bad choice as it lowers your pdef even more.