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Up to C3, only dwarves can craft (in C4 there is "Common Craft" for everyone, but thats for fishing). While Bounty Hunters gain only craft level 1 and are limited to rather useless nograde items as well as the 5 most basic material recipes, only the Warsmith really has full access to the craft system.

To be able to craft, one needs to have the corresponding recipe in the recipe book of the dwarf, as well as the necessary ingredients in the inventory.


There are 5 kinds of recipes, most importantly materials and items, and then the special cases: arrows, shots, and compressed packages.

  • Material recipes are the simplest form, they just transform a number of lesser materials into one higher material.
  • Item recipes are much more complicated. To create an item, you need the special key materials for that item, as well as a large number of normal materials, and crystals and gemstones of the corresponding grade.
  • Arrow recipes are just like material recipes, only that the result isn't used for crafts.
  • Shot recipes require only crystals and the corresponding ore (soul or spirit) as input.
  • Compressed package recipes take the corresponding number and kind of shots and a number of Rope of Magic of the grade as input.


These are the kinds of ingredients one needs to craft.

  • Crystals can be won by crystalizing items (weapons, armor, jewelry) of a certain grade; only Warsmiths can crystalize.
  • Key materials (key mats) are specific to a certain item and drop only at specific mobs, one has to collect enough of them before one can create a specific item.
  • Materials (mats) are general and drop at many places, but one needs usually a lot of them in any recipe.
  • Gemstones are only needed for items, are specific to a certain grade (there are however no no-grade gemstones) and can be bought at the shop.
  • Recipes themselves are ingredients beginning from b-grade upward.
  • Spirit Ore and Soul Ore are only needed for shots and can be bought at the shop.
  • Rope of Magic are only used for Compressed Packages of shots, come in different versions, each for one specific grade, and can be bought at the shop.


One of the most important issues in crafting is getting the right ingredients, and materials are the largest part of them. If you do not have some material of a type, you might want to make them from some lower materials. For this you need the right material recipe. As there are 29 material recipes, and the recipe book has only a total of 50 entries, it is a good idea to let your Bounty Hunter handle the 5 material recipes of craft level 1, to get more space in the Warsmith recipe book. Another alternative to creating a new character solely for the purpose of this would be to take advantage of Lineage II's fishing aspect, and get an additional 48 slots for your recipe book.

In any case, it is generally much faster to get the higher material as a drop or spoil instead of collecting the lower materials and crafting them.

Too, do not transform any material into higher versions before you really need them, so you have the lower version if required.

The most sought after materials are usually Coarse Bone Powder, High Grade Suede, Crafted Leather, and Stones of Purity.

The Cord and Metallic Fiber recipes produce more than one item as output.

As of C3, the Arcsmith's Anvil, Warsmith's Holder and Warsmith's Mold mats are not used in any recipe. They will probably be used later in s-grade and 100% a-grade recipes.

Name [(Count)] Ingredients Required for (Count) Drops
Raw materials
Adamantite Nugget - 4: Artisan's Frame (10)
5: Leolin's Mold (15)
Animal Bone - 1: Coarse Bone Powder (10) Yes
Animal Skin - 1: Leather (6) Yes
Asofe - 6: Maestro Mold (5) Yes
Charcoal - 1: Cokes (3) Yes
Coal - 1: Cokes (3)
2: Steel Mold (5)
4: Crafted Leather (1)
Enria - 6: Craftsman Mold (5), Warsmith's Mold (5) Yes
Iron Ore - 1: Steel (5)
2: Steel Mold (5)
4: Metal Hardener (10), Metallic Thread (5)
Mithril Ore - 4: Blacksmith's Frame (10), Mithril Alloy (1), Durable Metal Plate (5) Yes
Mold Glue - 6: Maestro Anvil Lock (4), Maestro Mold (10), Warsmith's Holder (10) Yes
Mold Hardener - 6: Craftsman Mold (20), Maestro Holder (10), Warsmith's Mold (10) Yes
Mold Lubricant - 6: Arcsmith's Anvil (20), Maestro Anvil Lock (4), Maestro Holder (10) Yes
Oriharukon Ore - 2: Synthetic Cokes (1)
4: Oriharukon (4)
Silver Nugget - 2: Silver Mold (10)
4: Metallic Fiber (15), Oriharukon (12)
Stem - 1: Braided Hemp (5)
4: Metal Hardener (10)
Stone of Purity - 2: Varnish of Purity (1) Yes
Suede - 2: High Grade Suede (3) Yes
Thread - 2: Compound Braid (5), Cord (25)
4: Metallic Thread (10)
6: Warsmith's Holder (20)
Thons - 6: Arcsmith's Anvil (10) Yes
Varnish - 1: Steel (5)
2: Varnish of Purity (3)
4: Metal Hardener (10)
Craft Level 1
Braided Hemp 5 Stem 2: Compound Braid (5), Silver Mold (5), Steel Mold (5) Yes
Coarse Bone Powder 10 Animal Bone 2: High Grade Suede (1), Varnish of Purity (3) Yes
Cokes 3 Coal
3 Charcoal
2: Silver Mold (5), Synthetic Cokes (3) Yes
Leather 6 Animal Skin 4: Crafted Leather (4) Yes
Steel 5 Varnish
5 Iron Ore
2: Cord (2)
4: Mithril Alloy (2)
Craft Level 2
Compound Braid 5 Braided Hemp
5 Thread
Cord (20) 2 Steel
25 Thread
4: Crafted Leather (4), Metallic Fiber (20)
5: Leolin's Mold (40)
High Grade Suede 1 Coarse Bone Powder
3 Suede
Silver Mold 5 Braided Hemp
5 Cokes
10 Silver Nugget
4: Blacksmith's Frame (1) Yes
Steel Mold 5 Braided Hemp
5 Iron Ore
5 Coal
4: Artisan's Frame (1) No
Synthetic Cokes 3 Cokes
1 Oriharukon Ore
4: Oriharukon (1)
6: Maestro Anvil Lock (4)
Varnish of Purity 3 Coarse Bone Powder
3 Varnish
1 Stone of Purity
4: Artisan's Frame (5), Blacksmith's Frame (5), Mithril Alloy (1)
6: Maestro Holder (10)
Craft Level 4
Artisan's Frame 1 Steel Mold
5 Varnish of Purity
10 Adamantite Nugget
6: Warsmith's Mold (1) No
Blacksmith's Frame 1 Silver Mold
5 Varnish of Purity
10 Mithril Ore
6: Maestro Mold (1) No
Crafted Leather 4 Cord
4 Leather
4 Coal
Metal Hardener 10 Stem
10 Varnish
10 Iron Ore
Metallic Fiber (20) 20 Cord
15 Silver Nugget
Metallic Thread 10 Thread
5 Iron Ore
4: Durable Metal Plate (5) Yes
Mithril Alloy 1 Varnish of Purity
2 Steel
1 Mithril Ore
Oriharukon 1 Synthetic Cokes
12 Silver Nugget
4 Oriharukon Ore
Durable Metal Plate
(C3: Reinforced Metal Plate)
5 Metallic Thread
5 Mithril Ore
5: Leolin's Mold (10) Yes
Craft Level 5
Leolin's Mold 40 Cord
10 Durable Metal Plate
15 Adamantite Nugget
Craft Level 6
Arcsmith's Anvil 3 Maestro Anvil Lock
20 Mold Lubricant
10 Thons
Craftsman Mold 2 Artisan's Frame
20 Mold Hardener
5 Enria
Maestro Anvil Lock 4 Synthetic Cokes
4 Mold Glue
4 Mold Lubricant
6: Arcsmith's Anvil (3) No
Maestro Holder 10 Varnish of Purity
10 Mold Lubricant
10 Mold Hardener
6: Warsmith's Holder (2) No
Maestro Mold 1 Blacksmith's Frame
10 Mold Glue
5 Asofe
Warsmith's Holder 2 Maestro Holder
10 Mold Glue
20 Thread
Warsmith's Mold 1 Artisan's Frame
10 Mold Hardener
5 Enria


Items are either weapons, armor, or jewelry. Weapons are much more expensive to craft than the rest, still getting the key materials and recipes for any item can be very time consuming.

Changes with C4[edit]

The material "Reinforced Metal Plate" has been renamed to "Durable Metal Plate".

Example Crafts[edit]

For illustration, let us create two weapons. Don't panic because of the high requirements for them, weapons are the most resource intensive items to craft; armor and assessoires are a lot cheaper to get. It is something like "resources for a single weapon" = "resources for a complete set of armor and assessoires".

Please remember that, unless you are using your own warsmith, you also have to pay the one who actually crafts your item. That is how they make money, after all.

Example 1: Staff of Life[edit]

The Staff of Life is the best d-grade wizard weapon. There are others with the same matk, but only the Staff of Life is onehanded and can therefore be combined with a shield for additional protection. And it is a very beautiful weapon, too.

We browse for the recipe and get the following ingrediends:

  • Craft Level 4: Staff of Life
    • 8 Staff of Life Shaft
    • 130 Steel
    • 260 Coarse Bone Powder
    • 130 Braided Hemp
    • 550 Crystal: D Grade
    • 185 Gemstone D

The weapon is craft level 4, which means you need to have at least a level 36 artisan for it. If your warsmith does not have the recipe, you have to get one first. Then you have to farm for the shafts.

If you do not have enough Steel, you need 5 Varnish and 5 Iron Ore to make one. If you do not have enough Coarse Bone Powder, you need 10 Animal Bones to create another one. If you do not have enough Braided Hemp, you need 5 Stem for one. All these are craft level 1 and can be converted by any Bounty Hunter who knows his job and has learned these recipes. A Warsmith might be unable, as they have only very limited space in their recipe books, so they rather leave the level 1 mat recipes to the Bounty Hunters.

Example 2: Lance[edit]

The Lance is the better one of the two b-grade polearms. Again you browse for the recipe. There are two versions: one succeeds always and the other succeeds in 60% of all tries. Lets assume you decide to take no risk and go for the 100% version.

  • Craft Level 7: Lance
    • Recipe: Lance (100%) (Yes, this is part of the ingredients, you need a new recipe for every lance)
    • 13 Lance Blade
    • 4 Maestro Holder
    • 232 Mithril Alloy
    • 116 Synthetic Cokes
    • 58 High Grade Suede
    • 58 Enria
    • 291 Crystal: B Grade
    • 98 Gemstone B

First thing you have to make sure is if the Warsmith in question (You get Craft level 7 at level 55 as a Warsmith) already has learned the lance 100% recipe, and if he is planning to keep it for a while. This is actually not unlikely, as almost every warrior - except maybe archers - wants to have a polearm, so the lance 100% recipe is quite likely to be kept. Lets assume however that the warsmith does NOT have this recipe in his recipe book. As from b-grade on the recipe is not only to be known by the dwarf, but also a part of the ingredients, that actually means you have to get the recipe TWICE - once for the warsmith to add it to his recipe book, and another one for the actual crafting. If you want 2 or 3 lances for trying overenchanting, you then correspondingly need 3 or 4 recipes. By the way, if you plan that, the 60% recipes might overall be better for you - just get more of them and (hopefully) save a lot of other materials required.

The second thing you need are the key materials. As it is a top b-grade item, you need 13 of them. To find them, you have to check for their drops (or, often much better: spoils).

Then you care for the ingredients. Maestro Holder are craft only, therefore you have to provide the materials to craft them. Unfortunately they require Varnish of Purity, which are AGAIN craft only, so you have to provide the materials for those, too:

  • 4 Maestro Holder
    • 40 Varnish of Purity
      • 120 Coarse Bone Powder
      • 120 Varnish
      • 40 Stone of Purity
    • 40 Mold Lubricant
    • 40 Mold Hardener

So you need to have 120 Coarse Bone Powders, 120 Varnish, 40 Stone of Purity, 40 Mold Lubricant and 40 Mold Hardener to create the required 4 Maestro Holders. Only the Coarse Bone Powders can be created from Animal Bones, the rest are true drops.

This game repeats with the following 3 entries Mithril Alloy, Synthetic Cokes and High Grade Suede. You also need the required Enria drops as well as b-grade Crystals and Gemstone B.