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In a nutshell, the Manor System in Lineage II works in this manner:

  1. Castle owner determines what seeds to sell at what quantities and value.
  2. Manor NPC sell seeds to PC.
  3. PC plants seed in mob.
  4. PC kills mob (Ah duh! ;).
  5. PC harvests matured seeds from mob's dead body.
  6. PC sells matured seeds back to Manor NPC, and also get some material in exchange.
  7. Castle owner takes matured seeds and use them to manufacture other items.

The list of materials is fixed, and is replicated below. Each seed has two possible rewards, only one of which is active at any time. The Manor NPC will allow you to check each region's reward so that you can take advantage of the Manor system.

For Castle owners, the seeds allow them to create high level items such as Enchant Weapons Grade A scrolls. This effectively allows Castle owners to equip their Clans better, and increases the supply of such items into the economy. Thus, the Manor system is an important (and currently probably overlooked) part of the Aden economy.

Like pretty much everything in Lineage II, this is a rather paradoxical situation. The Manor system increases the consistency of the supply of raw material into the economy, thus enabling the non-Castle owners to gain better equipment. But at the same time the system makes the Castle owners stronger and more capable of defending their lands. While both sides benefits from the Manor system, from a defensive point of view, the Castle owners tend to gain more from the system.

Seeds and Products Redeemed[edit]

Seed Type Intended Levels Reward Type 1 Reward Type 2
Dark Coda 5-15 Stem Braided Hemp
Red Coda 8-18 Varnish Coke
Chilly Coda 11-21 Suede Oriharukon Ore
Blue Coda 14-24 Animal Skin Crafted Leather
Golden Coda 17-27 Thread Mithril Ore
Lute Coda 20-30 Iron Ore Metallic Fiber
Desert Coda 23-33 Coal Adamantite Nugget
Red Cobol 26-36 Charcoal Enria
Chilly Cobol 29-39 Animal Bone Steel
Blue Cobol 32-42 Silver Thons
Thorn Cobol 35-45 Stem Metallic Thread
Golden Cobol 38-48 Varnish Mold Glue
Great Cobol 41-51 Suede High Grade Suede
Red Codran 44-54 Animal Skin Asofe
Sea Codran 45-55 Thread Cord
Chilly Codran 47-57 Iron Ore Mold Harderner
Blue Codran 50-60 Coal Leather
Twin Codran 53-63 Charcoal Mold Lubricant
Great Codran 56-66 Animal Bone Coarse Bone Powder
Desert Codran 61-71 Silver Durable Metal Plate