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This page to include information on mobs such as name, strengths and weaknesses, approx level, and location. Separate lists of general mobs, quest mobs, mini-boss mobs, boss mobs, raid boss mobs should be made. The hope is this page will be used as a listing of where mobs are and which mobs would be best to hunt at a particular level or with a particular skill. With C3 came the ability to look at what type of creature a mob is classified as and a list of their inherent strengths and weaknesses. This can be useful information, especially for mages looking for mobs to hunt that are weak against a particular skill.


  • Attack
    • Dark Attack
    • Critical Chance
    • Hammer Crush ( Stun Attack)
    • Cancel
  • Race
    • Beast
    • Dragon
    • Humanoid
    • Undead
    • Construct
    • Bug
    • Demon
  • Raid Boss

These mobs deal a lot of damage on each hit and have insane hp values. If existent, kill the raid warriors first before killing the boss itself. Still raids have very good drops with high chances and are worth the effort.

At least 2 parties of mostly mages is recommended to kill a raid boss. A tank is also very important to take the hits from the boss.

  • Resistance
    • Archery
    • Dark Attack
    • Wind
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Physic (Melee Attacks)
    • Sleep
    • Root
    • Matk (resist against All Spells and reduce damage from nuke Spells)
  • Strong Type(Double HP or More)
  • Weak Point
    • Archery Attack
    • Sacred Attack
    • Wind Attack koukos
  • Feeble Type(1/2 HP)