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History of Field of Whispers[edit]

File:FoW Swamp2.jpg
A view of the Field of Whispers.

"The field that unfolds to the west of Heine village was a place unvisited by many people for a long time. It became a popular place for going on dates. The field of reeds that were taller than people, the cool wind blowing in from the sea and the sounds of birds made for a romantic area. It was the ideal place for young people in love. In the past, a girl with a beautiful voice and a blacksmith boy fell in love. These helpers to a vagabond female shaman and a blacksmith were a well-matched couple, but the sons of royalty of Heine were jealous. The girl ended up losing her footing while running away to the field of reeds and died of her injuries. Eva, who loved music and poetry, took pity on this girl and changed her into a spirit of water. Thus, the legend was passed down that she will appear if one whispers of love in the field of reeds."—Official NCsoft description of the Field of Whispers

Location and Layout[edit]


Field of Whispers (FoW) is located just west of Heine; if you come out from Heine, you are pretty much in FoW. FoW is approximately the southern half of the Innadril penisula, the northern half being the Field of Silence.

FoW is connected to the Garden of Eva on the southern part of the penisula, but as that location is an underwater location, it is not advisable for PCs to go there without proper preparation and/ or a party.


File:FoW Swamp.jpg
Another view of the Field of Whispers. Tall Grass abound.

FoW is full of rolling hills and small¹ ponds filled with tall vegetation. Trees are not plentiful, but tall grass is everywhere.

On its own, the tall grass is sufficient to hide mobs and you may run into mobs without realising it. Combined with the rolling hills and ridges, if you are not careful and run over a ridge without checking, you can end up retreating over said ridge with a bunch of very irate Crokians hot on your heels—that's not a good way to live.

There is no real dominating terrain in FoW. It literally IS one big swamp. It's a nicely rendered swamp though. :)

¹ "Small" being a relative word, of course. As can be seen in the image, some of the "small" ponds can be rather big, if shallow.

File:Saints Necropolis.jpg
Entrance to the Saints Necropolis.

In Chronicle 3, a Seven Signs Necropolis (Saints Necropolis) has been placed in FoW. Not much is known about this Necropolis at the moment, except that it is an underwater dungeon for high levels (70s to 80s).

Rest Spots[edit]

  • Rest Spots are plentiful in FoW. The mobs are rather scattered, so a PC can find spots where s/ he can rest without worrying too much. The interior of FoW tends to have a higher concentration of aggressive mobs, so resting spots have to be carefully scouted.
  • The main thing to remember is that typically there is one or two aggressive mobs within a particular area. It is possible for them to wander into your rest areas, so if it looks too close to an aggressive mob, it might be better simply to find another spot.


  • As noted earlier, FoW is deceptively open. The abundance of tall grass and gullies where mobs are (in)conveninently placed means a PC running full out can end up running straight into aggressive mobs, typically Crokians.
  • The best way to travel is actually to zoom out as far as possible and just run as per normal. The extended field of vision is typically enough for you to look over the ridgeline to see if any mobs are on the reverse slope, and once you are on the ridge, those hiding in the grass are often visible.
  • This is still not a foolproof method though, as the lay of the land can really hide a mob until the very last moment (when their IDs automatically appear, by which time you are almost into aggressive range). It is best to run in small stages, zoom out as much as possible, and keep alert and ready to turn back.
  • The good news is that the openess of the area allows solo players to easily pull mobs into areas s/ he has previously scouted. FoW can be a good place to solo, if the proper preparations are made.


FoW has mobs of various levels, as listed below

  • Crokians
    • Crokians (basic)
    • Crokian Warriors
    • Dailaons
    • Nos (?)
    • Farhite (?)
  • Rakuls
  • Lemnik Lads
  • Lageos²
  • Pageos²

² These mobs are newly added in Chronicle 3. Their behaviour and abilities are not known at this time.

These varies from mid 30's to low 40's. The density of mobs is moderate, but adequate for hunting purposes. The range of mobs make this an ideal hunting ground for PCs who are close to their 2nd Profession Change, or around level 35 or so. Solo level 32s or so can also hunt here, as the Rakuls and Crokians (basic) in particular are only yellow, and give very good XP/ SP and adena.

File:FoW Crokian.jpg
Nice Crokian, Good Crokian...

Crokian (basic) are known to be aggressive, and typically will cause the most problems as they are plentiful. Crokians (basic) also use Might to self-buff. Crokians (basic) seem extremely vulnerable to stuns; it is fairly easy to chain-stun them. Crokians (basic) and Dailaons are known to be social to each other, which creates a lot of problems as the two are typically spawned near each other. Care must be taken when engaging or being engaged by Crokians (basic), especially if a Dailaon is nearby.

Crokian Warriors are known to be aggressive. It is assumed that Crokian Warriors are social to all Crokians.

Dailaons are non-aggressive ranged mobs and deal a good deal of damage, even to Knights. As noted above, they are social to at least Crokians (basic) and likely to all Crokians.

Farhites are known to be non-aggressive.

File:FoW Rakul.jpg
One Undead Fish, coming up!

Rakuls are Undead Fish (and smelly to boot), and have a spinning special attack that can do a lot of damage. Thankfully, this special attack is interruptable, and they are vulnerable to stuns. Rakuls are non-aggressive, but are social to other Rakuls. In Chronicle 3, their statistics and abilities seems to have been tweaked to be better than previously.

Lemnik Lads are aggressive, and can use Poison (about Intensity 3).This is fairly annoying as the Lemnik Lads are actually fairly easy prey otherwise.

Special Mention[edit]

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