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This section describes the various pets you can have in Lineage II. The current pets in game are the wolf, 3 types of wyvern hatchlings, 3 types of wyvern striders, the wyverns and the baby pets: buffalo, cougar and kookaburra.

The Wolf[edit]

The first pet you can get is the Wolf, through a rather tedious and onerous quest that has the potential to chew through your adena reserves the way a wolf chews through its food.

(to insert: Guide to the Wolf Pet Quest?)

When I first got my wolf I was so happy. It was only after I went through seven Rez -- and my adena! -- in a single day that I figured out it had tissue paper for a hide..

Once you have your Wolf, which comes in as a level 15 pet, you now have to keep it alive. Keeping a wolf alive in Lineage II is actually an impossibility; even a healer has difficulty trying to keep the wolf alive in the critical first few levels, before it develops enough HP to take more than a few incidental hits.

As such, keep a few Scrolls of Resurrections around. Take note that you have 3 minutes (presumably real time) to resurrect your wolf. Otherwise, the wolf is gone for good.

The general rule of thumb to observe about wolves is that while they can deal a respectable amount of damage, they can't take anything worth talking about. Even if you put the best pet armour on the wolf, it can only take a handful more hits -- the armour's really there to provide protection from random encounters with aggro creatures. In essence, they are little ice-picks that have tissue paper for armour and health.

The trick to keeping the wolf alive and yet level it is rather simple: you take the damage, it dishes the damage. The wolf cannot tank for you, nor can it kill mobs of your level on its own. The problem with the "I tank you kill" theory is twofold -- one, whether you can take the damage, and two, whether the wolf can do enough damage before you kick the bucket.

At the start I had a lot of problems leveling my wolf. It was only after I learnt Curse: Weakness that I had the ideal attack to level my wolf with; I drop a lot of aggro on the mob, lessens its p.atk, and has a long range to work with.. and dealt zero damage. Eventually settled for Spores, which basically gave my Level 14 wolf a 1% increment per kill.

To get around this, the easiest way is to have dedicated wolf-training sessions. Find a mob that's about the right level for the wolf, find a way to aggro it with the least amount of damage dealt, tell the wolf to attack, and then simply just stand there and keep an eye on things. When the mob turns to attack the wolf, you have to step in and deal some damage to keep the aggro on yourself.

Wolves can be tricky to learn to use. I have heard that the best use for a wolf is by classes that get the "hate" skills, though I have managed to level them with a variety of classes. You should look at your wolf as though it were a really effective poison spell: it deals damage, but doesn't take any. At really high levels the wolf actually gets some decent HPs and P Def, but in the early stages a level 10 creature can take it out with ease. Right now my level 35 wolf is able to take out creatures at the entrance to Dragon Valley, which still give me decent exp at level 53.

Sorry for editing this post that is really well done! I have a question. My pet level is 30, will it become in another pet. I mean, Has it an evolution??? Thanks.

No, wolves do not evolve.

At level 55 wolves evolves to Great Wolf but only at Kamael patch and higher...


The hatchling is far better than the wolf. Not only does it have superior fighting abilities, it also can be evolved to a strider and eventually to a wyvern.

There are 3 types of hatchling:

  • Star Hatchling: It has high P.Atk, but low P.Def. Also has the hate skill. Consumes food at a high rate.
  • Wind Hatchling: It has low P.Atk, but high P.Def. Also has a magic attack skill. Consumes food at a medium rate.
  • Twilight Hatchling: It has low P.Atk, low P.Def. It's almost impossible to level. Consumes food at a low rate.

How to get a hatchling - Little Wings Quest[edit]

  1. Talk to Pet Manager Cooper in Giran, it's near the luxury shop. He'll send you to Hunter's Village to find Wiseman Cronos.
  2. talk to Wiseman Cronos en Hunter's Village. He's near the Gatekeeper. He will tell you that you need to make a Fairy Stone or an Deluxe Fairy Stone.(IMPORTANT: always choose the regular Fairy Stone, the quest will be cheaper and faster to make, the only difference between the regular and the deluxe stone is that with the deluxe stone you'll get 20 food for hatchling).
  3. Talk to Maria. She's on Dion magic shop. She'll give you the list with the ingredients you need to make the Fairy Stone:
    • Regular Fairy Stone:
      • 10 Toad Lord Back Skins
      • 10 Coal
      • 10 Charcoal
      • 1 D Grade Gemstone
      • 3 Silver Nugget
    • Deluxe Fairy Stone:
      • 20 Toad Lord Back Skins
      • 10 Coal
      • 10 Charcoal
      • 1 Stone of Purity
      • 1 C Grade Gemstone
      • 5 Silver Nugget
  4. Hunt Toad Lord in Cruma Swamp to get the Toad Lord Back Skins you need. When you get all the mats, go back and talk to maria she'll give you a Fairy Stone.
  5. Talk Wiseman Cronos in Hunter's Village . He'll send you to talk to Guard Byron, he's on Hunter's Village north exit .
  6. Byron will send you to talk to Fairy Mymyu in Enchanted Valley. To find Mymyu, enter to Enchanted Valley by the northern path, you can't miss her, be aware of the satyrs, they're aggressive.
  7. Talk to Mymyu. She'll ask you to talk to one of five drakes/wyverns. No matter which one you choose, the hatchling type you get is randomly chosen, so to make it easier, go and talk to Drake Kalibran, it's the easiest one to find. It's west of Oren, on a small hill (loc: 71580, 44010 approx.). She'll ask you to get her stolen eggs from Road Scavengers in Death Pass. Go get 20 eggs and return them to Drake Kalibran. You'll receive a Drake egg in reward.
  8. Take the egg you got from Drake Kalibran to Mymyu in Enchanted Valley. You'll get the hatchling Flute to call the hatchling

(To do: leveling the hatchling, quest to evolve the hatchling into a strider)