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These were the second most valuable rupee in Twilight Princess next to the silver rupee. Now they can be found in most stages for a maximum of 1000 points! These rupees are found in pots, barrels and sometimes skulls, so start shooting. Also, when a rupee appears it will begin floating up and down. The longer the rupee stays afloat, the fewer the points it will give you until it vanishes.

Stage Rupees Location
1-1 1 Pot on right side of Mayors house.
1-2 2 Group of skulls to right once you start. Pot off in the distance on stone pedestal.
1-3 2 Pot on left once you start. Behind tent with explosive barrel.
2-1 3 One in each area behind Gorons. Just look for the pots.
2-2 3 Two found in the first four pots on the river. Third is in top pot of a group of five with a red pot in the middle.
2-3 1 In the barrel in the center of the stage.
3-1 1 Pot on right of Malo's Shop.
3-2 1 Barrel down in town center to the left.
3-3 1 Found in skull on fence post.
4-1 1 In second area in center of stage.
5-1 1 Second area in entryway.
7-1 1 Second area found in skull along right wall.
8-2 1 Found in icicle stalagmite in front of cave.
8-3 1 Pot alongside wall.
F-1 1 Pot inside of barn.