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They look just like the ones Link had practiced with his sword on back at the Ordon village, only now they supply you with points and possibly a secret stage. A shot in the scarecrows pumpkin head will give you 100 points, but if you hit its bucket chest, the head will grow larger and increase the amount of points you receive by 100 points per hit. Once the bucket has been hit eight times, the head is huge, a ringing noise will be heard, and now when you hit the head you will receive 1000 points and possibly a second scarecrow.

Stage Scarecrows Location
1-1 2 First area on the left of the screen. Second area on top right.[1]
1-2 1 Found on stane pedestal in the distance.
1-3 1 On pillar at the left side of base. Where archers would be set.
2-1 1 Final area on the right side of screen.
2-2 1 Found on deck in river.
2-3 1 Up on the right corner of screen.
3-1 2 First area right of Malo's Shop. Second area on left side of porch of hotel.[1]
3-2 1 Right behind you on top of wall.
3-3 1 On top of the Great Bridge of Eldin.
4-1 2 First area on right side of waterfall. Second area on left side of screen.[1]
4-2 1 Behind the tree on the left side.
4-3 1 On top of a tree trunk in center of stage.
5-1 1 Second area in top-left corner on building.
5-2 1 Near the dead bush
5-3 1 In between the first and second houses on the left; look through the window and it sits in the far back
6-1 1 Atop a stone arc
6-2 1 After you travel across the bridge, the scarecrow sits on top of the hill on the left
6-3 1 Behind the two Chillfos inside the building at the far end of the stage.
7-1 2 First area in doorway. Second area at end of hallway.[1]
7-2 1 On the tower in the background on your left side
7-3 1 On the tower in the background on your left side
8-1 1 At the end of third area after the bridge on right side of path.
8-2 1 Right behind you on the top of the hill
8-3 1 Right behind where you start in front of the entrance door
F-1 1 First or second area in the distance on mountain side.
F-2 1 Right behind you in the door
F-3 0
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 If you destroy both scarecrows in area with 1000 points each, you are taken to a secret area instead of the third area.