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Go all the way to the end of the lower level and get the key. Next, go to the hut on the upper level and kill the enemies with bombs. Talk to Anutu. You'll get the Power Blast Sword, which gives you the ability to throw your sword. Go back to the first hut after you get the sword, and talk to the woman. Go back outside and strike the skull with your sword. Take the key and go in the cave. Use the snowballs against the enemies. They'll leave behind firestones. Crater Cove is finished, so strike the Triforce map and go back to Nortinka.

Items to Obtain:

  • Link the faces of evil-key icon.gif - Last hut on lower level
  • Link the faces of evil-powerblastswordicon.gif - Hut on upper level, talk to Anutu
  • Link the faces of evil-key icon.gif - Strike the skull
  • Link the faces of evil-firestone icon.gif - Kill enemies after entering cave