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Crossbreeding is a feature of Little Dragons that allows two different dragon types to spawn a new one. This gives the player a free way to acquire new dragon types. However, to breed, you need a crossbreeding building and the right dragons that can breed together (see table, below). After choosing two dragons to breed, those dragons will be removed from their habitat temporarily (thus you will produce fewer coins, or none at all). The dragons will still take up one population in the habitat, so you cannot replace it with a different dragon. After the breeding period is done, the dragon will return to work like normal. Breeding times vary depending on the combination. The time ranges from 2 to 12 hours.

Combinations can only be made between certain types of dragons. Some combinations will breed one of two types, randomly, such as Island and Earth which can hatch into a Coastal Rock Dragon or a River Dragon. A combination with that type of chance is depicted with both dragon types next to each other in the same cell of the table, below.

Dragons that cannot be crossbred
  • Tropic Dragon
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Cliff Dragon Desert Dragon Earth Dragon Forest Dragon Island Dragon Snow Dragon Swamp Dragon
Cliff Dragon N/A Canyon Dragon Volcano Dragon Cave Dragon Pine Tree Dragon Rock Dragon N/A Electric Dragon N/A
Desert Dragon Canyon Dragon Volcano Dragon N/A Fire Dragon Armor Dragon Coral Dragon Fruit Dragon Mud Dragon Forest Dragon
Earth Dragon Cave Dragon Pine Tree Dragon Fire Dragon N/A Hill Dragon Coastal Rock Dragon River Dragon Aztec Dragon Bamboo Dragon
Forest Dragon Rock Dragon Armor Dragon Hill Dragon N/A Sea Dragon Treebark Dragon Creek Dragon
Island Dragon N/A Coral Dragon Coastal Rock Dragon River Dragon Sea Dragon N/A N/A Beach Dragon Night Dragon
Snow Dragon Electric Dragon Fruit Dragon Mud Dragon Aztec Dragon Treebark Dragon N/A N/A Ice Dragon Pond Dragon
Swamp Dragon N/A Forest Dragon Bamboo Dragon Creek Dragon Beach Dragon Night Dragon Ice Dragon Pond Dragon N/A