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Lizard Wizard
Box artwork for Lizard Wizard.
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchLizard Wizard Channel

Lizard Wizard marquee

Lizard Wizard is an arcade game that was developed by Techstar for Sunn in 1985; like Gorkans, it runs on Namco's Pac-Man hardware (a Zilog Z80 running at 3.072 MHz, with a Namco PSG running at 96 KHz for audio). The player must use an eight-way joystick to take up control of the eponymous "Lizard Wizard" - as the game's start screen explains that his mission is to help free the people who are caught within the planet "Zyfus" (by shooting the rocks that fly out of that erupting volcano at the bottom of the screen which will burst into flames if he misses them and get eaten by the dragon-like lizards for their fire). As the prisoners emerge from the volcano, the Lizard Wizard must also rescue them from the planet by taking them through the doors, or the lizards will enslave them against him.