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Box artwork for Loaded.
Developer(s)Gremlin Interactive
Release date(s)
Flag of the European Union.svg February, 1996
System(s)PlayStation, Sega Saturn
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
ESRB: ESRB M.png Mature
PEGI: PEGI 12.png Ages 12+
ELSPA: ELSPA rating Ages 15+
Followed byRe-Loaded
TwitchLoaded Channel

Loaded, known as Blood Factory (ブラッドファクトリー?) in Japan, is a science fiction-themed top-down shooter game that was developed by Gremlin Interactive and published by Interplay. Loaded was released in late 1995–early 1996 (around New Year time) on both the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The game has origins in DC comics and more notably the more adult-orientated Vertigo Comics, and there was a small graphic novel based on the game. The six playable characters of the game are a combination of villains, anti-heroes, psychopaths, perverts, mutants, and flamboyant murderers. They are, however, the last hope to stop the intergalactic supervillain code-named F.U.B. and save the universe. The characters were created and designed with contributions from Garth Ennis of Vertigo Comics and Greg Staples of 2000AD.

The game is set in the distant future, long after mankind has discovered faster-than-light flight and has since colonized most of the inhabitable worlds across the galaxy. F.U.B. was once a pretty uncultured and incapable catering officer with questionable sanity in the Sector Marines, often screwing up the field kitchens and dropping jars of Plusgrial fnart jiz powder into the cooking pot. F.U.B. (which stands "fat ugly boy", a name he was never able to escape) finally lost his mind on a barren desert front during a relatively minor skirmish of the last 40 years. Not wanting to let "the boys" down and unable to find any meat, F.U.B. amputated his own legs, cooked them and served them up to the soldiers in a hot broth. Despite it being the best dish he had ever created, F.U.B. was given an unconditional discharge and asked never to show his face again. Vowing to get revenge on the worlds of man for his banishment and exile, F.U.B. replaced his legs with mechanical, hydraulic-powered replacements and becomes a feared and egotistical space pirate, attracting other fragile minds to his cause.

The six playable characters have notable differences and derangements, but what they have in common is that they are all psychotic mercenaries who have been framed for crimes actually committed by F.U.B. and are now serving life sentences on an inhospitable maximum security prison planet, the planet Raulf. F.U.B. has even taken on a new secretive identity, joining the intergalactic prison system and working his way up the ladder by murdering his superiors and taking their positions, and F.U.B. is now the warden of Raulf. F.U.B. has done this so that he can pin his crimes as a space pirate on other people, usually those who are psychotic anyway so as nobody will notice.

The player (or two of the game's six characters, in two player mode) must escape Raulf, chase F.U.B. and engage in a bloody odyssey across the strange worlds of the galaxy to exact revenge on F.U.B. The supervillain however is merely excited by this, seeing it as a challenge and a game, and to this end he steals the most advanced machine in existence—a machine which can toy with the very fabric of the universe, manipulate matter and even open doorways to other dimensions. With this machine F.U.B. plans to hold the universe for ransom, and sets up a prison break on Raulf to set things in motion. If he can defeat a group of the most feared individuals in the galaxy who are armed to the teeth and wanting revenge, he figures he can defeat anyone.

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