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Title screen

You control Lupin the thief through the bank corridors. Your goal is to eat every coin in the bank, and safely exit. You must avoid contact with all of the cops. If you touch one you will lose a life.

Cops start out in each of the four tunnel entrances and come out one at a time. You can erect up to two temporary walls, at the most recent wall junctions that you have passed. If you lock a cop up between two gates, you are awarded bonus points.

Two kinds of bonus items appear in the center of the maze; a stage bonus, and an increasing point value money that stuns cops when collected. When you collect the money bag, the cops freeze in place for a brief period of time. You may pass through them at this time.

Both tunnels are not always available every stage, and several green walls randomly appear throughout the maze, opening and closing.


Lnc cpanel.jpg
  • Joystick: Use the joystick to guide Lupin, your thief, in any of four directions. Lupin will continue to move forward in the last direction he was instructed to move in until he hits a barrier.
  • Lock: Press the lock button to lock one of the gates in the bank. The walls of the bank are dark blue with light blue lines running through them. Some of the light blue lines appear on either side of a corridor, forming a gate. Pressing the lock key makes a gate appear between the last two light blue lines that Lupin has passed. You can only erect two gates at a time, and you can't erect a gate where an automatic green wall is already closing. If one or more cops get trapped between two consecutive gates, you will be awarded bonus points.
  • 1-2 players: Press either button to start a 1 or 2 player game.