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Level 141[edit]

Lode Runner level141.gif

Level 142[edit]

Lode Runner level142.gif

Start by running across both ladders, digging one hole in the third brick to the right of the right ladder, letting the guy fall in, then running across it to the right.

Level 143[edit]

Lode Runner level143.gif

Level 144[edit]

Lode Runner level144.gif

Wait at the bottom until the last one drops from second-to-last rope. Then run up. One of them will have a piece of gold. To get it, dig holes on each of the first three layers on the way up, and grab the gold after the third one drops in. Then proceed with the rest of the level.

Level 145[edit]

Lode Runner level145.gif

Either of the bottom corners is a safe spot where you can stay and all of them will gather in the bottom center section.

At the bottom right of the big middle section is a row of four bricks. It's useful to enter the middle section from the top right, run down, dig out this row of bricks, and stand to the right of it. When they've fallen in the holes, you can run up the ladder you're on, left across the ladders above them, and out the top.

One way to get the gold on the steps at the top left is to start by getting to the bottom left corner and luring them all to the left hand end of the center section. Run up the left-hand side to lure them all up there. At the top of that, run across the second ladder and dig a hole to drop into the middle section. Go down the ladder at the bottom of that and wait until they're almost upon you. Then run up and out the middle at the very top. They will head left again, and this will give you time to go down the steps at the top left and back down the ladder into the middle section before they've reached the top of the left section.

Level 146[edit]

Lode Runner level146.gif

Level 147[edit]

Lode Runner level147.gif

Level 148[edit]

Lode Runner level148.gif

Level 149[edit]

Lode Runner level149.gif

Level 150[edit]

Lode Runner level150.gif