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These dates are inferred from the manual and the game. They don't play much role in the game but can help the player acquire a better understanding of the game world

  • 1716 Bandages start being treated with Healing by the Weavers
  • 4200 With the development of Emptying, the streams of Woonsocket stop to run green with the discarded dyes of chemists
  • 4202 Double Deluge
  • 5858 Emerick Agreement; Blessing draft is outlawed outside the Weavers
  • 5992 Expedition of Fifth Elder Spindleshank to the rain forests of Lesser Uxbridge that yielded Waterproofing draft
  • 6003 Poison Galoshes Panic which almost resulted in a a ban of Waterproofing
  • 6222 Guild of Firefighters awards the Weavers with the Plaque of Distinction for the development of Extinguishing
  • 6529 Disband of the Embalmers. Legal battle awarded the rights of Rending to the Guild of Career Pliticians
  • 7331 Great Earthquake. Demand of luminous tapestries from the Guild of Miners fell off.
  • 7550 Whetstone Bridge Treaty among the Blacksmiths and Weavers which prohibits the use of Sharpening on weapons
  • 7770 Sack of Crystalgard
  • 7610 423rd Conclave of the Guilds, held at Elstree and first spun of Pattern of Tongues. Star of the Undertaker Florist war
  • 7983 Lady Cygna is born
  • 8004 Birth of Bobbin
  • 8020 Events of the game
  • 8110 End of the Undertaker Florist war