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Optional puzzles are marked in ITALIC.

Loom Island[edit]

  • You wake up. Examine the LEAF. To go to the village, click on the middle of the rock you are standing and Bobbin will descend it and appear on the pathway further from the camera. Click on the end of the path and he will traverse to another path. Click on its end and you will change screen.
  • You are now near the shore. Go to the village
  • You are now in the village of the Weavers. You can visit some bt you were asked to visit the Elders in the Sanctuary, the big hut on the left. Go there.
  • Proceed on the right. Examine the three TAPESTRIES, continue on the right and you will watch the Elders' council.
  • Much is happening. The Elders punish Hetchel transforming her into an egg. They are ready to punish you too but a swan comes and does this to themselves. All the Weavers are now swans and disappear in the sky, leaving the Pattern for ever.
  • You are alone now. Click on the DISTAFF and examine the EGG. It has trouble OPENING, so help it. (If you try twice to leave the room without opening the egg, it will open by itself, but then you wil acquire the next level slightly later.)
  • Hetchel is reborn as a swanling and briefs you about your 'mission'. She then leaves the pattern to find the other swans. Your task is now to find the swans.
  • Leave the Sanctuary and return to the village screen. Enter the hut on the far right, which is Hetchel's house.
  • Take the BOOK OF PATTERNS (actually included with your game box). Since this game understands no inventory, nothing changes if you overlook it. Examine the CAULDRON and learn the DYEING draft. Try it on the white CLOTHs. You can also try the reverse (BLEACHING) on the green cloths. Examine the FLASK so that you learn the EMPTY draft (not required to finish the game).
  • Leave the village and return to the general view with the village, the dock and the woods. Enter the woods.
  • Examine the HOLEs, one by one. They have owls but the last one is empty.
  • Go left and you will see an OWL blocking the inscription of the GRAVESTONE. There are two eyes blinking in the THORNS. Examine them and the owl will leave to catch the rabbit. You can now read the stone, which is actually Lady Cygna's grave. This is a hint to leave the island.
  • Go right and you can examine the HOLEs again, which now are full. You learn the NIGHT VISION draft.
  • Return to the village. There is a hut (near the ramp from which you came) you haven't visited. Enter it.
  • It's dark, cast NIGHT VISION on DARKNESS and examine the WHEEL. You learn STRAW INTO GOLD. Try it on the STRAWS. You can also try the reverse, GOLD INTO STRAW on the GOLD.
  • Leave the hut, the village, and return to the place you started the game. Look at the SKY and, according to the hint on the gravestone, cast OPEN. A thunder cuts the tree which floats to the dock.
  • Having learned and practiced the OPEN, DYING and STRAW INTO GOLD drafts, you are now experienced enough to cast the F note.
  • Follow the pathways once more and go to the dock where the tree is. Examine the GULLS and OPEN the CLAM. Ascent the ramp (click on it) and fall in the water (click on its edge). Now click on the tree and you are ready to sail.
  • In the middle of the ocean there is a massive WHIRLWIND. Approach it to hear spinning the TWISTING draft. For fun, you can approach some more to see an animation where it spins you away and you fall again in the sea; remember you never die in this game. Cast the reverse of it, the UNTWISTING and it's disappears. Continue your travel until you reach another shore.


  • You can visit Crystalgard to the north and explore it. However, two workers will oust you if you enter the tower.
  • Go east to the woods where 4 invisible shepherds will stop you; learn VISIBILITY. Watch the dialogue and leave to the east. They become INVISIBLE again.
  • Vist now and find the WORKERS on the top of the tower. Spin INVISIBILITY on them and continue exploreation.
    • Left room: Ring the BELL, and meet Master Goodmold who tells you about the Weavers' legend. Examine the CHALICE (if you spin FILL on it, it will obtain wine, and Goodmold's dialogue will be slightly different) and listen to Master Goodmold again who will tell you about the dragon and the lost Scrying Sphere of Luscent Bottleblow.
    • Tower: Examine the CONVERSATION of Bishop Mandible and Master Crucible. Enter Crystal elevator and look at CRYSTAL. Walk to the BELL and ring it. Listen to the workers' conversation and examine the SCYTHE to learn the SHARPENING draft (not required to finish the game). Ring the left BELL and look at the SPHERE 3 times. You will learn the TERROR Draft. Now exit.
    • Dome-shaped building: look at GRAVEs to get Master Goodmold to talk to you.
      • Easter Egg: Without having spoken to Master Goodmold about the Diamond Chalice and Chromax Conundrum already, enter the passage containing the diamond chalice through the graveyard, click on the chalice ONCE, and cast FILL (Opposite of emptying). The glass will fill with a deep red liquid. Master Goodmold will come from offscreen as usual and his conversation will contain a remark about how you have irreverently filled the glass, and since he talks about how it was on loan to the Vintners, so the liquid must be wine!


  • Return to the woods. When the Shepherds show up, cast the TERROR on them. They see you as a Dragon and run away.
  • On the left you reach the Fold. Examine the Sheep and the Shepherd will wake up (the WAKE draft). He will return them to their original position, and sleep again (SLEEP draft; not required to finish the game).
  • Move to the far left and enter the hut. Examine the Lamb. Fleece Firmflanks will show up and will think you are the Wizard she sent for to get them rid of the Dragon. Examine the Lamb again. She will teach you the HEAL draft. Each time you examine it, Fleece will repeat the song.
  • Go outside. The field is full of sheep now. Cast the DYE draft on them. They turn into green and the dragon catches you!

Dragon's Cave[edit]

  • You can examine the DRAGON, and then the HOARD to learn her story. She tells you that one of the scrying spheres has been lost after an earthquake.
  • Cast GOLD INTO STRAW on the hoard and then either SLEEP or TERROR on the dragon. She catches on fire and leaves.
  • Enter the cave and cast NIGHT VISION on the DARKNESS.
  • Now there is a maze-like sequence. It's not very hard. Just enter the caves and follow the trail. If you find yourself on a dead-end, just go back and try another way. If necessary, consult the map shown below. Eventually you will find yourself on a plateau on the foreground. Go behind the formation.
  • You will find yourself now in another portion of the cavern. Follow the trails, until you will fall off the cliff. You will reach now another plateau on the foreground.
  • Examine the POOL and you will learn the REFLECTION draft.
  • If you have learned EMPTY, cast it on the POOL. It will dry up and you can find the lost SPHERE by Luscent Bottleblow; examine it thrice and you will see some obscure future events.
  • Some players are puzzled by the active volcano scene. It certainly is not a hint for a later part of the game, nor describes any future event that is seen during the game. Possibly it refers to some canceled or deleted scene. It obviously shows the Dragon's volcano turned active, perhaps by the invasion of the Dead Ones, but you never get to visit it again
  • Now go behind the formation and you are once more in the caves. Follow the trail up to the exit.
  • Outside, cast UNTWISTING on the STEPS and the bridge will be fixed. Follow the way.
Loom maze.png


  • At the lowest end, you will see a BOY sleeping. Cast the WAKE draft (or any other) and he will wake up. He will introduce himself (Wellwrought "Rusty" Nailbender) and tell you about the Guild of Smiths. He then will fall again asleep.
  • You can try to enter the Forge. You can try OPEN the GATE and enter, to see what will happen. You can try it about 5 times and see different replies each time the Smiths drive you out, until the replies are repeated.
  • Cast the REFLECTION on RUSTY. You change appearances. You can try the WAKE draft to see his reaction. Enter the Forge.
  • Go to the far right and meet with Stoke. You are imprisoned for punishment instead of Rusty. Examine the HAY and sleep. A lot is happening, your Distaff is lost, Rusty is killed and Hetchell gives you the Distaff back. Cast OPEN on the DOOR and get free. Outside you can try and FILL the WOODBIN.
  • Go downstairs and listen to the CONVERSATION between the Foreman and the Bishop. When the banging stops and Edgewise lifts the SWORD, you can cast BLUNT (opposite of SHARPEN) or TWISTING on it. You will have this opportunity twice during the conversation. If you don't manage to be fast enough (or just want to hear all the conversation), you can click the CONVERSATION again and have Edgewise lift the sword, in order for you to try the spell; you can try it as many times as you want until you manage it. In the CD-ROM version of the game, actions are prevented during the (voiced) conversations, so instead the sword is kept aloft after the conversation to allow you to affect the sword.
  • You are discovered and captured.


  • On your arrival, you will be imprisoned in a cage for beasts. Do OPEN on the CAGE.
  • A lot happens, you lose the distaff once more and Bishop Mandible explains his plans to you. He leaves Cob to guard you while he meditates.
  • You can try to talk to COB. Now you must examine the SPHERE. Cob will stop you but he wants to stare at your face to see if the legend is true. Of course it is true and he dies trying. This is the little animated sequence that can be seen as a bonus in the "Expert" skill.
  • Now you can see the SPHERE. Do it thrice and you will see Hetchell's fate. Examine the BEAST. Go outside and talk to Mandible. He brings Chaos and is killed. Get the DISTAFF once more.
  • Return to the cage room. The cage where the Beast was, is empty. Go outside once more
  • The Beast hunts you and you fall outside the pattern.

Outside the Pattern[edit]

  • Now you are in an extra-dimensional place outside the Pattern (what the Weavers call 'reality'). You see that the Dead have opened various holes and invade the Pattern. You can't go back because of the Beast. You can try to CLOSE the HOLE.
  • Proceed left and enter the HOLE. You see Rusty's ghost who is angry about you. He won't let you go back. Cast HEALING on RUSTY and he will be resurrected. Go back outside and CLOSE the HOLE.
  • Proceed left to the HOLE and you will reach the Fold. Examine the SHEPHERDS. Once more cast HEAL and all comes back to life. Exit and CLOSE the HOLE.
  • Proceed left and have a talk with dying Goodmold (casing Healing has the same effect). You see that Chaos is taking the Scythe of the Glassmakers. Exit and CLOSE the HOLE.
  • Proceed left and you will reach the Shore of Wonder. You meet your mother, Cygna and you learn the truth about your birth. If you haven't closed the holes before, you won't be able to proceed, so go back and CLOSE each one of them in order to disallow the Dead access to the Pattern.
  • If everything is closed, go left and enter the final hole.

Loom Island[edit]

  • Now you are on the Loom Island graveyard. Just go full right until you find yourself in the sanctuary.
  • You will find Chaos chasing after Hetchel. Watch the dialogue until Chaos casts SILENCE on Hetchel. Cast the reverse on Hetchel. (note that if you didn't manage to memorize the spell, you can hear it again by examining the Loom.
  • Chaos casts then another spell (SHAPING) on Hetchel. Cast the opposite on Hetchel.
  • Chaos then casts UNMAKING and destroys Hetchel. Cast UNMAKING on the Loom and exit the Pattern.
  • Point yourself and spin TRANSCENDENCE.