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Now that you're out of the cave, start going right and speak to the people if you want, until you reach the next screen. Keep heading right here and you'll find a "Melodia Statue" which you can use to save by pressing Z button in front of it.

Head right again and you'll find an old man named Deo. Speak with him for a cutscene. Afterwards, head right to the next screen. Keep moving right and gust up to the remains of what seems to be a broken stairway, then gust up and right to the next platform. Keep heading right and you'll reach a man. Talk to him, the gust over his ruined shop and keep going right. Keep moving right until you can gust up and to the left, and do so. Now, keep gusting up and left until you reach a man with a telescope who is standing in front of a windmill. This is Notea. Speak with him for a cutscene.

Afterwards, head back to where Deo is, talk to him, then keep moving left to the screen that you exited the cave into. Here, stick to the lower path all the way to the next screen. Keep left and gust across the chasm. This is where you fell into the cave at the beginning of the game, so try not to fall in. On the next screen, keep moving left until you reach a save point, then gust onto the tree branches to the left and on to the other side. When you can't go any further right, start gusting up and left again. Soon, you'll reach another cave...

Head left and you'll meet a new type of enemy. They look kind of like birds I guess. Slam them down, gust them up, and slam them down again to turn them into a regular glorb, which is easily taken care of. When you've beaten them, go left to the next screen.

Keep left and you'll reach a spherical rock. Gust it down and to the right, and keep it with you. When you reach a hole covered with vines, use gust on the torch to burn said vines. Take the rock down the hole with you and then gust it over the platform to the left. Follow it then gust it onto the pressure pad to open the door. Finally, gust the red vine thing and quickly gust up and left to the next screen.

Jump down and activate the shrine to gain the power of Slipstream. Now, using the B button button, you can create set paths for wind, fire, water, and other things. Gust up and left, then draw a Slipstream line from the torch to the vines, thus clearing the path and allowing you to move forward. Pick up the plant, then gust off to the right before drawing a Slipstream line from the plant to the far right ledge, allowing you to exit the way you came in.

Head right to meet a new enemy, who spawns glorbs. To beat it, draw a slip-stream line of fire to it, grab it by holding Z button, then gust upwards to pull it out. After that, Slipstream burn the vines to the right and head that way.

Gust the smoldering torch to activate it, then burn the vines. Keep moving right until you reach two torches. Draw a slipstream line from the burning one to the inactive one, then use the now lit torch to burn the vines to the right. Here, burn the Poyak to make a seed, and pick up the seed with Z button. Head back left until you reach some brown soil that you can plant the seed in. Do so with Z button, then slipstream water from the left onto it to grow a Poyak. Use this Poyak to gust up, then head right past the three glorbs until you can fall down. When in view of a lit torch, slipstream fire to the inactive torches until you have one that can reach the vines on the top right. Head that way and exit the cave.

Activate the smoldering torch, burn the vines, then head right and save. Go to the top right of this area and burn the vines, then head right. Use the plant to float down, then go right to the next screen. Now, head back to where Notea was.