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Vital Suits, or VS, are robotic suits designed to fight the Akrid. Most VS can be equipped with two weapons, and most can be removed to give you extra firepower while on foot. Not all VS are the same; some are slow, some are fast, some are tough, and some are weak. You also lose T-ENG faster while in a VS than on foot. Actions such as jumping, and thrusting will also drain T-ENG, so make sure you have a good supply before you jump in.


The durable Hardballer is one of the more agile vital suits in the game. It can jump and hover with directional jets to change direction mid-flight. While on the ground, it can boost in one direction to quickly get into or out of a fight. With a VS saw attached to the left arm and two shoulder mounted guns, this VS is an offensive powerhouse.


The cousin of Hardballer, Ivan handles similarly and has the same chainsaw attachment. The only real difference between the two is that Ivan has a white paint job.


This is the first vital suit you'll find in the game and you'll quickly learn to take a different VS when the option presents itself. Nida is slow and can't do anything other than walk and hop. If it weren't for the added protection and gun mounts, this VS would be edging towards useless.


Turnables are stationary VS. Some Turntables have missile launchers. Others have rockets or chain guns equipped. All of them are deadly. These are found in both the multiplayer game and story mode and always stir up commotion. Once inside, you'll have some protection, though you can be shot out of the seat and the Turntable itself is destructible.


This is the VS you'll want when traveling in the vertical direction is important. For starters, Faze can do a double jump. For reaching even higher areas, holding down Y button charges up a giant jump. While in the air, tapping Y button again reverses the direction of the thrusters and blasts the VS back to the ground. To round things out, Faze has a smoke grenade gun to help confuse the enemy.


Even though this spider-like VS was designed for drilling, the Cakti can transform into a tank and use its two drills to either attack enemies or break through rubble. In spider mode, Cakti can jump and hover or crawl around on the ground as it uses the attached Cannon and Vulcan Laser to attack.


GTF-13M/Evax in Compact mode.

Evax acts like a normal VS until you tap Y button and it folds into itself and transforms into a high speed snowmobile. Steering Evax when it is boosting along in it's snowmobile mode isn't exactly easy, but for getting across large areas quickly there isn't a better option.


Despite its bulky appearance, Granseed is a fairly agile VS. It functions similarly to Hardballer, but doesn't have the giant chainsaw. Granseed is a good all around VS with directional hovering and ground boosting abilities.


The Drio controls and behaves exactly the same as Granseed. The only difference comes in the rounded shape and open air top.


Cyclops can't be controlled by players. These machines hover around levels in the story mode and emit a visible search laser. If you cross the beam, that Cyclops and all of the others around it will swarm in and start attacking you. The red "eye" is the weak point, though all Cyclops have a set of metal shutters that they keep closed most of the time for protection.


These machines don't fall into the greater VS family and you can't actually use them yourself, but you'll come to know them quite well through the story mode. These automatic turrets scan the area and will start shooting laser blasts at you on sight.