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There are many different weapons you can attach onto your Vital Suit, or use on foot.

Gatling Gun[edit]

This is the standard VS armament that works just like a Machine Gun, only much bigger. The oversized VS weapon can be removed from the VS, although you'll be less mobile and will find that moving and shooting a gun this big at the same time is pretty much impossible. Still, the high rate of fire and massive damage this gun dishes out can essentially turn the wielder into a mobile turret.

Laser Rifle[edit]

This high-tech gun has to be charged before the power can be unleashed, but it never runs out of ammunition because it feeds off your T-ENG. Once it is charged, the energy it delivers is more than enough to take out a lone human or small Akrid and can even do some hefty damage to the bigger Akrid and VS enemies out there. As a large weapon to use without a VS, this is one of the best.

VS Rocket Launcher[edit]

Packing more power than the standard Rocket Launcher, this may be the most devastating weapon in the game. It has to reload in between each shot and that will kill a few seconds, but for sheer destructive capabilities, there's no substitute. You're going to want to make extensive use of this weapon if you have any hope of surviving Boss battles.

VS Shotgun[edit]

Stronger than a normal Shotgun with slightly wider range, the VS Shotgun packs quite a punch - just watch out for the kickback. If you decide to carry this weapon around on foot, be prepared to get staggered every time you pull the trigger. It also has the added bonus of being able to do a lot of damage with out any splash effect, perfect for when the larger Akrid get straight up in your face.

Grenade Launcher[edit]

This weapon functions similarly to the Rocket Launcher and is a great all-around choice. It can deal out a huge amount of damage but doesn't suffer from having to reload immediately after each shot like the Rocket Launcher does. The major difference is that the grenade splits up into several smaller explosions to carpet the target with damage allowing for a nice area-effect weapon.

Homing Laser[edit]

This weapon allows you to lock on to multiple enemies, letting your laser beams rip with deadly accuracy. Once you've locked on, you're nearly assured of connecting with your target.

EM Laser[edit]

This weapon behaves almost exactly like the Laser Rifle, and is only a little more powerful. When fired, it draws from your T-ENG, so don't overuse it.


This weapon is only found on the Cakti, and can't be removed, so get as much as you can out of it. Its firepower rivals the Rocket Launcher, holds 30 shells, and has an almost instant reload.

Vulcan Laser[edit]

This weapon acts just like the Gatling Gun, except it fires lasers instead of bullets. It too is only found on the Cakti, and can't be removed. It also has unlimited ammo because it draws from your T-ENG.