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After you get control of your main character, go to the west side of town and into the castle. There you will talk to your friend and he will join your party! There you will talk to some guard and then to another guy, who will ask you for your name. Just press Start button and then A button to keep the same name, or enter in a name of your choice. After that, your screen will have six guys wearing different clothes which you can pick from. You may save by talking to the priest nearby. Now it is time to enter the dungeon! Go west into the door the guard is near.

The dungeon[edit]

Always check the bushes, there may be items in them, or switches!

Upon entering the dungeon, take your first left. Cut down all the bushes with B button to find a potion and a weapon. Exit the room and go north through the bushes. In the next room you will see a tombstone-looking thing and a door behind it. Try it out, but you can’t open the door, nor use the tombstone, so take the right passage. Keep going right and take the passage that leads downwards. When you enter, both doors shut tight, not opening. Kill all the enemies in the room to get out. Now enter the door that you didn't come through. Use the pot to press the switch/button to open the door way on the left. There will be a treasure box with a gem inside!

Now go back to the tombstone and use the gem on it by pressing Select button at the tombstone and open the second line on the left, "Super items," then use the gem. The door opens, so go through it. Next, you will see some blocks surrounded by bushes. Just cut down the middle bush, straight in front of the door, and push it all the way back. Now cut the bushes on both side of the door and push the block aside. After you enter, you will see some guy running up to you, but just ignore him and push the barrel on the switch/button. Next, pick up the discoloured pot to put on the switch/button under the bush and the door opens. Use the door and in the next room there is a Blue Jelly, a high class enemy, though not so tough. The treasure boxes are all empty. Cut down the bush to reveal the real treasure, then take the south passage.

In the next room there are cliffs everywhere. Switch to the other character to use the rope whip, and rope the posts on the other side. Pick up the pot and use it on the switch to raise the post on the other side, then take the passage on the left. Go south until you find a circle of bushes. Chop them all down to find a couple items, and a hole that you are supposed to accidentally fall through. So fall through it. Walk around and you will see a vine ladder, but don’t use it just yet. Pass it and go north. In the room, you will see a coffin, don’t open it unless you are ready to fight a tough guy. If you are, then do so. This zombie creature isn’t that hard if you have the best weapons in the shop, and if you use potions when you need them. After you beat that guy, use the vine ladder to escape. When you do, talk to the guard in front of the dungeon. He will take you to the king, and the king will ask you three questions, and for each question you can choose from two answers:

  • First question: Second answer
  • Second question: Second answer
  • Third question: First answer

The king will give you your reward, and now you may exit the town!