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Button Action
Neutral Dpad
  • Move character
  • Move menu/battle cursor
A Button
  • Talk/read
  • Select option
  • Open chests
  • Activate switches
  • Pick up objects (dungeon only)
  • Hold to push objects (dungeon only)
B Button
  • Cancel option
  • Swing sword (dungeon only)
Y Button
  • Use skills (dungeon only)
X Button
  • Access the menu
  • Information on current item/equipment/spell
L Button
  • Page up in list
  • Switch to previous character in equip and status screens
R Button
  • Select all enemies/allies in battle
  • Page down in list
  • Hold to change direction without moving (dungeon only)
  • Switch to next character in equip and status screens
Start Button
  • Accept character names
Select Button
  • Skill menu (dungeon only)