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Move around with WASD and talk to the other rabbits with PC Mouse Left Click.png. Go up to the tall structure, and follow the instructions to climb it (jump the long distances by from a crouch and pressing W+Space) and find Turner's daughter, April. She points out a strange rabbit standing near a tree. Go over and talk to him. He attacks you. When he is dead you can talk to the other rabbits again if you wish, then look around until you find another stranger. He tells you that the raiders have planned an attack, and he needs you to come with him.


The wanderer now attacks you together with another rabbit. This fight should be quite easy. If you are having trouble, try to focus your attacks on one of the rabbits. If you time your attacks correctly you could also choose to knock one down and then fight the other while the first is getting up, then repeat the process.


The village has been attacked while you were away, and everyone is dead. Head around the building just to the left of your starting location to find Jack. Although badly wounded, he manages to tell you that Skipper helped organise the raid and urges you to avenge their deaths.


In this area, Turner points out that the enemy has a knife. If you alert the enemy he will use the knife against you (until you disarm or kill him). This enemy stops at certain points on his route, so this is a good opportunity to practise sneaking up behind an enemy (by holding Shift). When you get close enough you can attack; attacking an unaware enemy from behind makes Turner perform the Spinecrusher manoeuvre, killing the enemy instantly and without alerting other enemies. The attack must be done directly behind your victim; if you are not close enough, or the enemy is on an angle, Turner will instead perform a normal attack. This is the only enemy in this area, so if you want to you can restart to practise sneaking and disarming.

When he is dead be sure to grab the knife with Q; you can change between the knife and your hands by pressing E when stationary. Sheathed weapons cannot be used, but they also cannot be disarmed by your enemies. With a knife drawn you can perform new moves such as the Tracheotomy, which is performed in the same manner as the Spinecrusher but ends with slitting the enemy's throat rather than throwing him over your shoulder.

Raider Patrol[edit]

The sentries don't change their direction so you should be able to sneak up behind both quite easily and perform a Spinecrusher or Tracheotomy. They never stop, however, so if you delay too long after performing a stealth attack on the first you may not be able to perform a silent kill on the second.

Raider Camp[edit]

There are four enemies in this area, but only the one walking around is fully alert. First follow the walking raider and perform a stealth kill on him, then take out the other three (starting with the sitting rabbit). As with standing foes, get behind an enemy to correctly perform a stealth attack on him. The walking raider has a knife, so get it if you didn't manage to keep the one from the clearing. You can carry two knives at a time, although only one can be sheathed.

Raider Sentries[edit]

Now things get quite challenging. You need to take out each sentry post one at a time. If the sentries become outnumbered or badly injured they will run for the nearest surviving sentry post and try to alert the sentries there. When jumping up to grab the edges of the towers, don't push W; you will hang onto the edge of the platform, allowing you to observe the movements of the sentries. When you get your chance, silently kill one or both of the sentries on each tower. Leave the tower with three sentries until last, because the most badly injured sentry will run for help while the other two prevent you from stopping him.

Raider Base[edit]

The base has six raiders. Your first problem is gaining entry; the walls can't be climbed, so you will need to alert the sentries and lead them away to fight them. Once inside the camp your biggest concern is the raider who stands guard on the platform; he has a knife, and alerting him will probably cause the others to spot you. The other three patrol around the buildings, sometimes jumping onto higher areas, so you will need to watch your timing to take them down successfully.

Once you have defeated all six the Raider leader, Aspen, arrives and calls for his guards. Aspen explains some of what is going on, after which he attacks. When you defeat him you get your armour back.

Old Raider Base[edit]

The raider here won't attack you. Go in and talk to Skipper. He explains that Jack actually organised the raid, and must have been faking his death. Turner decides to go back to the village to see if his body is still there.


Jack's body is not here! Turner decides he may have gone to Rocky Hall.

Rocky Hall[edit]

Here you find out that Jack wants Turner dead. Hunter recognises Turner, but Fiver claims he isn't the one they are looking for.

Heading North[edit]

Here you will be confronted by Hunter. He explains that Fiver pretended not to recognise Turner; Hunter has decided he must fight Turner. This is the first battle where you can get a staff. Enemies will disarm it more easily than the knife, but it does more damage.

Heading North[edit]

Now you get to fight your first wolf, Smoke. This is quite a difficult fight; many of Smoke's attacks deal a large amount of damage.

Jack's camp[edit]

Jack's camp has five guards, one of whom has a staff. They are far enough apart that you should be able to take them down separately, and there are enough hills and platforms to provide sufficient cover for sneaking up on them. When they are defeated, Jack appears and explains that he helped the raiders because the king made a deal with the wolves. It turns out that the real purpose of the attack was to get Turner to wipe out the raiders, who had to be eliminated because they are not answerable to the king and would have opposed the deal with the wolves.

This is quite a tough fight; Jack has a staff and is very powerful. Fortunately he is alone, so you can make use of the entire area to fight him.

Rocky Hall[edit]

Turner returns and tells the guards the deal the king, Hickory, made with the wolves. Turner decides he must convince the Alpha Wolf to stop the plan, and kill him if he refuses.

To Alpha Wolf[edit]

Here you have to fight three more wolves. Snow, the white one, seems to be the strongest. Keep the wolves separated if possible because they will easily overpower you if they attack together.

To Alpha Wolf[edit]

Now you have to fight Hickory. He is armed with a sword while his two lackeys have staves. Your primary objective is to disarm Hickory; the sword is a very damaging weapon, and even if you don't know how to use it correctly it is better for it to be sheathed on your belt than used against you. However, if you do get your sword stolen, it is very easy to steal it back.

Wolf Den[edit]

Sneaking up behind enemies is very difficult here because their movement patterns are irregular and frequently cross each other. The trick is to alert one wolf at a time and then lead him away to fight him somewhere the others can't see; alerted enemies will not alert others to your presence, so if only one has you in his line of sight this shouldn't be too difficult.

If more than one wolf follows you, try dodging around buildings and other large obstacles. If an enemy loses sight of you for long enough his state goes down to cautious (yellow on the radar) and he will head off in the direction where he last saw you rather than the direction you have actually taken; after that he will eventually give up and go back to unaware (green on the radar) and head back towards his normal patrol path, which gives you an opportunity to kill him from behind if he followed you far enough away from the others. The white wolf is the hardest, the black/dark grey wolves seem to be the easiest, and the others fall somewhere between, so try to start with the white wolf. If you take too much damage against him you might want to restart because the others will probably be able to finish you off with a few lucky hits. If you still have the sword you can use that to pull off some damaging moves, although the wolves can of course disarm you and use it against you.

If you are skilled with the sword you can make short work of the wolves in a frontal assault, although you will still want to draw them away individually if possible. When fighting with a sword it is important to remember that the range of the sword is longer than the range of the wolf's reversal. Hold attack as the wolf runs toward you. Turner will attack as soon as the wolf comes into range making it impossible for the wolf to reverse him. This method breaks down when wolves come at you more than one at a time. If you are fighting two or more wolves it is important to position yourself so that they come at you roughly single file.

Alpha Wolf[edit]

Now you must fight the Alpha Wolf, Ash. This is the hardest battle in the game. Ash has all the usual advantages of the wolves, and his attacks are even more deadly. A few simple kicks from him will kill Turner, and that is in addition to all the other moves he has access to.

Rocky Hall[edit]

With Hickory gone, Fiver says Turner should become the new king because he is the strongest, but the others say he would not fit in. Turner decides to wander the island and try to find a meaning for his life.