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Key Action
WASD Move relative to camera.
W (tap) Turn in direction of the camper.
PC Mouse.png Look/move camera
Space Jump, hold for height - release and press to do wall jumps.
Shift Crouch/sneak/roll.
Shift (release) If sneaking, you will run animal style.
Combat [1]
PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack (punch)
PC Mouse.png + W Spin kick. (May also work with other directions.
PC Mouse Left Click.png + Shift Sweep kick.
PC Mouse Left Click.png + S Dodge backward.
PC Mouse Left Click.png + Space (running) Rabbit kick
PC Mouse Left Click.png or Space (running animal style) Tackle/Pounce
PC Mouse.png from behind sneak attack
PC Mouse.png while jumping off wall wall kick
Shift Reverse enemy attack, or recover from reversal. (Must be timed, mashing may fail.)
e Equip/unequip weapon
q Throw equipped dagger (when near enemies)
q pickup weapon
q + Shift Drop equipped weapon
PC Mouse Left Click.png + Shift Clean weapon (if bloodied)
  1. For most of these attacks, you can hold the mouse button and he attack will work automatically when you enter range