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Luigi talks[edit | edit source]

Every character in the game, including Mario, but excluding regular ghosts has at least one line of dialogue, however, the Skeleton Ghost in the Boneyard is the only regular ghost that has one line of dialogue. Luigi will respond to almost anything that you scan with the Game Boy Horror. If you scan something, he will say what he thinks of it. He could criticise the works of art in the Mansion, wonder what some of the more expensive items in the mansion would sell for, wish he had one of the scanned objects, or wonder what a particularly weird-looking object is (he does this if you scan the Mario painting, for example). However, he won't respond if you scan a mirror, since this will warp you back to the Foyer. Note that this does not work with the mirror in the Mirror Room.

Treasure plant in the Boneyard[edit | edit source]

This plant will grow, and if you water it enough, it'll reward you.

After you catch Spooky in the Boneyard during Area 2, look in the patch of dirt to the right of where Mr. Bones lay. You'll see a raised lump in the middle of it. Spray this with some Water Element, and a plant will begin to grow from it. Return to this plant, and water it again after you defeat Bogmire, and once more after you defeat Boolossus. After you water it for the third time, its flower will burst and reward you with several rare and valuable treasures, including one of only two Gold Diamonds in the game. Other plants in the Mansion may reward you like this, but to a smaller extent; thus, they need to be watered only once.

Speedy Spirits[edit | edit source]

A Speedy Spirit.

Speedy Spirits are rare blue versions of the Gold Ghost, who, instead of attacking Luigi, flees from him. You have only one chance to catch one if you find it, but if you don't find one, you can go back and look for it during the Blackout. They are very difficult to catch, but reward Luigi with lots of cash if caught. They are found in these fifteen locations in the Mansion.

  1. The Wardrobe Room: The wardrobe in the right corner
  2. The Study: The chair behind the desk
  3. The Nursery: In Chauncey's crib (during the blackout only)
  4. The Storage Room: In the stack of chairs
  5. The Hidden Room: In the chest on the right (during the blackout only)
  6. The Conservatory: In Melody's piano bench (during the blackout only)
  7. The Dining Room: In the china cabinet to the left
  8. The Rec Room: In the bike closest to the southern door
  9. Nana's Room: In the sofa parallel to the bureau (right side of room)
  10. The Billiards Room: In the chair next to the chess table
  11. The Twins' Room: In the bunk beds
  12. The Breaker Room: In the table (before blackout)
  13. The Cellar: In the crate near the door
  14. The Sealed Room: In the angled chest to the right of the table
  15. The Kitchen: in the stove toward the burning door

Gold Mice[edit | edit source]

A Gold Mouse, emerging from the cheese it hides in.

Gold Mice, similarly to Speedy Spirits, run away from Luigi if they are found. They are triggered if Luigi finds a piece of cheese in a room, and scans it with his Game Boy Horror. There are a total of five pieces of cheese in the Mansion. They also have a 20% chance of appearing in five more random locations without a piece of cheese.

The five random locations you will see a gold mouse are:

  1. 1st Floor Main Hallway
  2. 2nd Floor Main Hallway
  3. Kitchen
  4. Tea Room
  5. Sealed Room

The cheese locations are:

  1. Study: Behind the chair
  2. Fortune-Teller's Room: Behind the chair
  3. Dining Room: Under a chair
  4. Tea Room: In the back
  5. Safari Room: Behind the chair

Ending ranks[edit | edit source]

The Rank A mansion.

Depending on how much cash, in Gs, you obtain during the game, you will be given a ranking at the end, between A and H, and an image of a new Mansion, which increases in splendour and stateliness with the ranks. This image will appear in its own portrait in the Gallery, alongside your high score, on the wall to the left of Neville's portrait. The amount of cash required to achieve Rank A increases significantly in the PAL version, meaning that it is only achievable in the Hidden Mansion.

  • Rank A: 150,000,000+ G (PAL version)
    • 100,000,000+ G (US/Japan version)
    • Message: "Congratulations! Your mansion is complete!"
  • Rank B: 70,000,001-149,999,999 G (PAL version)
    • 70,000,001-99,999,999 G (US/Japan version)
  • Rank C: 60,000,001-70,000,000 G
  • Rank D: 50,000,001-60,000,000 G
  • Rank E: 40,000,001-50,000,000 G
  • Rank F: 20,000,001-40,000,000 G
  • Rank G: 5,000,001-20,000,000 G
  • Rank H: 5,000-5,000,000 G (King Boo's crown is worth 5'000 G)
    • Message: "The haunted mansion disappeared without a trace..."