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Box artwork for GoonZu Online: Dawn of the New Era.
GoonZu Online: Dawn of the New Era
Publisher(s)NDOORS, NHN
Year released2006
Latest versionGlobe.svg 271
Flag of the United States.svg (Beta Patch 2)
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GoonZu Online: Dawn of the New Era is a massively-multiplayer online roleplay game developed by NDOORS Corporation. A second version, Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu, was later published by NHN for North America via Ijji and is currently in the beta stages of development. Note that both versions call their game Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu.

The game is focused on economics and politics rather than quests and kills. Many of the patches include items and other alterations to help players balance the economy as it declines.


The creator of the universe has given the power to rule the continent of Mu to his most wise and brave creation: the humans. With their leader GoonZu, humans have developed their civilization over the course of time. When Soma, the God of Darkness, coaxed the humans to defy the other gods the human civilization was laid to waste as punishment. As a result, humans moved to the Southern part of Mu and started reconstructing a new life. Again, while living peacefully, the evil forces of "the Darkness” invaded the humans. To defeat the evil force and save their last homeland, humans revived the forbidden white magic and elected the second GoonZu to lead them in the war against the evil force.

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