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Lumines Live!
Box artwork for Lumines Live!.
Developer(s)Q Entertainment
Publisher(s)Q Entertainment
Release date(s)
System(s)Xbox 360
Preceded byLumines
Followed byLumines II
TwitchLumines Live! Channel

Lumines Live! is the first instalment of the Lumines franchise to be in high definition and was released for the Xbox Live Arcade. As well as being developed by Q Entertainment, it was also published by them and had a worldwide release date. The base pack was originally sold for 1200 Microsoft Points, slightly higher than most games and thus this was criticised heavily. It has since been lowered to 800 Microsoft Points. [1] There are also many downloadable packs with new skins and modes available from Xbox Live Marketplace. Like all Lumines games, the gameplay hasn't changed significantly since the original.

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