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Eir Peltrow is a character and character type in Lunia. She's the healer, and appropriately can heal without potions. Even though she's primarily a healer, she can also do some offensive.

Why or why not Eir?[edit]


  • She's able to heal without potions, thus with enough HP she becomes very durable.
  • Most of her skills have low cooldown time.
  • Her offensive skills tend to cost her little Mana.
  • She's easily accepted to stages.


  • Her offensive power is relatively weak. Even though she can attack with skills often, they alone do minor damage.
  • Some her skills home in on enemies, and consequentially their trajectories are sometimes unpredictable and their damage total are often not optimal.
  • She can hardly cancel anything. Most attacks and skills she can cancel have a delay before you can cancel it.
  • Her healing spells are often expensive in mp and take a lot of time to actually heal, leaving her completely open to any attack.
  • If she is attacked while performing a healing spell, the spell is instantly canceled, and it does not take effect. Meaning you just wasted mp and a heal spell.




Eir heals herself after a LONG waiting time. While she does heal a lot, this is often slow, so this is often usable only when the field is clear.

  • Verdict: Recommended against.

Light of Healing[edit]

Eir does small area healing 3 times. She can cancel this healing after two heal sequences by dashing, so in case of emergency, you can heal twice then run away before you get hit. This will be your main healing spell, whatever build of Eir you use.

  • Verdict: USE IT.

Bead of Healing[edit]

Shoots a bead that heals minor damage for any player in your party or team. Difficult to aim if used when more than 2 party players in the screen, but useful in PvP for fake rescues if applied correctly.

  • Ruling: Useful if used correctly. Learn to aim it.

Sunlight of Healing[edit]

Same as Light of Healing, but covers nearly the entire screen and heals much less. Useful for saving people.

  • Ruling: Use for both PvP and stage play.


Heals poisoned allies in a certain range. Fairly straightforward, with no weird twists.

  • Ruling: Don't use too many skill points on it. One is good enough.


Brings a dead ally back to life after a short casting time. Requires regeants. Really LONG cooldown time.

  • Ruling: Stockpile the needed regeants. Use only if all else fails.

Prayer of Healing[edit]

Eir heals all allies in a certain range for a few seconds. She remains in place, praying, while everybody inside the range is healed. Average reusal time.

  • Ruling: Good healing skill that is better than sunlight of healing. Not really useful in PvP as it leaves Eir open to attacks for a long time.

Emergency Heal[edit]

Instantly improves healing ability by a LOT, but Eir loses a LOT of her own HP.

  • Ruling: Use if you have the HP.


Moonlight Piece[edit]

Shoots 3 moon pieces (levels 1-3) or 4 moon pieces(levels 4+) at an enemy or opponent. Locks on and homes in on target. Has a widely curved homing path, hard to hit close range opponents not in front of you. Higher damage than many other Eir offense skills. Good reusal time.

  • Ruling: Don't rely on it for close-range battles. Use it for anything else.Use it in stage if the boss is big and far the more hit's the better.

Full Moon Bullet[edit]

Shoots a large moon-shaped blast for a short distance. Large damaging radius, but has low damage range, even for Eir offensive skills. Cannot shoot enemies at long range. Fairly good reusal time.

  • Ruling: If you can find some way to use it to chain a good air combo, use heavily. Otherwise, recommended against even leveling it up once.


Tears of Goddess[edit]

Shoots shards of ice in the direction you're facing. Hits 2-3 times if aimed right. Excellent attack due to the stunning it delivers, setting up for a barrage of skills and melee attacks.

  • Ruling: Use heavily. An excellent multi-purpose attack.

Holy Spirit[edit]

Shoots a large circle of light that can blast an opponent across your screen of view. An awesome attack that can cause heavy damage to multiple foes. Low recharge time.

  • Ruling: Excellent attack. Use to beat back enemies, setting up for multiple ranged attacks.

Light of Purification[edit]

Heals any other status condition EXCEPT poison. Covers wider range at higher levels.

  • Ruling: Not affecting poison is a big disadvantage, but put a skill point on it anyway.


Dash forward while dropping a fire orb that explodes, dealing heavy damage. Arguably Eir's best offense skill.

  • Ruling: Use it and use it well.


Blessed Defense[edit]

Ups defense of all party members, if any. requires a certain regeant to use that is collected through killing enemies

  • Ruling: Good skill, but limited through the need for a regeant. Use if you have piles of the regeant with you.

Blessed Bravery[edit]

Ups physical(melee) damage for all party members, if any. Requires a regeant.

  • Ruling: Once again, limited by required regeant.

Life Extension[edit]

Temporarily increases your and allies max HP. Good for fake res, but trumps most other character's self-buffs, which is a major problem.

  • Ruling: 1 point only. Don't bother with it otherwise.


Does what it says, put enemies to sleep. Short duration, but is usually enough to score a free hit.

  • Ruling: Get it maxed, or don't bother.

Light Shield[edit]

OMG, A SKILL THAT MAKES U INVINCIBLE?! Yes, light shield makes you invincible for a short time. But, there's a major problem with this: Your invincibility wears off if you even TRY to attack, except for certain ones. In her case, Eir can use pentagram light.

  • Ruling: Max it out.


These are passive skills(meaning they are activated once you stick one skill point on it.)


Decreases mana used on skills, with a certain success rate. Useful at high levels.

  • Ruling: Level it up fully and as soon as possible. Most likely the best of Eir's Ability skills.

Mana Recovery[edit]

Increases mana recovery speed(meaning more mp recovered per minute)

  • Ruling: Activate as soon as it can be.

Deadly Magic Blow[edit]

Slightly increases chance of a deadly magic blow. Chance increases marginally at high levels.

  • Ruling: Either get it fully leveled up, or don't bother with it.

Increase Health[edit]

Increases max HP.

  • Ruling: Don't put too many points on it unless you plan to become a major PvP player.

Increase Mana[edit]

Increases max MP.

  • Ruling: Same as increase health.