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This page is about what to expect when you play stages in Lunia. For how to access a stage, refer to the getting started page.


Episode 1[edit]

Stage 1-1[edit]

  • From the starting point, go east until you hit rocks. Break the rocks, kill all the wolves that spawn.
  • When you reach the lane with falling rocks, tread carefully to the North.
  • Go east, killing all wolves and leader wolves.
  • Go east, kill all Orcs.
  • Go east, open bonus chest and complete stage.

Stage 1-2[edit]

  • From starting point, go west, kill all orcs.
  • Go east into village via its southern exit, and after meeting Lache and seeing orc army, go north and kill some orcs. Eventually the northern exit of the village is open.
  • Go west from the northern exit, kill all orcs on your way to the magic book on the northwest.
  • After you get the book, go back to the village. Give the book to Bradford within 1 minute.
  • After you give Bradford the book, a 3 minute timer will start. Protect Bradford for this 3 minutes. Lache will help.
  • When the timer is getting low, stronger enemies will start coming. Don't try to kill them, especially the Ogre Lords and the Catapults, because they have a lot of HP and deal a lot of damage. Merely try to lure them so that they don't attack Bradford directly, although by the time some orcs manage to reach Bradford, the timer should be very low or run out altogether.
  • After timer runs out, all enemies are killed. Stage complete.

Stage 1-3[edit]

  • From start, go east, kill all orcs and break rocks.
  • Go east, kill all orcs on the way until you reach a blockage and a chest. To continue, break chest, and orcs will appear. Be careful about the High Level Orc Warrior; he can yell and cause the other orcs to grow aggressive.
  • After blockage is gone, you'll be in a 3-way junction with some orcs. To the east of junction is a chest with restorative item, but your main destination is to the north, so kill all orcs.
  • Go north, kill all slimes and orcs (thankfully, the slimes and orcs are fighting each other). Go until you reach blockade, then kill everything, especially the three giant slimes.
  • Go west, kill everyone, and when you hit a turning, go north.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Giant Slime
    1. Attack 1: It spins in place, glowing green, spitting goo in 8 directions. Stand where the goo won't hit (they all travel in straight lines)
    2. Attack 2: It spins in place without glowing. This summons multiple small slimes that don't give Exp or items, so don't wait for the boss to summon more.
    3. Attack 3: It rears back glowing green. Try to run away as far as possible or get behind it. It will shoot multiple goo that can steer their way to you if you're in the way.
    4. Attack 4: It rears back glowing red. Preferably get behind it (running away may not work this time), because it will spit a red homing stream that hits multiple times and deals MASSIVE damage, effectively killing you in one attack if hits.
      • Fight this boss up close, only staying away when it summons its minions. Always try to sneak on its back, because some of its attacks are useless when you're not in front of it.
  • Kill boss and break chest to complete stage.

Stage 1-4[edit]

  • Go east, beat up all enemies, break rocks, continue east.
  • On the pathway with falling rocks, again tread carefully.
  • Once you get away from the falling rock pathway, you'll find some orcs. Kill them all, but be careful of the Axe Warrior.
  • Proceed east, kill all wolves, go east until you see spiders.
  • SUB BOSS: Giant Spider
    1. Attack 1: It charges up and fires 3 shots in relatively long intervals, so if you get hit once, either immediately get away from the line of fire, or stay down until it finishes.
    2. Attack 2: It fires 3 bombs from its back. Keep moving, because the bombs are mostly aimed on where you are standing when they are fired.
      • Get close to beat it up, but when it uses the bomb attack, dodge accordingly.
  • After you kill Giant Spider, go east, kill all orcs, including a doll wicth doctor.
  • When you reach a 3-way junction, Lache will appear from the south as an ally. He shouldn't have problem beating up the orcs, but help him anyway just in case, because you are likely to get a stage failure if he dies (unlikely, though). Continue east.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Ogre Lord
    1. Minions: Some orcs warriors and a few high ranking orcs, including some axe throwers.
    2. Attack 1: He swats you. This attack is slow and works only at close range, so when you see his arm moving, run away.
    3. Attack 2: His arms charge red. Run away from him, as he will do double punch followed by a painful slam. You don't want to get hit by this attack.
      • Lache will help you greatly in this fight, especially if he's not injured too much before the boss. You can mostly leave all the fightings to Lache, but it's a good idea to help by eliminating the minions, because some of them can knock Lache down, stopping him from attacking temporarily. Easy boss.
  • Kill boss, wait and complete stage.

Stage 1-5[edit]

  • Go east, kill all enemies, break rocks.
  • Kill enemies near blockade to proceed.
  • The camera will zoom to an orc getting killed by an exploding ostrich. Avoid these ostriches, especially when they glow red if you get too near, because they use kamikaze attacks that do a lot of damage. The self-destruct attack can hurt other enemies though (namely the slimes), so you may use that to your advantage: Provoke them when a slime is near, and the subsequent explosion will hurt the slime as well. One thing though: These ostriches can't be damaged, although they may drop items when they die.
  • When you are given the choice to kill 10 slimes or 1 giant slime, find any giant slime and kill it. It's easier.
  • Keep going east until you reach a 3-way junction again. Go north this time. When you see the door, attack it and it will open.
  • SUB BOSS: Giant Slime
    • See "BOSS FIGHT: Giant Slime" section on stage 1-3 prior. This slime use exactly the same attacks.
      • This time, the field is cluttered with some healing apples and a Hide Potion. If you want, take the Hide Potion. It lasts only a few seconds, but during that time, the Giant Slime won't attack you directly, so you are free to spam your attacks without worry.
  • After you defeat the sub boss, go south, kill slimes, and attack the door. You can proceed south this time.
  • Keep going south, killing all enemies each time you hit a blockade.
  • After you hit a turning, go west. Be careful of the bears; their claw attacks hurt a lot, so stay away. They can also bite, but for significantly less damage than the claw. Also, the bear can't be down attacked except by Wizards, and even then you need proper timing to do that, so don't bother using down attacks on the bears.
  • After killing all bears you find, you will meet orcs again. Kill them all, proceed to southwest.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Ogre Lord
    1. Minions: There will be a few orc warriors, a doll witch doctor, and stationary arrow towers. The arrow towers will fire arrows regularly even when you're far away, but then again the arrows have long range.
    2. Attack 1: The same swat from the Ogre Lord in 1-4. Stay away.
    3. Attack 2: The same three-hit combo. Run away.
    4. Attack 3: He slaps you quickly. This attack is virtually impossible to dodge due to coming out without warning, but thankfully, it does little damage, so Knights don't need to worry much about this even when they fight up close.
      • Destroy the arrow towers first, because they will annoy you during the fight. The boss is almost like the one in 1-4 with exception of the quick slap, which Wizards and Healers need not worry about. Just keep your distance so you can dodge his attacks accordingly. Best time to attack him up close is when he uses his slow swat attack.
  • Complete stage.

Stage 1-6[edit]

  • Go east, kill enemies, break rocks.
  • Go east, kill enemies, and Jini will appear. She must be kept alive, and unfortunately monsters will attack her. She can't attacks, but thankfully, once she is safe from harm, she will heal herself immediately, and with her high HP, it should be easy to keep her alive.
  • You will soon meet spiders, and after you kill them all, go east for a sub boss.
  • SUB BOSS: Giant Spider
    • See "SUB BOSS: Giant Spider" section on stage 1-4 prior. This boss is exactly the same, with a few spiders accompanying.
      • Again, just keep out of its line of sight, dodge its bombs, and beat it up.
  • Kill giant spider and proceed north. You will start meeting goblin warriors. They are not tough, but just be careful not to get hit.
  • When Jini reaches the turning to the east, some spiders will appear and attack her. Kill them, then follow her again, killing all enemies on sight.
  • Jini will soon approach a tree spirit. Wait until she does so that the blockade to the left is opened.
  • Now you are on mission to save at least 6 Life-Giving waters. The goblins will usually focus on the waters, so you are free to position yourself where your attacks and wipe them out fastest.
  • When you reach the donut shaped part of the map, you can go either up or left. Pick whichever and kill all goblins you find.
  • Be careful of the goblin fire bomber. If they decide to attack you instead of the life-giving waters (usually because you attack them), they will throw molotovs at you, and this can do multiple hits summing up for a lot of damage. Kill these fire bombers first, and quickly.
  • After you kill enough goblins, the boss will appear south of Jini and the tree spirit. Finish your business in the donut shaped map, then go back to the boss.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Mad Goblin Warrior of Darkness
    1. Minions: He will be accompanied by one goblin warrior. Take him out.
    2. Attack 1: He hits you once, usually hard to dodge because the attack comes out fast. If he does this attack, he will then follow up with the following attack.
    3. Attack 2: He will swing his club 3 times, the last hit doing major damage. You can run away even after you get hit once or twice, but the last hit will knock you down. However, if you use a knockdown attack (an attack that normally causes normal monsters to fall down and be susceptible to down attacks), you can interrupt this attack of his. Healers especially can spam S+S+A to stop him every time.
      • Just keep your eye on his 3 hit combo to make sure you don't get hit by the third strike. Other than that, he's easy.
  • Kill boss, then approach the tree spirit to complete stage.

Stage 1-7[edit]

  • Choose whichever path from your starting point and break the vines to start a countdown of 15 minutes.
  • You need to find 25 mushrooms that are dropped by Mushroom monsters. Thus, you can choose to ignore other enemies like wolves and spiders.
    • There are 2 types of Mushroom monsters: A small one and a big one. Small Mushrooms may or may not drop a mushroom upon death, but the big ones will always drop legendary mushrooms, which are worth 5 mushrooms each.
    • There are 5 Giant Mushrooms in the map, scattered on the edges of the maps: top left, bottom left, bottom right, right and top. Make these ares your priority, as stated due to them consistently dropping legendary mushrooms.
  • After you collect 25 mushrooms, go back to your starting point in the center of the map, and approach Jini.
  • Go to north east area that has pillars on them, and prepare for boss fight.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Giant Mushroom
    1. Attack Setup: It jumps high up in the air. If you're near it when it jumps up, you'll take damage. Most of its attacks are started with this motion, so beware.
    2. Attack 1: It hits the gound and summons mini Mushrooms. Like the mini slimes summoned by Giant Slime bosses, these give no item or Exp, but a bit unlike the Slime, this Mushroom boss does this much more often, so beware.
    3. Attack 2: It hits the ground head first sending bombs around it. Just stay away.
    4. Attack 3: It tries to smack you with its cap 3 times. This attacks has very long range, so run. This attack is sometimes done after the Attack Setup, sometimes without the setup altogether.
    5. Attack 4: It tries to punch you. Just stay away.
      • This boss is best fought at a distance, which is a bit of a problem with Knights. For Knights, be patient while you slam it with your Crescent Swords.
  • Kill boss, open chest and complete stage.

Stage 1-8[edit]

  • From start, go north, kill all bears, break rocks.
  • Go north, kill all bears including Violent Bear, then go north.
  • After you hit the door just north of that single tree, a cutscene will show you where to go to get 3 Waters. You have the option to go east or west. You can skip all monsters here.
    • East path: The east path itself has a north and south entry, eitherway, the Water you need is located on far east and far south east.
      • If you go by the northern entry, go east until you see slimes, then turn south on dead end to find the Water, then proceed south east until you see the other Water and a Wolf King.
      • If you go by the southern entry, keep going south until dead end, then go east to find the first Water, then keep going north until you see 3 Tree Spirits (the stationary ones, not the Corrupt ones that are moving). Go east.
    • West Path: After you enter the western area, keep going south until you can turn east and meet a Giant Spider which attacks like the Sub Boss in 1-4. There's your water.
  • After you collect all 3 Waters, go back to the door. Go through it, and prepare for boss fight.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Giant Tree Spirit
    1. Minions: There are 3 Corrupt Tree Spirits. They are annoying, so kill them.
    2. Attack 1: The boss charges up, and fires streams of leaves in V formation. Either stay behind it, or stand on its line of sight, because the V attack formation will miss its line of sight completely.
    3. Attack 2: It swings its arm and summons tons of leaves. The leaves appears on certain spots relative to which direction it's facing. Each leaf will do some damage and hit separately, but if you stand on the wrong spot (i.e., exactly where the leaves are spawned), you're toast.
      • Unlike some bosses you've seen previously (or any enemy for that matter), it's best to stay on its line of sight, although staying behind it is always a choice as well. Fight this boss up close, only backing away when it's using its V stream attack. It never summons its leaves on its face, so staying close gives you better chance to avoid them altogether.
  • Kill boss, break chest, then either wait or keep going north to complete stage.

Stage 1-9[edit]

  • From starting point, go west until you receive the message of players unable to connect to stage anymore (yes, there is no rock to break this time). You will eventually see wolves and a blockade; Kill all wolves near this blockade, while other wolves you meet on the way are unecessary to beat up.
  • After Yuria comes in at your starting point, go back to her and protect her from the wolves (although it's a bit unecessary, as she can attack the wolves, plus she can heal herself too). Follow her all the way to a junction will several blockades and a tree. You'll be shown 3 spots you have to go to.
  • Go east. Be careful of the axe-throwing goblins, for if their axes hit you, you'll take additional burn damage. Keep going east, then north, until you see a Goblin Work Supervisor. He can toss stunning boulders or call minions to attack. Kill him and get the tombstone piece.
  • From where you are standing, you can either go north for another Goblin Supervisor with the tombstone piece, or go east then south for the third Goblin Supervisor. It's more preferable to go east first, then go back north.
  • After you collect all three tombstones, a group of Dark Elves will show up near where the northern-most Goblin Supervisor was. This is why it's preferable to take that goblin last, so that you can immediately engage with the Dark Elves. Be careful of the Dark Elf Assassin, for he's quick and hit hard. Use whatever knockdown attack to keep them under control.
  • Go back to the junction you started from, then go north, kill all spiders, and find your way to the boss in the mini-maze.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Giant Spider
    1. Attack 1: The same spit like the one used by the Giant Spiders you've fought in 1-4 and 1-8. Stay out of its sight.
    2. Attack 2: The same bombs. Dodge accordingly.
    3. Attack 3: It shoots multiple spreading shot. Just dodge accordingly or run from them.
      • If you've been this far, this boss shouldn't be a problem. Just kill it.
  • Kill boss, open chest, complete stage.

Stage 1-10[edit]

  • From start, go west, kill wolves, break rocks.
  • Kill all wolves. After you kill a few, some leader wolves and king wolf should appear. Just kill them all. After you kill every wolves, tree spirits will appear. Be careful, they shoot streams of leaves which do multiple hits. Try to attack them one by one instead of causing them all to attack at the same time.
  • Go north after you kill all tree spirits. Your destination is north, but be careful of the Exploding Ostriches.
  • SUB BOSS: Giant Slime
    1. Minions: Before you even see it, you'll have to kill every slime in the room you're in. When the boss itself show up, it will be accompanied by some yellow slimes.
    2. This Giant Slime is the same boss you've fought in 1-3 and 1-5, in other words, no change in attack.
      • Just go crazy and unleash all your attacks appropriately.
  • After you kill the giant slime, go north, and you'll find several poisonous mushrooms. Be careful; they can't be attacked, and they will periodically spray blue mist that harms you. The mist won't hurt you once they recede though. Be careful of some Tree Spirits that can throw stones at you too.
  • After you manage to get away from the poisonous mushrooms, go north to the big room with 3 pillars. First, you must break either pillar on the side, then the last pillar on the north. Each time you break a pillar, a boss will appear, so use this to your advantage to rest before breaking the next pillars.
  • SUB BOSS: Giant Mushroom
    • See "BOSS FIGHT: Giant Mushroom" section on stage 1-7.
      • Again, fight from a distance, and beware the mini shrooms.
  • SUB BOSS: Bear Spirit
    1. Attack 1: It rolls at you. If it misses, it will be dizzy for a few seconds. So dodge this roll, then beat it up before it gets ready again.
    2. Attack 2: It raises its arms, then calls feathers to fall down in random places. You'll usually get away if you're far from the boss. After this attack, the bear will roll at you. See previous attack.
    3. Attack 3: It stands up, walks, then hits you. It walks only in straight line, so get out of the way.
    4. Attack 4: It tries to hit you with a punch combo. Just stay away.
      • Best time to fight this boss is when it misses its roll on you. But eitherway, just keep your sight at it and beat it.
  • SUB BOSS: Giant Tree Spirit
    • See "BOSS FIGHT: Giant Tree Spirit" section on stage 1-8. This boss is the same, right down to the Corrupt Tree Spirits it summons.
      • Again, face it directly.
  • Heal yourself then go north, and prepare for your first Episode Boss fight.
  • EPISODE BOSS FIGHT: Guardian of Lost Temple (a.k.a. Rotem Guardian)
    1. Minions: There are several Tree Spirits in this BIG room. Kill them, to at least clear up your way when you need to run around. And trust me, you WILL want to run around.
    2. Attack 1: The boss makes a short run ending with a punch. This punch will stun you, so DON'T GET HIT. Not only getting hit will stun you, but also since this is its primary attack, it may spam this to kill you before you can do anything at all. Dash back and attack with ranged attacks, if possible.
    3. Attack 2: The boss does a double punch to send you flying. It does this usually after it stuns you, but at least this attack will get you out of its reach. But it still hurts.
    4. Attack 3: The boss roars up and sends 3 boulders rolling. Just stay out of their way.
    5. Attack 4: The boss slams the ground, causing sharp jagged rocks to stick out of the ground in a six-star pattern spreading farther out over the field. Best way to avoid this is to move away from the boss and attack with a ranged attack.
      • Focus more on dodging, mostly due to that one stunning punch. The best way to dodge that is usually running sideways relative to where the boss is running (for example, if it goes left, dash up or down). Also, thankfully, the room is REALLY big, so you can try running away from the boss, and if you're far enough, it will not chase you.
  • Kill boss, open chest, complete episode.

Episode 2[edit]

Stage 2-1[edit]

  • From start, go northeast, kill all wolves, break rocks.
  • Keep going northeast. Whenever you hit blockade, kill all enemies. The smaller snowmen throw snowballs at you, which will slow you down. The bigger ones sweep you with their broom. The Pang Pangs dash at you, hitting multiple times.
  • When you meet the mammoth, be careful. It can either do a quick tusking sending you flying, or rear up and make a painful earthquake attack.
  • You'll soon arrive on a rocky path going southwest. Avalanches regularly pass this path, causing major damage if they hit you. Fortunately, the lower part of the paths has several alcoves for you to hide, so use these.
  • At the end of the road, go north, beat up all enemies, and keep going north until you reach the boss.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Giant Snowman
    1. Minions: It is accompanied by several snowmen. They will respawn from time to time, but it's best that you kill them, for you will need room for dodging.
    2. Attack 1: It hits you with its broom and freezes you, in other words you can't move although you at least can still attack. The attack comes out fast, so dodging it is not easy. A problem for Knights, for sure.
    3. Attack 2: It spins while chasing you. This attack can hit multiple times for a big sum of damage. Run away from it.
    4. Attack 3: It rears back to throw multiple snowballs. Like the ones you see prior in the stage, these snowballs will slow you down if they hit.
    5. Attack 4: It rears back and tosses multiple snow boulders. Dodge accordingly.
      • It's best to keep your distance in this fight. If you need to hit up close, dash around until you catch its back off guard, then strike.
  • Kill boss, open chest, complete stage.

Stage 2-2[edit]

  • Go east, kill wolves, break rocks.
  • Keep going east killing all enemies, including snowmen of various size.
  • After you kill all snowmen around the junction with a blocked pathway to the north, wait for a Snow Girl who will later turn and attack you. Kill her, proceed east.
  • Keep going east killing all enemies, which now include Snow Girls, and watch a non-hostile Snow Girl come.
  • The non-hostile Snow Girl will go west to the junction with blockage, so follow her and kill all enemies. She can fight by herself, but with the number of enemies spawning around her, she can't last long unless helped.
  • After you beat all enemies, the blockage to the north of the junction will disappear. Go north while still protecting the Snow Girl, until you reach a room with multiple docile snowmen AND many many hostile snowmen. Kill the hostile ones.
  • After the coast is clear, there will be a potion that will summon a big friendly snowman spirit. Be patient here; this snowman moves so slowly. Follow it. Enemies will spawn along the way, but most of the time, you shouldn't worry about your Snowman.
  • After you go east enough and kill everyone in sight (let after your Snowman kills everybody), the Snowman will explode. Don't worry about that, and go east for a boss fight.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Dark Elf Healer
    1. Minions: There will be a multitude of enemies in this fight. Be particularly careful of the Dark Elves, especially the Moon Wizardess, who will float in on you, do massive area spell, then retreat immediately. While you should be careful about the rest of the bunch, make killing her a priority. The Advanced Dark Elf Knight is strong, but managable.
    2. Attack 1: Not really an attack, but the Healer can heal.
    3. Attack 2: The Healer shoots multiple purple shots (like Eir's S-S-S-S-A shot) that will stun you. Unless there are minions around, don;t worry about this.
      • Take care of her minions first one by one. Once she has no minions, she's easy, because she can be knocked down. In other words, once she has no minion, unleash all knockdown attacks you know on her. She will go down without problem.
  • Kill boss, break chest, complete stage.

Stage 2-3[edit]

  • Go east, kills wolves, break rocks to the north.
  • You will be blocked by an ice wall. At this point, just watch the scene, the beat up the brainwashed Snow Girl.
  • You will need to save 9 Snow Girls. When you look at your map, you will see multiple yellow dots. Go to where these dots are to save the Snow Girls. Also, there's an enemy that is always spotted. That enemy is a Dark Elf Assassin, and if you kill him, he will respawn anyway, and since he does tons of damage, forget him; Focus on saving the Snow Girls.
    • Beware: Each time you reach the dotted area, enemies will spawn. So kill them.
    • To save a Snow Girl, break the doors of prisons they are in. Once you break the door, the Snow Girl will be considered saved.
  • After you save 9 Snow Girls, the stage will end.

Stage 2-4[edit]

  • Go northeast and kill all enemies you find. The smaller Snow Mongs shoot freezing shots that slow you down, while the bigger ones punch you. After all clear, break rocks.
  • You will get a message about the door. Kill all the Snow Mongs first. Then, to open the door, which will recur several times later in the stage, first step on the door switch (that glowing thing). When there is no switch near the door, the door itself will gain a life bar. At this point, hit the door until it opens. Smaller doors can be opened with 6 hits, while there's a big one later that requires 9 hits. The switches will regenerate after a while, and if they do, the door becomes unbreakable again and you must then repeat the process to open the door.
  • After your first door, go north, east and north, killing all enemies, which now include Yetis. The brown Yetis attack only up close, while the white one, can throw snowballs. However, whenever a yeti is knocked down, it will wake up dizzy, so knocking down a yeti over and over will effectively stop them from attacking. Kill all enemies accordingly, and open your second door.
  • After the second door, you will meet a LOT of enemies. Just be careful and kill them all, then proceed southwest.
  • There will be ice blocks rising from the ground regularly. Just see their pattern, find your safe spots, dodge them accordingly, kill the Yeti, and open the door, which now has two switches.
  • Meet your first Snow Girls in this stage, kill them, proceed northeast. Kill all mammoth, Mongs and Yetis until you hit the big door. Once there are no enemies, the door's three switches will appear. Step on them all quickly and break the door, which requires 9 hits as opposed to 6.
  • You will be in a room with 4 switches, and a neverending supply of Snow Girls. Your goal here is to open the door, so find and step on those 4 switches, then break the door. Once you break the door, the Snow Girls will stop respawning, just in case you want to kill them. Anyway, proceed.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Snow Queen
    1. Minions: The Snow Queen will be first accompanied by a Snow Girl, whom she can call again from time to time if you kill her.
    2. Attack 1: She jumps up and summons ice bombs that spread and can freeze you. She does this twice per attack. Dodge accordingly.
    3. Attack 2: She twirls her pipe, and blows a snow cone in front of her. Stay out of her face.
    4. Attack 3: She tosses her scarf for multiple hits and a lot of damage. This attack comes out fast, so you may want to keep your distance, lest she'll punish you.
    5. Attack 4: She starts this attack by calling an icicle up close, which won't hit you from any short distance. Then she floats, and flies at your direction in a straight line, dropping ice bombs on the way. Then she finishes this with her freezing spread bomb. The first part won't hit you if you're afar, but the second one has a very good chance of hitting you unless you run as far away as possible from her. The third one is like her normal spread bomb, so dodge accordingly.
      • Due to her scarf attack, it's not advisable to fight her close. Best time to smack her around is when she uses her pipe.
  • Beat boss, break chest, complete stage.

Stage 2-5[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Dark Elf Archer Captain
      • Tips: Do your best to keep her downed, because if she manages to attack, you will get really hurt.

Stage 2-6[edit]

  • SUB BOSS: Dark Elf Sharpshooter (immediately appears when you destroy the last portal)
  • BOSS FIGHT: Saracenia

Stage 2-7[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Blade Claw Lord
      • Tips: Try keeping your distance. Its claw combo attack comes out really fast, but it has relatively low range. Get up close only when its doing its fireball attack.

Stage 2-8[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Evil Eye Master

Its only significant attack is an area attack in which it sends out psychadelic rays of light that will cause heavy damage if caught in the center of the ray. It's nearly impossible to dodge, so bring a healer to heal after this attack.

Stage 2-9[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Hell Knight
      • Tips: It sends out 1-2 giant tornadoes from its sword that will really hurt if you get caught in them. It will also attack with its giant sword, causing massive damage. Stay away from close-range combat and focus on distance attacks & dodging the tornadoes.

Stage 2-10[edit]

  • SUB BOSS: Little Blade Claw Lord
  • SUB BOSS: Hell Knight
  • SUB BOSS: Evil Eye's Master Cow
  • BOSS FIGHT: Drake
      • If possible, get yourself a party with healer.
  • Attacks Drake sends out tornadoes, like the Hell Knight, except there are a LOT more of them. Avoid at all costs, because once you get caught, you will get thrown up again and again a few times, and it is likely that you can't stand the repeated blows.

It also will start flying across the screen. When it flies across a part of the field, a ray of fire will follow. Example: If Drake flies west-east across field, the fire will flow west-east. Causes heavy damage, avoid by dashing north-south(in the example) NOTE: Do not try to attack Drake when it's flying! Your attack WILL NOT hit it, and you will have wasted mp for nothing.

Episode 3[edit]

Stage 3-1[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Black Sand Scorpion King

Stage 3-2[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Reaver

Stage 3-3[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Chariot

Stage 3-4[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Cobolt Captain

Stage 3-5[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Red Wing Harpy King

Stage 3-6[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Chicken Witch Doctor

Stage 3-7[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Doll Witch Doctor

Stage 3-8[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Orc Cavalry

Stage 3-9[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Guardian Statue

Stage 3-10[edit]

  • BOSS FIGHT: Daru
  • Get a healer.