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Jemma is much like he was in Stage 8, but now he's much tougher. He can now shoot bullets from his shoulders and fire his fists at you. Nevertheless, the basic strategy is the same. You'll want to try to get him in a corner, since it's tough to take him out from a distance, but you will get hit a lot.


Which ending you get depends on whether or not you got the cutscenes in Stage 11A and in Stage 13. Thus, there are four possible endings:

  1. If you missed both cutscenes
  2. If you got only the Stage 11A cutscene
  3. If you got only the Stage 13 cutscene
  4. If you got both cutscenes

None of these endings is clearly the "best" ending, though the endings you get with the Stage 11A and 13 cutscenes are longer.

If you don't want to play through the game four times, you can see most of what there is to see by getting Endings 1 and 4. The other two endings will mostly be a mix of these two endings. (If you do want to see all four endings but you don't want to play through four times, you can also use a password to skip to Stage 14 with the desired ending already set up for you. Or if you don't want to cheat that much, you can of course use the Stage 10 password to start at the point where the game first branches.)