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When you get here, Birdie will tell you that Hamburglar has fled to Grimace's Highlands. If you give her at least five cards of her puzzle, she will show you the way.

Level 1 - The Stratosphere[edit]

Walking on clouds can be a little difficult at first, as the clouds partially hide your character and enemies. You will immediately notice a card above you. To get it, jump to the moving cloud on the right and then to the clouds in the upper left. This way, you can easily land next to the card and grab it. Then continue to the right. Using other moving clouds you can reach a good number of arches and another card. Further to the right, jump on the fast moving clouds to reach a zipper surrounded by blocks on the left. Upon entering, you will find yourself on a row of blocks with two 1-Ups, which you have certainly already noticed. Take the extra lives and climb the fast moving clouds again. This time up, jump to the right. Take the arches on the cloud and take a long jump to the right, to land on a ledge with another zipper. Enter to access a bonus level. In this level, use the moving clouds to take several arcs and two 1-Ups. You will also discover that in some places you can also walk inside the clouds. Enter the zipper at the end to return to the main level. Let yourself fall, but stay against the cloud on the right. You will land to the right of the finish line.

The first card you found is for Birdie's Treehouse and the second for Hamburglar's Hideout.

Level 2 - Slippery Slopes[edit]

In this level the ground is frozen and slippery, so you have to move carefully. You will also have the ability to collect snowballs from the heaps, to throw them at enemies. Continue to the right, climb the frozen platforms and take a long jump to the left. You will come to a platform with a spinner, use it to flip over. On the left you will find a super springboard with a block next to it. Use the block and the super springboard to reach the 1-Up you saw at the beginning of the level. Then go back to the spinner and straighten up. To the right of the platforms you crossed earlier there is a springboard, use it to reach a platform at the top right. At the end you will find a card. Go down. Be careful while walking on the snow bridges, because if you jump on them, they will collapse. Under the short snow bridges you will encounter, there is 1-Up at the bottom right. Grab it, but be careful not to fall. After having climbed other snow bridges, continue to the left, there is a zipper above some blocks. Enter to reach a bonus level. In this level you will have to go down using the lifts and collecting the arches. When you notice a tree trunk, jump to its left. Here you will also find two 1-Ups. Then use the super springboard to go back upstairs and reach the zipper on the right, which will take you back to the main level. Here you grab a block and make your way to the super springboard to the left of the finish line. You can then take a big jump, reach a platform with arches at the top and go to the right of the finish line.

The card you found is for Birdie’s Treehouse.

Level 3 - Icy Maze[edit]

As the name suggests, this level is an icy labyrinth, with many slippery slopes. Go right at the beginning, climbing the slope you will find 1-Up. Continue to the right and drop down. You will find arches along the way. At the bottom of the level, go right. You will see a sign pointing up, just before the finish line. Climb and climb all the platforms, being careful not to fall. Ignore the sign pointing to the right and take a long jump to climb again. This will lead you to a zipper. Enter it to reach a small room with a card. Take it, then go back. At this point, let yourself fall downwards. Be careful not to end up directly on the finish line, so after the last descent, move left. In this way, you can jump to the right, to land on another card just above the finish line. Take it, trying to do it when the Golden Arch is below you, to take it too and complete the level.

The first card you found will turn out to be a secret card, while the other is for Birdie's Treehouse.

Level 4 - Secret Surprize[edit]

Jump to the cloud in front of you (the one with the arches below) and from there to the ledge on the left. There is a hidden passage inside the cloud, which allows you to go down. Continue to the right, collecting the arches. When you encounter a springboard, don't use it, but continue inside the cloud again to reach a card. After you grab it, go back and use the springboard to get back upstairs. Continue to the right and when you come to a chasm, take a long jump to reach the small floating clouds. By jumping on these clouds, you can get to the right of the finish line.

The card you found is for Birdie's Treehouse.

Level 5 - Frozen Caverns[edit]

Proceed to the right being careful not to slip. Above a suspended platform you will find a card that you can easily grab. Then keep going to the right until you come to a row of blocks with spinners on either side. Use the spinners to flip over, take the arches and then let yourself fall to the ceiling, made up of another row of blocks. Remove two or three adjacent blocks from this row, but be careful not to go off the ceiling, or you'll lose a life. When done, use the spinners below you to straighten up. At this point, take a run and take a high jump, to slip into the opening you created in the row of blocks above you. You will end up above the upper edge of the screen. Proceed to the right and you will find four 1-Ups to collect! After taking them, you will immediately fall to the right of the finish line. Be careful though, because there is a short descent that will make you land directly on the rope, so if you want to take the Golden Arch, be ready to jump.

The card you found is for Birdie’s Treehouse. 

Level 6 - Frosty Mountain[edit]

Jump to the strip of snow ahead of you to drop down. You will keep falling, try to get the arches in the meantime. At the bottom you will find two 1-Ups to collect (be careful not to fall in the precipice though). Pick up the fill-in block and insert it into the dotted platform just to the right. In the cloud above you are many hidden passages. Go to the far right and jump to take one. As you keep jumping and groping, you'll reach two more 1-Ups. Then go back and climb upwards, using the springboards. At the top left you will find a card. Pick it up, being careful not to touch the reversers. Go back further down, where there is a row of arches above a slope. In the cloud on the right there is another hidden passage, jump from the slope to take it. Following this passage you will come to the right of the finish line.

The card you found is for Birdie’s Treehouse.

At this point you will have all six of Birdie's cards. Go back to her house and she will let you proceed towards Grimace's Highlands, in pursuit of Hamburglar.

If you return to Birdie's house, she will reward you with an extra life, since you have completed her puzzle.