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You have finally reached Hamburglar! However, he will stammer out that the magic bag has escaped and ask you to find all six of his puzzle cards. Luckily, you should already have three.

Level 1 - Burning Bridges[edit]

There is a bonus area in this level, but it is very difficult to reach and also somewhat treacherous. You probably don't want to go into it. Anyway, if you want to access it, this is the strategy. Drop to the right to land on a bridge. Move quickly to the left, because as soon as you touch the bridge, it will start to burn, starting from the left end (you will find many of these bridges from here on out). Quickly grab the fill-in block and return to the bridge, running to the right. Put the fill-in block down and throw one of the porous blocks you will find in the lava on the right. Quickly grab the fill-in block again and jump onto the porous block to cross the lava. Be careful not to get hit by the flames that will fall from above. When you notice a ledge above you, jump on it. Climb the blocks paying attention to the flames, until you reach another porous block to the right. Put the fill-in block down for a moment and throw the porous one into the lava on the right. Quickly grab the fill-in block again and quickly jump over the porous block to cross this lava pool as well. This will bring you to a zipper with a dotted platform underneath. Fill it with the fill-in block, to be able to enter the zipper. In this bonus level you will have to climb to the top by collecting the arches, using the springboards and paying attention to the lava, which you will sometimes have to overcome with porous blocks. At the top you will also find two 1-Ups, but you will have to quickly cross a burning bridge to be able to catch them. Enter the zipper to return to the main level. Jump up and continue left, dropping off the precipice at the end to return to where you passed before (if you are not interested in the bonus level, it is useless to take the fill-in block at the beginning and after crossing the first bridge you will arrive here). Throw a porous block into the lava pool to cross it. Watch out for falling flames. When you get to another bridge, stay under it: it will protect you from the flames. Finally jump on the suspended blocks just before the finish line. Climb up and making a long jump to the right will bring you to a suspended platform with a card. Grab it and jump to the right, to land to the right of the finish line.

The card you found is for Hamburglar’s Hideout.

Level 2 - Lava Belts[edit]

In front of you you will see a conveyor lift, jump on it. To make it move, you will have to walk in the opposite direction to the one you want to move. You will have to learn how to use these conveyor lifts well in the last levels and be careful not to fall into the lava. Ignore the porous block on a ledge. Continuing, you will come to a platform with a 1-Up: jump off the conveyor lift to get it. Proceed again and when you approach another area after the part without a floor, quickly jump to the right, before the conveyor lift falls. Grab the porous block on the right and climb the conveyor lift above it. Ride it in order to go up. Continue to the right, as indicated by the arrow, and ride another conveyor lift to pass the lava pool. Then throw the porous block into the next lava pool and climb up to cross it. You will notice a 1-Up in the lava, probably a programming error, as it is impossible to get, so ignore it. Once past the lava, make your way through the blocks and climb onto another conveyor lift. Ride it slowly, in a recess on the left there is a 1-Up. Continue and you will pass over the finish line. You will need to jump off the conveyor lift at the right time to grab a card on the right. After taking it, you will end up on the finish line.

The card you found is for Hamburglar’s Hideout.

Level 3 - Molten Madness[edit]

There are two cards in this level, both of which are very difficult to get. Jump onto the burning bridge ahead of you and run right without stopping, jumping over the blocks and not grabbing any. At the end of the bridge there are some steps and a card suspended in the void, just where the end of the bridge was. To get it, you have to go to the lower ledge and make a short jump to the left, trying to take the card from the side. It is very easy to go wrong and fall into the void, so keep calm and keep trying. After you get it, go up the steps and tap the reversers. You will end up on a row of blocks at the beginning of the level. Jump on the conveyor lift, but don't ride it yet. Keep going up until you come to a platform with spinners on the sides. Use them to flip and climb the conveyor lift upside down. Carefully ride the conveyor lift until you see another one. Jump carefully from one conveyor lift to another. Follow the new path, until you come up on a platform with a card under it, which you have certainly already noticed while crossing the bridge. Carefully get off the conveyor lift and take the card. Then continue under the conveyor lift, until you meet a third one. Jump carefully from one conveyor lift to another. Ride also this conveyor lift and you will arrive at the finish line. Taking a good jump, you will be able to cross the finish line upside down.

The first card you found is a secret card and the second is for Hamburglar’s Hideout.

Now that you have all six of Hamburglar's cards, talk to him again. He will stammer to direct you to the Magic Cave. When you return to the world map, you will notice that a fourth level has appeared, where you will find Roland's magic bag. However, at this point you should also have all six secret cards, so if you go back to the entrance to Puzzleworld, Ronald will let you in. If you want to take on this bonus world then, you should do it now, before entering the final level. In fact, once you enter the final level, you will no longer be able to go back on the world map.

Level 4 - Magic Cave[edit]

Use the springboard to reach the burning bridge above. Go quickly and grab the porous block. Head back immediately before the bridge is too consuming and use the porous block to get past the lava pool below you. Then use the platforms on the right to cross another lava pool and reach another burning bridge, to be crossed quickly. In front of you you will now see a pile of blocks. They are the ones Grimace told you about. The more times you have taken the Golden Arch far enough to the right of the level finish line, the more blocks there will be. But be careful: for every time you die in this level, there will be one less block. Better to have a good number of them, because they will be very useful in the battle against the final (and only) boss of the game. If you run out of blocks anyway, a little further on there is a pile of ash that you can collect and it works in a similar way to snowballs. At the far right of the level, on a platform above, you will finally find Ronald's magic bag, which will attack you.

At first ties similar to snakes will come out of the bag and slowly move towards you. To defeat them, you will have to hit their central part, the blue one. They are very simple opponents to eliminate, which you can easily hit with the ash balls, so in this first phase it is better to leave the blocks alone. When you have eliminated a certain number of ties, a magic wand will come out of the bag, which will move horizontally across the top of the screen and will attack you by shooting stars. You will quickly understand that this is a much more dangerous enemy. To avoid its attacks you will have to move with timing, always trying to be under it. Hitting the wand with ashes is hard, so for this battle it is worth taking advantage of the blocks. Get under the wand and throw the block up to hit it. A good strategy, if you don't have many blocks, is to try to catch the block on the fly after hitting the wand, before it falls. Avoiding the attacks of the wand can be difficult, but every time you hit it, you'll have a chance to gain a heart of energy. When you hit the wand five times with the blocks, it will be defeated and a magician hat with a rabbit inside will come out of the bag, the last enemy to be eliminated. Luckily, the hat is a less formidable opponent than the wand. It will move left or right making long jumps, so you can easily avoid it by passing under it. It is not difficult to hit the hat with blocks or with cinder balls. When you hit it five times, the hat will flip over and from now on it will only move close to the ground, but very fast. At this point, it will be enough to hit the hat once to defeat it definitively. Roland's bag will fall off the platform: pick it up and you have completed the game. Congratulations!