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In order to access this bonus world, you must first find all six of Ronald McDonald's cards. When you find them, go back to his house and he will challenge you, opening this special section. However, he will tell you that before you can access the levels of this world, you will need to find all six secret cards, which are scattered throughout the various levels of McDonaldland. The secret cards are found in the following levels:

  • Birdie’s Treehouse Level 3 – Icy Maze
  • Grimace’s Highlans Level 2 – Moose Bridge
  • Professor’s Workshop Level 1 – Ports o’ Comet
  • Professor’s Workshop Level 4 – Desert Cove
  • CosMc’s Retreat Level 3 – Constellations
  • Hamburglar’s Hideout Level 3 – Molten Madness

When you have found them all, go to the Puzzleworld entrance and talk to Ronald again, who will let you in. Basically, in this world you will have to overcome three particularly tough levels. In each of them you will simply have to reach the finish line but it will not be easy at all, because these levels are full of traps and pitfalls. The only advantage is that there are no enemies here. You will necessarily have to go through the three levels in order: only after completing a level, the next will become accessible. A big prize awaits you if you manage to complete all three levels and an even bigger one if you can complete them by taking even every single arc.

Level 1 - Phony Finishes[edit]

There are many fake finish lines in this level, which you must avoid. If you land on one of them, you will end the level immediately, but not complete it. However, you will recognize them easily, since they do not have the Golden Arch. You will also have to be very careful not to touch the numerous reversers, which will force you to restart the level from the beginning, the many dotted platforms to fill and, of course, not to fall into the void.
At the beginning, pick up the fill-in block and take a long jump to cross the fake finish line. Place the block in the dotted platform and jump on it to climb up. You will notice another fill-in block on the left, take it. Then use the same mobile platform to cross the fake line to the right. Carefully step off the right edge of this platform, being careful not to bump into the fake line below. Jump over it, climb and jump on the springboard over another fake line. You will have to land on the platform above, without touching the short fake line to the right, which you will have to overcome. Place the fill-in block on the dotted platform in front of you and climb onto it. Be careful though, along the way you will have to jump to avoid a reverser! Continue to the right and after avoiding another fake line thanks to the springboards above, you will find another fill-in block. Grab it and use the springboards to climb up. You will find another dotted platform to fill. Climb on it and jump to the right, avoiding another short fake line. Carefully drop off the left edge and you'll find another fill-in block. Grab it and carefully jump over two more fake lines. On the right you will find a springboard above yet another fake line: use it to jump and reach another dotted platform to fill with the block. Once you've done that, jump on it. Going up, you will come to a fake line with reversers on it; you will have to take a long jump to overcome it. At the bottom right there is another springboard. Use it to jump, following the trajectory of the arches. This will take you to a second springboard and then to a third (avoid the two small fake lines). Finally jump to the green platform. You will notice a clown head moving around the platform. You will have to get on it and make a precise jump into the right opening, without touching the reversers. If you succeed, you will finally arrive at the only real finish line. There is also a springboard, which will allow you to take the Golden Arch on the right.
Note: if you want to take every single arch, you will necessarily have to cross this level several times, using the reversers. In fact, there are arches under the springboard in the middle, just before the finish line, which cannot be taken all at once. It’s really hard!

Level 2 - Clowning Around[edit]

Here your jumping skills will be put to the test. At first, jump onto the small green platform and grab the fill-in block. Then jump on the clown head that flies around to get past the green wall to the right. You will now have to jump onto another clown head that moves along an irregular path. However, there are many platforms that will hinder you along the way, so you will have to temporarily climb on them. You will eventually come to a red platform. Here you will have to throw the fill-in block into the dotted platform that moves below and then enter the zipper on the right. You will find yourself on another platform. If you take a run and make a high jump left, you'll be able to reach the platform with the arrow. Proceed to the right, jumping on the inclined planes and you will arrive at the finish line. Warning! If you cross the finish line but fall into the hole below it, you will still lose a life and you will have to start the level from the beginning! So limit yourself to touching the finish line.
Reaching the finish line in this level is not that hard, but taking also all the arches is much more complicated. Immediately after exiting the zipper, proceed to the left, jumping on the clown head and overcoming the obstacle you encounter along the way. Take the arc and jump on another clown head, to go under the red platform and take another arc. Jump on another clown head to the left, to reach two more arches, overcoming the obstacle, than go back. Use the slender green platform to reach four more arches, on the left. Use the platform you have previously filled to reach four more arches and to go up. Now you will have to overcome an extremely difficult obstacle. In front of you, you will see a row of springboards under some reversers. You will have to take a long jump from the lower step, to land on the last springboard. Only in this way will you be able to pass under the reversers without bumping into them. Once to the right, jump onto the clown's head and collect the arches around it, but be careful no to touch the reversers on the top. Finally, jump to the top right to collect more arches. Do not go below, where the reversers are, there is a better path. Jump over the top edge of the screen to the right to reach the last arches. You can then jump down and proceed to the right to reach the finish line.

Level 3 - Zippety Do Da[edit]

This level is essentially a maze of zippers. If, on the one hand, it is much more difficult to die here than in the previous two levels, on the other hand, finding the way to reach the finish line can be really frustrating. It is not easy to give precise indications for this level, as by entering the same zipper several times you can also reach different destinations. Often, therefore, getting to one of the two zippers on the side of the finish line is just a matter of luck. So only a few tips are given.

  • At the beginning of the level you can choose between two zippers. If you choose the one on the left, you will come to a platform with a clown head spinning around it. By jumping on this clown head you can collect five arches and two 1-Ups.
  • The easiest way to reach the finish line is this: you will easily arrive at an area where there are two suspended platforms in the shape of a mushroom, the one on the right slightly higher than the one on the left. There is a zipper on each platform. If you go down into the space between the two platforms, you will end up on a lower platform, with six arches to collect. If you take a run and take a long jump to the right, you will land just to the left of the finish line. Much easier than getting there by zippers!
  • If you want to collect all the arches as well, there are 33 in all. 5 can be taken immediately after starting, as described above. Another 6 are between the two mushroom-shaped platforms described in the previous point. There are then 8 on another platform further down, below this, which you can reach by jumping down to the left and then to the right. The remaining 14 arches are on top of a tree-like structure, with two zippers on each side. Arriving at one of the two top zippers, you can jump on a clown head that moves a little higher, to reach the top of the tree and collect the arches. After taking them all you can easily reach the finish line as described above.

After completing all three levels go back to talk to Ronald and he will give you 10 extra lives as a reward. If you manage to complete all three levels and also take every single arc, Ronald will give you a very special prize: infinite lives! Actually at first, he will just bring your number of lives to 99, but after losing ten lives Ronald will apologize and really give you unlimited lives.