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Each time you arrive in a new world, the protagonist will tell you how many cards of his puzzle you will need to find before you can access the next world. It is never necessary to find all six of them to proceed (with the exception of the last world), also because some cards can also be found in worlds other than that of the relative character, and therefore even in levels that you have not yet reached. However, if you manage to find all six of them and give them to the relevant character, he will give you a special reward, in particular:

  • By finding all of Ronald's cards, he will open the bonus area "Puzzleworld" (see the appropriate section).
  • By finding all of Birdie's cards, she will give you an extra life.
  • By finding all of Grimace's cards, he will inform you that for every time you landed on the finish line of a level far enough to the right, even taking the Golden Arch, you will get a block to use in the final battle (very useful).
  • By finding all of Professor's cards, he will build a shortcut between his world and Ronald's.
  • By finding all of CosMc’s cards, he will compliment you but will not give you anything (what a miser!).
  • By finding all of Hamburglar’s cards, you will be able to access the final level, where Roland's bag is located.