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To retrieve Ronald McDonald's magic bag you will have to cross the six worlds of McDonaldland:

  • Ronald's Clubhouse. A world full of meadows and woods, where you have to climb trees. There are no particular difficulties. It consists of six levels.
  • Birdie's Treehouse. This world is located at a high altitude. You will have to move between clouds, snow and icy surfaces, being careful not to slip. There are six levels.
  • Grimace's Highlands. In this world there are two areas: one in the mountains, with precipices and suspended crumbling bridges made up of four levels and another by the lake, with numerous pools of water, with two levels.
  • Professor's Workshop. In this world you will find recurring elements of the worlds you have already passed through. In some areas you will have to make your way through sand-filled caves. Unlike the previous ones, it has only five levels.
  • CosMc's Retreat. This section is set on the moon, where gravity is very low. You will also find labyrinthine tunnels to go through. There are only four levels.
  • Hamburglar’s Hideout. The hiding place of the evil Hamburglar is located inside an active volcano. Rivers of lava, burning bridges and dangerous conveyor lifts await you. There are four really tough levels. In the last one you will finally find Roland's magic bag.

This section briefly describes how to best overcome each level, recovering all the cards present and earning as many bonuses as possible. If you find all of Ronald McDonald's cards and all six secret cards, you will be rewarded with a bonus world to explore: Puzzleworld, a truly challenging place.