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Box artwork for MAME.
Release date(s)
System(s)Windows, Mac OS, Linux
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For games supported by MAME, see Category:MAME.

MAME is an emulator for arcade systems. Unlike other emulators, which seek to handle all games for their focus systems, MAME only supports games for which support has specifically been added to the emulator. It currently supports over 6000 different games (approximately 3500 of those are unique games, the rest are clones).


What this guide does:

  • Help you to locate and install MAME on your computer.
  • Explains how to configure and operate MAME.
  • Details the different variations of MAME.
  • Provides information about support files and front-ends.
  • Discusses controller options and lightly touches upon the phenomenon of building a MAME cabinet.

What this guide does not do:

  • Tell you where to find and download ROMs.
  • Tell you how to configure options that are unique to particular MAME variations.
  • Tell you how to use MAME on a system other than Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. Unofficial ports to systems such as the Xbox do exist, but they are not documented here.

Table of Contents