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It can generally be agreed that this is not what you want to happen to your RB/Fullback, whoever is running the ball. This page will go over the different ways to make a big break in the running game, along with general tips that will help you get the extra few yards.

Designed Running Plays[edit]

If from the huddle you know you are going to call a running play, think about some things.

  • Is the Defense expecting this run? If so, should I call it?
  • If the defense is not expecting the run, what can I do to hide it until the ball is snapped?
  • Do I have a good offensive line?
  • Are my other blockers good ( Wideouts, TE's, etc)
  • Is my running back good?
  • How can I utilize the best players on my team for the first down, or touchdown?

Think carefully of these. If the Defense is expecting the run (Prime example: 4th quarter, Goal Line) it may be smarter to call a pass play with extra blockers to get a quick 6.

If the defense is NOT expecting you to run the ball, or has about a 60% chance of playing the pass, you should definitely run the ball. An example of this would probably be a 3rd and 5, or maybe a 4th and 8. You should have a reliable running back and offensive line to try and fool the Defense this heavily.

If you have a solid offensive line, you can call HB draws out of a shotgun formation, and expect good yards. If your offensive line is poor, you should try and place down Tight ends to anchor the line. If the Tight Ends are poor blockers, bring wideouts close to the Tight ends, or in the slots. This should give you a solid contingent from which to call a running play.

If all of your blockers are good, and you have a fast halfback, an outside run, like a pitch, or counter, can prove to be very effective. If you have a powerback, call a HB/FB dive and he should go untouched to the second/third level of defense.

If your running back is poor, maybe you should let your Full back run the ball, or try an end-around, or reverse. This will put the ball in other players' hands, allowing them to try and make a play.

Thinking of all of these in a :35 second time span can be daunting, but give it a try. You'll quickly read a defense in seconds, and bust a big play on them consistently.

Running Tips[edit]

When running the ball, there are several things you can do to elude or break a tackle. The new Truck Stick feature allows your running back to power his way through a CB, or Safety. Lineman and Linebackers may not fall victim as easily. To execute this move, press Up rstick about a second before contact. Beware, as this causes a higher risk of fumbling, but remember you need to risk to gain.

Another good move is the Spin Move. Pressing Circle button will make your ball carrier spin quickly. This is a great move for defenders taking an angle coming from their end zone. About two yards before you would make impact, press Circle button + a direction away from the rest of the defense. If executed properly, you will leave the defense in the dust and gain extra yards.

Another great move is the back-juke. To execute this move, press Down rstick. This will work great for a defender taking a horizontal angle. Example of this, if you are taking the sidelines, and a defender is screaming in from your side, pull back on the right analog. Your carrier will stop, and pull his body back, potentially leaving the defender on the floor and being laughed at. This one takes some work to perfect, but is a very safe and smooth move.

To quickly sidestep, press L1 button, or R1 button, depending on the direction you wish to go. This works great for a defender coming right at your carrier from his end zone, and is an alternative for those physically weaker backs that tend to be faster. Your carrier will quickly jump to the side, and it has the potential to sidestep the defender.

The last move is a trick for those fumblers in the running core, or just people who can't carry like Ladanian Tomlinson, or Shaun Alexander. Pressing Triangle button will make your Carrier cover up the ball and put his head to his chest. If you are facing a double-team from linebackers, this is an ideal move to make sure you don't drop the ball.

If you follow all these tips, you may bust a run leaving all the defense in your trails.

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