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Some items are used instantly, while others can be kept in the inventory for use at will. Inventory items have a maximum number that can be hoarded, varying by item type.

Item Max Inventory Description
Icon of Healing Instant Restores some health when collected.
Artifact of Healing 25 Restores some health when used.
Moonstone Instant Restores some mana when collected.
Starstone 25 Restores some mana when used.
Medallion of Speed 10 Increases your running speed. Can be handy for evading certain traps.
Dynamite Bundle 15 Drops a bundle of dynamite directly in front of the player, who will not be hurt by the resulting explosion. Handy for crowd control or dropping off of ledges to bomb clusters of enemies below.
Proximity Bomb 15 Throws a mine which settles in place and explodes when an enemy gets too near.
Bouncing Bomb 15 Throws a bomb in front of the player that bounces a couple times before exploding. The most difficult type of bomb to use effectively, but can also reach enemies further away.
Dust of Invisibility 5 Makes the player invisible for a limited time. Unlike invisibility in some other games, this one is quite useful as enemies can be assassinated with limited possibility of retaliation; attacking will not negate the invisibility but enemies may blindly attack in front of them when hit. Using melee attacks from the side of an enemy is therefore typically safe. Bosses can see the invisible, however.
Shield of Protection 5 Makes the player mostly invulnerable for a short time. Good for emergency use when cornered by a swarm of enemies. It cannot protect against certain overwhelming boss attacks or other instakills.
Horn of Summoning 1 When used, several items appear around the player for a very limited time. These are mostly health and mana, but bombs and other goodies have a chance of appearing too. It's best to use this in an open area so that the maximal number of items are spawned.
Time Stop 1 A rare item that freezes enemies for a short time. Does not work on bosses.
Skull of Damnation Instant Turns you into Death for a short time. While you are Death, you cannot fire projectiles or pick up items, but any enemy who you touch will be killed and you are immune to their attacks. Death is not wholly immortal, however...
Relic Piece N/A The prize for defeating the bosses. Return them to the Oracle to increase your power level.
Key N/A Keys must be collected to open locked doors. Sometimes locked secret doors exist, too.