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Developer(s)Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Eurocom
Publisher(s)Flag of the United States.svg Taxan
Release date(s)1990
ModesSingle player
TwitchMagician Channel

Magician is an adventure game developed by the British company Eurocom and released in 1990 for the Nintendo.

Title screen


(From in-game demonstration)

Play Magician and explore the fabulous land of Merlwood!

Here are some of the many things you will encounter on your travels:

  • talk with the wandering inhabitants and you may gain useful information;
  • stock up with provisions and spells in shops;
  • learn to build your own spells and save them in your magic book (Sound Test: NAHUMISTMI);
  • battle against all manner of creatures that will oppose you on your quest;
  • use shields for protection and discover the most effective spells to defeat your adversaries;
  • search treasure chests for vital spells and items;
  • cure yourself if you are poisoned; top-up your health if it gets low;
  • use your magic to allow you to leap around... and even to fly!
  • solve devious puzzle rooms;
  • save games at any time using the batter-backed RAM so that you can continue your game at a later date;
  • battle your way through every level and solve all the puzzles to see if you too can reach the ultimate rating of "Magician"!

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