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Exploring the Dungeon[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 1 map 2.png
  1. Once again, you begin in A-5. Since you should have already purchased the Mongolian Sword, there is no reason to travel up and around to reach the shop in C-6. Collect the map from C-3 if you did not do so during your first visit.
  2. From B-4, take the shorter ladder on the left up to the high level in B-3. Attack the enemy and walk to the right. Use your sword to break through the blocks and proceed to the ladder on your right. Climb up to the top of C-2 and watch out for the porcupine enemy and the bats. Continue right to D-2 and fall down to the bottom of the ladder. Then climb up the ladder to D-1.
    • It's not required, if you walk to the right after climbing up the ladder and fall down a hole that leads you back to D-2, you can enter a doorway where you will find a man who gives you a hint about how to proceed across a large body of water.
  3. At the very top of D-1 is a treasure chest. To reach it, you must walk to the right across the third level of E-1, break the blocks and climb up the ladder to the top level. Then walk left, breaking more blocks until you reach the chest. Inside you will find the Pure Water which will reduce the number of times you need to hit the dungeon boss to defeat it. After you have collected it, walk back to the right, and proceed to the hole in the floor of F-1.
  4. Drop down the hole to F-2. (Switch to Aphrodite if you are concerned about falling in the water.) Stand at the edge of the water and do not move until a single block appears. This block is the first in a series of blocks that will appear and disappear, providing you with a temporary bridge across the water. As soon as the block appears, jump on top of the platform above you, and walk over to the right edge before falling down on a block and proceeding to leap from block to block until you reach the other "bank". Then fall through the narrow gap in the floor of G-2.
  5. Once you arrive in G-3, watch out for the spiders that will attack. You should start by heading to the right first. Your ultimate goal is to drop or climb your way down to the right until you reach the treasure chest in I-5. This chest contains the Mantle, an item which decreases the amount of damage that the dungeon boss can inflict upon you. Once you collect it, you will need to wind your way back to where you landed in G-3.
  6. The next steps are important, as it is extremely easy to miss the next doorway that you need to visit if you don't drop down exactly the right way. From where you landed, proceed to the left. Continue down and around until you reach another hole in the floor. Either jump down into the hole from the right side, or jump over to the left side of the hole and fall down. If you miss either of the platforms below in H-4, you will probably proceed to fall all the way down and miss the opportunity to visit the door. Then you will have to cycle all the way around the dungeon in order to return to this location.
  7. As you proceed to drop down through the dungeon, always jump and never fall so that you have lateral control over your movement. There are two platforms to land on in I-4 directly beneath the two in H-4. Use the lower platform on the right to begin your trip across the single blocks that lead to the doorway on the left in G-5. Be sure to clear away the bats to prevent them from knocking you off the blocks to the water below. Use arrows if you have to in order to be safe. When you reach the door, you will find a man who will sell you the Asurot Shield for 20 coins. Be sure to collect it, as it will automatically reflect enemy projectiles as long as you are facing them.
  8. After you have collected the shield, your next goal is the doorway in H-6, which is substantially easier to reach. Since you will be working above water, it is advised that you switch to Aphrodite. Drop down to G-6 and carefully maneuver across the platforms over the water. Make your way to the right until you see the entrance. If you enter the shop as Popolon, you will be offered a chance to buy a Necklace for 270 coins. However, if you enter the shop as Aphrodite, the shop keeper will offer you the same item for a mere 180 coins. Your choice should be fairly obvious. Without this Necklace, you will be unable to use Popolon in certain portions of the second dungeon. You will, however be able to use him when it really counts, so the need to purchase this item is questionable.
  9. From the Necklace shop, stick with Aphrodite and make your way back to the left, over the water. Break down the wall blocking your progress to the left, and continue all the way to the tall ladder at E-6. If you already know the spell to summon the boss of the dungeon, you can climb the ladder now. If not, follow the next instruction.
    • To learn the spell, continue to the left past the ladder, over the platforms (watch out for the lone enemy), and beyond the ladder and the gap. (The ladder will put you on a path that will eventually lead you back to the dungeon entrance. The gap leads to a treasure chest, but you do not possess the item required to obtain it.) Beyond the gap is a ladder that leads down to the bottom floor. Break the blocks you find and proceed to the left until you find an entrance. There, a lady will tell you the correct summon spell. Once you have it, return to E-6.
  10. Climb up the ladder to E-5. From here, a column of five birds will drop from the ceiling and attack you while remaining in a snaking formation. They are difficult to avoid. After climb all the way up to E-4, your first goal is to walk to the right and drop back down to E-5. Now you will be able to access a treasure chest which contains the Magic Rod. This tremendously useful item grants you infinite ammunition when fighting against a boss, and is essential. Once you collect it, drop back down to E-6 and climb back up to E-4 again.
  11. From E-4, your goal is to head right through F-4, and then back around and up to E-3. However, because the birds make this difficult, the easiest way to accomplish this is to actually keep the birds at your back. Walk to the left until birds fly down from the left side of the screen. Then keep the lead bird on your screen and behind you as you walk to the ladder on the far right. As long as you keep one bird on the screen, more will not appear to attack you. Climb up the ladder and double back to the left (remember to keep at least one bird behind you). Destroy the blocks until you find the ladder that leads up to E-3.
  12. When you reach the top, little enemies will materialize and attack you with projectiles. Clear them out one at a time as you make your way up to the door at the top. After a while, they may transform into an insect and fly about the room. When you reach the top, switch to Aphrodite for her enhanced weapon firing ability and enter the room. (If you are low on health, enter the room and exit to fight the creature near the entrance, and repeat until your experience bar empties and your vitality refills.) When you are ready, cast the spell to summon the boss. If you don't know the spell, you can refer to it below:


Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 1 boss.png

After summoning the boss, a giant skeleton resembling that of a dragon's will appear in the right corner of the room. The skeleton will not move from that spot, but it will writhe its neck up and down. Since its weak point is the skull, this presents you with a moving target. In order to attack you, the dragon will fling an endless supply of bones in an arc to the opposite corner. Your objective is to hit it as rapidly as possible with arrows from the left side. Bones that intercept the arrows will shatter into two smaller bones, and small bones that get hit by an arrow disappear. The music will speed up as you proceed to hit the skull and get closer to defeating the boss. When you do, a chest will fall from the ceiling. Stab it and walk up to it to collect the next Great Key, the item which grants you access to the second dungeon as well as increase your vitality meter to the 50% mark. After you collect it, leave the room, and activate the Angel Ring for a quick transport to the dungeon entrance.