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You will find the entrance to the second dungeon in room A-4 of the Castle. You can approach it by riding across the platform present in B-5 and breaking the blocks to A-5. Climb up the center ladder and watch out for the boulders that rain down in the room as you approach the entrance.

Exploring the Dungeon[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 2 map.png

The pink area in the upper right corner of this map indicate the areas that only Aphrodite is permitted to walk around if you did not purchase the Necklace from Dungeon 1. Only Aphrodite may open the blue gates in this dungeon, and you may not switch to Popolon if you do not possess the necklace until Aphrodite exits from a blue gate.

  1. You begin in H-2. After a short walk, you will encounter a blue gate which only Aphrodite may enter. From this point forward, you may not switch to Popolon until you exit the same or a different blue gate unless you have the Necklace. This is not as terrible a limitation as it sounds, it simply means you will have to work a little harder to break the blocks that lie in some passages. If you want to visit the password room, it is recommeneded that you go for it now or just after you get the map, otherwise you will need to do a big cycle in the dungeon. If you already know the password, skip the next note.
    • Going for the password room requires you drop down the long way between the gap of E-2 and F-2, make sure you fall down into the correct hole. (There are three holes you can fall along the way. The first is the one right to the ladder in G-2, and that is a hazardous trap. You will be trapped in an immobilized place, with many steam-like ghosts throwing projectiles at you. You will need to break 4 tiles to escape, and having Aphrodite makes it worse as she is not good at doing this. The second is the pass for password room. The third leads to the same place.) After dropping two full screens you will land onto a 2-grid-platform in E-5. Go right, get clear of the 6x2 breakable tiles and take the ladder to the right. Your will see the password room in G-4. After you learn the password, it is recommended that you use the Angel Ring for a warp to the entrance. If you do not possess that item, simply go all the way up to G-2. (Please note that the ladder connecting G-2 and G-3 is one-way. Once you climb that ladder, you will not be able to go down unless you cycle the dungeon.)
The password pass for dungeon 2.
  1. After crossing the blue gate, jump onto the platform in the middle of G-2 and climb up to G-1. There you will be greeted by a purple monster that floats around for a while before erupting in a shower of stones. These monsters are sometimes known to drop 50 coins upon defeat, but not all of them will do so. It is worth taking the time to figure out if you're encountering such a creature. Defeat it, and jump down to the platform with the chest. Inside, you will find the Mantle.
  2. Next, jump up to the ladder on your left, climb up, and walk along the top to the right. You will encounter another purple creature, so be on guard. When you reach I-1, drop down the far right side and climb up the ladders to reach the chest which contains the dungeon Map.
  3. Now you must proceed to the left side of the dungeon. To do this, return to where you collected the Mantle, and drop down to the lowest level on the left. Break the blocks on this lowest level of F-1 to reach the rest of the dungeon. You must jump over the first gap, but you may choose to fall down either of the remaining gaps. While in E-2, continue to make your way to the left, and climb up the ladder to E-1. Then return right and climb all the way up to the top level before moving left and breaking down the blocks in your way. Cross the blue gate and continue left.
  4. Climb down the ladder in D-1 and walk left to C-1. At this point, you may wish to wait for a vertical floating platform to appear from the bottom, and jump onto it so that you can safely reach the top level on the opposite side of the gap. Walk all the way to the left to A-1, and then climb down the ladder. Walk right and jump down into the gap. You should land by the treasure chest in B-2. Inside, you will find the Magical Rod.
  5. After you get the rod, you may wish to visit the hidden entrance up above in B-1, although it's not required. Jump down to the right, defeat the purple monster, and begin climbing the ladders to the screen above. Continue climbing until you see a group of blocks to your left. Break the blocks to find an entrance behind them. Inside, you will meet a man who informs you that you should "bomb" the boss.
  6. Return to the top level of B-2 and walk to the right to C-2. You can either wait for the platform to arrive, or take your chances jumping, but you should attempt to land on top of the pillars on the right side of C-3. Jump up to the highest pillar and fall down through the gap on your right. After you land, walk right, and you will see the entrance along the top level of D-5. Head inside. Here you can purchase the Bracelet, which serves a similar purpose to the Necklace in the third dungeon. However, this time it is Popolon who will get a better deal (220 Coins) if he shops compared to Aphrodite (380 Coins).
  7. When you are done, continue right and drop down to the platform below. Then carefully return to the left to the location where the vertical platform arrives to pick you up at C-5. While waiting, watch out for the exploding fireball. Then the platform pick you up and carry you back to C-3. This time, jump on top of the left pillars, and make your way to the highest pillar before falling down the left most gap. When you land, break the blocks to your left in order to access room B-5. In here, you will see a chest on the left side. Carefully jump across the platforms and watch out for the bats. Stab the chest and collect the contents, a Candle which will help you out in the fourth dungeon.
  8. Do not drop down to the bottom of this room. Instead, return the way you came back to C-5 and prepare to ride the platform back up to the top once more. This time, your destination is the lowest level on the right side of C-2. Break through the blocks, and jump up and around to the ladder on the right side. Climb all the way up to the very top, and then walk right to the gap in the floor. Fall down the first gap, but you must jump down the next gap on the left. You will begin falling, but the gap will begin to widen at the bottom of E-3. By the time you reach E-4, you can begin moving to the right to land on platforms. If you did not jump, and simply fall down, you will be unable to reach these, and be forced to cycle back around. If you successfully land on the platform, make your way to the ladder, and climb all the way up to E-3, where you will find a door. Inside the door is a man who will sell you the Balloon Bombs for 20 Coins. Purchase this essential item and exit.
  9. Climb back down to E-4, and drop down through the gap in the floor to E-5. You may begin to notice puffs of smoke rising up for the floor. These vents of steam will harm you when they are fully active. However, if you collected the Boots from the lower left corner of the Castle, you will be immune to their harmful effects. Where you go from here is determined by whether you know the spell to summon the dungeon boss or not. If you do not know it, follow the next instruction. Otherwise, skip down to the instruction below.
    • To learn the spell, begin walking to the left, taking special care to avoiding jumping into the lava, or getting knocked in by the flame enemies that patrol the platforms. Continue right until you see the ladder in G-5 that leads up to G-4. Climb up and move to the left to find another entrance. Watch out for the bats and jump over to the entrance where a woman will teach you the spell. Once you know it, return to E-5. (However, it is not possible to go boss room from there as the platform is too high to jump on.)
One-way Pass
  1. Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 2 devil.png
    Climb down the ladders until you reach E-6. Walk left until you can drop down and continue walking right. You will notice a chest on a small platform over the lava, but no attempts to reach it will be successful, so ignore it for now. Instead, stay on the top levels and proceed to the right, breaking blocks where necessary. Eventually, you will encounter a creature resembling a blue devil. This very difficult creature will hamper your progress by flying in ever expanding circles, while firing projectiles at you. The only weapon that you have which may serve as a good deterrent against the devil are the balloon bombs, but you must be careful not to be harmed by your own bomb's explosions. Whether you fight it, or avoid it entirely, make your way to the far right side of I-6 and drop down to the chest on the lowest level. Inside, you will find the Black Onion whose mysterious effect is to solidify the lava on this level so that you can safely walk across it.
  2. With the lava solidified, you can now return to the left, and collect the treasure chest on the floor in D-6. Inside, you will find the Holy Water. If you are concerned about your ammunition, you could attempt to uncover the hidden entrance behind the blocks in A-6, where you will find a man who will sell you a supply of 30 ammunition for 60 Coins, but it is generally not worth it. Instead, return to H-6 and travel along the lower path so that you can reach the ladder which will help you access the boss room in I-6. Proceed inside and enter the spell which will summon the dungeon boss.
Dungeon 2 Proceess Without Password Room


Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 2 boss.png

After summoning the boss, a large creature will appear hanging from the center ceiling of the room. It will remain up there while dropping purple orbs down on you. If you did not purchase the Balloon Bombs from the merchant in this dungeon, it will be impossible for you to damage this boss. You need to send Balloon Bombs up at the creature so that they explode at the very center of its body. After a while, the boss may vanish, and reappear in any one of three locations; the left, the right, or back in the center. You must then reposition yourself to resume your attack on the boss. Send more than one balloon up at a time, as the first balloon is likely to hit the purple orbs instead. However, the resulting explosion will also create a convenient shield that will protect you from subsequent orbs that follow. Once the boss absorbs enough damage from the explosions, it will drop to the ground defeated. Then a chest will fall from the ceiling, and inside you will find the next Great Key which will expand your vitality bars to 66% of maximum capacity.