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Exploring the Dungeon[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 4 map.png

This dungeon contain a lot of persistent enemies, some of which pop up out of the ground, so you must always try to be aware of where they are. There is also a small indestructible enemy that occupies the dungeon. The middle section is pitch black, and you must use the Candle from the second dungeon if you wish to light up the room. There are also a number of shops in this dungeon which sell valuable equipment, but at expensive prices. Even if you use the correct character to lower the prices, the sum is still more than you are able to hold. Try to bring as much money with you as possible (999 Coins) before you enter. Good sources of money are the purple errupters in Dungeon 2 or the large black stringy enemy in Dungeon 3, as they typically provide 50 Coins for every defeat.

  1. You begin in E-11, near the bottom of the dungeon. Although there is a floor below the one you start on, there really isn't anything of interest to discover, and a lot of water to fall into. Your first objective should be to head left to C-11, and climb up the tall ladder to the floor above. Then head to the right and drop down the platforms to the door at D-10. Here, you will immediately learn the spell to summon the boss of the dungeon.
  2. Return to the top of the platform you arrived at in C-10, and drop down to the small platform near the floor. Jump to the left, not in an effort to make it to the next platform, but instead to land on the top platform of C-11. You should see a ladder on the left extending across the entire screen. Jump down to the base of that ladder at B-12 and begin climbing the ladder all the way to the top.
  3. When you arrive at B-10, jump toward the wall to the left, and fall down to the platform below in B-11. The carefully jump over the gaps, and begin to break the blocks that eventually lead to a chest. Inside this chest, you will find the Puppet, an important item needed to reach the final dungeon. (Note that the entrance below you is a shop which sells ammunition, which should not be a concern at this point.)
  4. Return the way you came to the top of the very tall ladder at B-10, and continue to climb up to B-9. When you have the opportunity, jump to the platforms on the right, and drop down to the base of the next ladder at C-10. Climb up that ladder to arrive at the treasure chest in C-9. Watch out for the invincible enemy that patrols this platform, and stab the chest to open it and collect the dungeon Map.
  5. Climb back down the ladder and return to C-10. Begin breaking the blocks to the right. As you do, you will expose an entrance where a man inside will suggest that you bring a Candle if you don't like darkness. Continue breaking through the blocks until you can reach the next ladder. Climb up, and continue to climb up the next adjacent ladder until you reach an entrance at C-8. Inside is a shop that sells the Muramasa Sword. This sword won't just break one block, it will continue to break an entire row of blocks, plus it will enhance your damage by a small amount. Popolon will be charged 500 Coins for this sword, but for Aphrodite, the cost is only 330.
    • However, of the three expensive items that you can buy in this dungeon, this item is a) the least needed, and b) the easiest to get to should you return to the dungeon to purchase it later. If you are going to save one item to be purchased at a later time, this would be the item.
  6. Exit the shop, and climb down the ladder. Hop over to the single block platform at D-9, and leap to the right in an effort to land at the base of the next ladder in D-10. The climb up the sequence of ladders, all the way up to D-8, before falling down the gap to the right and landing in front of the chest which contains the Magical Rod.
  7. From the chest, drop back down to the left, and climb up the ladder again. Walk to the left until you reach the base of the ladder at C-8. When you climb up the ladder and reach C-7, the room will be pitch dark. You can use the Candle item to light up the room. For the moment, all you should be interested in is falling through the small gap on the far left side of the room to the platform below. Then continue walking all the way to the chest at the left end of B-8, where you will find the Belt. This item gives Aphrodite the same block breaking ability as Popolon.
  8. Once you have the Belt, return to the right, drop down, climb up the ladder to the darkness, and jump back down to the right to the base of the right ladder. Begin ascending the ladder and use the Candle to help you see. Continue to climb up the right side, all the way through C-6 and on to the floor of C-5 above. There will be an invincible creature patrolling the platform that you arrive on. Break the blocks to the right of you, and continue to break them until you reach the treasure chest at D-5. Hit the chest to open it and collect the Mantle.
  9. after grabbing the Mantle, return to the left, and leap from the left edge of the platform to the dark room below. Climb up the left ladder, to the second level of C-5. Then head right, watching out for the creature which can freeze you with their breath. If they do freeze you, shake your control pad left and right until you are unfrozen. Climb up the ladder on the far right side of D-5, and then back to the left. Break the blocks at the top of the center of C-5, leap over the gaps, and drop down to the third level. Break the blocks there to continue on and jump up to the top level. Climb the ladder up to B-3
  10. From the bottom of B-3, jump up through the gaps as you proceed to the right, to make it to the top level, and then head back to the left. Break the blocks in the top left corner to reveal a ladder. Climb up to B-2, and head left into A-2. You must Mine the floor to create holes that will allow you to fall through and create a passage that allows you to reach the floor. Then walk to the left, and you will fall through an invisible gap in the floor. You will land in a secret room in A-4, which contains a shop. In this shop is the Helm, which will increase your defense. It is only 240 Coins for Popolon, while it costs 380 for Aphrodite. After you finish shopping, head to the right, and leap up through the ceiling to find another hidden passage. Follow it to the right to get dumped out at B-4.
  11. Return to C-3, and wait for a vertical floating platform to pass by. Jump on top of it as it is headed up. Ride it all the way up to C-1, and jump off to the left when you get the chance. Continue to head left to B-1 until you reach the treasure chest. Stab it to open it and walk up to it to collect the Holy Water.
  12. Take another ride on the floating platform, and leap off the right when you are rising through C-2. From the small platform, you can break the blocks to your right at the top of the screen. When you break through, fall down the gap in D-2 to D-3 below and enter the shop that you arrive at. Here you can purchase the Great Shield which will protect you from projectiles sent by even stronger enemies. No matter who you purchase it with, it will cost you 450 Coins.
  13. Now you must return to the floating platform, but it will take a good amount of work to get back there. Break the blocks to your right and you will find a hidden ladder. Climb up to D-2, and doing your best to avoid the enemies, continue to climb all the way up to D-1. You will encounter a large blue enemy floating through the room. This enemy can do a lot of damage to you if you allow it to touch you, so do your best to avoid it. You must Mine the floor at the far left side of the lowest passage in order to create a gap that will enable you to return to the floating platform. Break the blocks to your left when you land, and you will be able to continue.
  14. Now you must wait for the floating platform to return. Your goal this time is to ride it all the way up to the top so that you can transfer onto the horizontally floating platform at the top of C-1. When you reach it, ride it to the right, and jump off to reach the ledge to the right of the platform. As you continue right, you will encounter that blue enemy again. You can try to defeat it if you want, but you must break the blocks on the third level, and continue all the way to the right. Fall down the gap at E-1, and you will arrive at the boss entrance.
    • There is one more treasure chest to collect immediately below you in E-2. It contains the Fire weapon. However, you can not use it against the boss, and if you fall down to E-2 before you fight the boss, you will be forced to repeat step 13 again. It is better to save the collect of that chest for after your fight with the dungeon boss.


Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 4 boss.png

After summoning the boss, a dragon head will appear in the bottom right corner of the room. The head will very rapidly climb the right wall, cross the ceiling, and drop down the left wall until it reaches the lower left corner of the room. From here, it's head will begin to bob up and down through the bottom two rows of the room. If left to its own devices, it will continue to snake around the entire room until it has filled it up and left you with no where to run, crushing you in the process. Once the head reaches the bottom left corner, you must begin to act. The best weapon to use against this boss is the Mines. Keep placing them on the floor, just ahead of where the dragon is about to move. Lay as many down as you can each time, and stay just a little ahead of the dragon as you move to the right. You may run out of room, in which case you should jump on the body of the dragon, and be prepared for it to return to the left. As it moves, it will snake in various directions, but you should be able to defeat it before it begins to move to the right a second time. You must be very careful when fighting this boss. It is possible to become stuck and lose despite have plenty of vitality. If you are hit from behind, and are forced to jump into the dragon's neck, you can become stuck there, and you will slowly lose health until you die. While you need to stand relatively close to the dragon's head in order to lay Mines efficiently, don't stand so close that you can become trapped as a result. When you defeat the Dragon, the very last Great Key will fall from the ceiling. Collecting it will grant you the possibility of a 100% full vitality bar. Don't forget to collect the Fire weapon from the room below if you saved it for after the boss fight.