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Exploring the Castle[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Castle map 4.png

The Mines are good for more than blowing up small annoying green creatures. They will open up new passages for you. Before you head to the fourth dungeon, you should pick up two items that are now accessible thanks to the Mines.

  1. After you exit the third dungeon, climb down the ladder in I-4, and Mine the blocks on the right side of the passage. Make your way to the gap on the right side of the floor and drop down. Push all of the yellow doors in J-5 around with Popolon, and jump down to the ladder on the far right side of K-5. Climb up the ladder to K-4.
  2. This room can be a little frustrating, and may take a few tries to get right. You must jump over the gaps in the floor to the ladder on the right. Bats may fly down towards you as you jump, so be prepared to deal with them and try your hardest not to let them knock you back through the floor. Once you climb the ladder, you must properly time a jump to the right so that you land on the floating platform just as it reaches the end of its trip to the left. The timing can be difficult, and is made more troubling by the presence of bats which you should attempt to remove with a Ceramic Arrow. Assuming you make it safely on to the platform, jump off to the right, and send a Balloon Bomb up to the blocks over your head. When a hole is created, jump up and run back to the left. Break the blocks on the left side and claim the contents of the chest within, the Sabre. This weapon will increase your offensive power.
  3. Once you have the Sabre, your next goal is to return to Dungeon 1. If you have the Devil Wing, you can use it to transport yourself to the three dungeon entrances you've visited so far until you reach the first dungeon. If you don't, you can still use the Angel Ring to transport yourself back to the Password Room.

Revisit Dungeon 1[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 1 map 3.png

Now it is time to explore the very bottom level of the first dungeon, which contains a treasure chest that you were unable to reach during your first trip trough the dungeon.

Bug exploit shortcut
There is a bug in the game that actually allows you to drop through floors at the bottom of a ladder. If you jiggle the control pad up and down while staying very close to the bottom of the ladder, it is possible to pop through the floor and fall down. You can use this bug as a shortcut to reach D-6 by visiting B-6 as if you were going to the Mongolian Sword shop. Jiggle the control pad at the bottom of the lowest ladder, and you will drop down to the entrance where you learn the boss summon spell. From here, you can very quickly walk to the right to D-6.
  1. From the entrance, your goal is to make it all the way around to D-6. Ordinarily, this would mean climbing up to the top of the dungeon and heading around to the right side and down. However, there is a programming glitch that you can take advantage of to drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to reach D-6. See the sidebar for more information.
  2. When you reach D-6, drop down through the gap in the floor to D-7, and switch to Aphrodite. Have her walk through the water to reach the far right side of this floor and up to the platform that contains a ladder. Climb the ladder and walk to the left. Use a Mine on the block before the wall at F-7. Carefully remove the creature on the platform below, and use a Balloon Bomb on the block on the other side of the same wall. Jump up and remove the next creature. Then leap over the gaps to reach the treasure chest to the left. Stab it to open it and you will receive the Magicwear, a special article of clothing that will nullify a curse effect in the fourth dungeon that will reverse your controls.
  3. Once you collect the Magicwear, you are finished, and may use the Angel Ring to transport yourself back to the dungeon entrance, and back into the Castle

Reaching Dungeon 4[edit]

Actually getting to the fourth dungeon is no easy feat. It will take a lot of coordination and a good ability to clear as many enemies out of the way before you advance.

  1. Get access to the vertically floating platform that passes through most of the G column on the map. This is most easily accomplished from the left through F-4 or from the right by transporting back to the third dungeon entrance, placing Mines on the blocks to the left, and dropping down through the left gap.
  2. Ride the platform all the way to its peak at G-2. The platform will reverse direction after traveling only a short distance up this screen. You must jump up to the third level from the bottom before the platform starts its decent. If you are too late, or if you fall, you will have to ride on the platform again in order to reach the jumping off point.
  3. After leaping up to the third level, walk to the left to F-2. Here you must watch out for bats. Don't allow them to knock you down to the lower level or you will have to repeat your attempt. Cross over the gaps to reach the ladder at the top of E-2. Watch out for the skeleton that patrols here, as well as the one that patrols just above in E-1.
  4. Climb up the ladder and, taking care to avoid the bats once again, leap across the small block platforms in F-1 to the right. Continue jumping up along the high path to the ladder that reaches the top of G-1. If you fall in the crevice, you will be forced to Mine the floor and drop back down and repeat these steps.
  5. When you are at the top, walk to the left, and stop just shy of the blue wire. You are allowed to walk across this wire, but if you jump, you will fall through the wire. As a result, it is extremely important to clear the string of bats before you set foot on the wire. The easiest method is to fire a Ceramic Arrow across and destroy the bats. Then safely walk across the wire.
  6. As soon as you leave the wire, you will be set upon by a Skeleton. There is little you can do to defend yourself, but if you don't walk far enough to the left, he can push you back through the wire, so continue to advance to the left. Another Skeleton will follow the first. Beyond both of them is the entrance to the fourth dungeon.