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Locating the Dungeon[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Castle map 5.png

The final dungeon is tucked away in the lower right corner of the Castle. To get there, you're going to need a very special item.

  1. Start by dropping to the bottom of the long vertical floating platform shaft, at G-7. Use the platform to climb up to the horizontally floating platform near the top, and leap over to the ledge on the right that leads to H-7. At the foot of the water, use the Puppet item that you collected near the bottom of Dungeon 4. A bridge will appear, allowing you to cross over to I-7.
  2. Before you head for the dungeon, there is one other item that you should collect. Continue right to J-7, and drop down the gap in the middle to the very bottom of the Castle, above the water. Jump up to the platforms to your right, and continue to the blocks in the upper right corner of K-9. Break the blocks at the top to reveal a ladder. Climb up and proceed to jump up the right side of K-8 to the next ladder, and all the way up to the top of the right side of K-7 before walking back to the left and reaching a chest. Open the chest to obtain the Jar, an item which doubles the amount of experience points that you earn for each kill. This will help you refill your vitality bar twice as fast.
  3. From the Jar, you must retrace your steps, and fall back down to the bottom level. Return to the platform you landed on in J-9, and leap up to the ladder on the other side. Climb the ladder to J-8 and hop over the gap to the right. Continue to climb up the ladders until you are in K-7. Remain on the bottom level, and hop over the gap to the left until you reach the blocks at I-7. Break the blocks on the floor, and then place Mines on the very bottom blocks until you reveal a gap that you can fall through. Fall down to I-8, and walk left to H-8 where you will find the entrance to the last dungeon. Beware of the boulders that fall down from the ceiling in in this room.

Exploring the Dungeon[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 5 map.png

When you arrive, you will notice two things; a treasure chest above you to the left that you cannot reach, and the fact that you move considerably slowly through this dungeon. These two details are related. Your first goal is obtain the contents of that chest which will allow you to move at regular speed.

  1. You will begin the dungeon at F-5. From the start, head to the right, and jump up a level. Watch out for the purple creature that likes to uppercut the floor above. Break through the blocks, and use the platforms to the right as a stepping stone to the small ledge above. Then jump up to the ladder on the right and climb up.
  2. In G-4, jump up to the third level, break the blocks, and continue left into F-4. Drop down to the floor, and jump over the gap in the floor. Break the next set of blocks, and leap over the next two-block gap. Then turn around and simply fall down. When you land in E-5, jump up to the right to reach the chest. Open it to collect the Bible, the item which breaks the slowness curse that you experience in this dungeon.
  3. From this location, it is possible to easily access the chamber where you learn the spell to summon the dungeon boss. Simply jump back on to the platforms to your left and hop over to the next set of platforms, until you are on the single block platforms at the bottom of the screen. Jump up to the second platform from the bottom and continue to walk to the left until you reach the entrance at D-5. Head inside to learn the spell.
  4. Return to the starting location by dropping down to the lowest level, reaching the platform at F-6, and climbing up the ladder. Follow the steps to reach the Bible up to the part where you break the blocks in G-4. Instead, climb up the ladder to the bottom of G-3. Mine the floor until you find a gap to drop down, watch out for the golden knight, and climb up the next ladder. Break the blocks to the left and Mine the last block on the far left to create a gap. Drop down the gap into E-4 and fall down to the treasure chest which contains the Mantle.
  5. After collecting the Mantle, jump up to the top right, break the blocks, and fall down to the floor. Leap over all the gaps in the floor to the left, and then jump up to the ladder at the top of the screen. Continue to climb up the ladders that you find when you arrive at E-3, to the top of the screen, and then fall to the left. Jump up to the ledge with the two clouds and break the blocks. Note that the clouds themselves cannot harm you, only the lightning they put forth. Drop Mines on the column of blocks to the far left and break a hole through to the floor and drop down. Finally, place a Mine in the lower left corner of the floor to create a gap.
  6. Fall down the gap to D-4. When you land, fall down to the platforms on your right, and then jump back up one level to the left. Break the blocks on the opposite side of the gap, and fall down the gap to the single block on the floor below. From the block, fall to the right down to C-5. When you land, you must carefully jump (not fall) through the gap immediately to your right, so that you land on the platforms below. If you fall, you will not be able to move to the right, and you will fall down to the lava below. Once you land on the platforms, jump across the gaps to the right until you reach the chest, which contains the Magic Rod.
  7. After you collect the Magic Rod, your goal is to fall through the gaps and safely land on one the platforms below in C-6. Travel as far to the left as you can until you will have no choice but to jump in the lava and quickly jump back out so that you can stand on the lowest platform in B-6. Climb up the ladder, walk to the left edge of the platform, and leap left back into the lava again, and quickly back out to the next platform. (There are safer ways of accomplishing this, but they require a lot of backtracking and repeating of steps you performs to get the Magic Rod. This way is simply faster.) From this second low platform, jump across the single block platforms until you reach the ledge to the left. Jump up to the ledge and walk through the wall to discover a hidden passage. Climb all the way up the tall ladder from X-6 to X-5. Walk right, and carefully jump down from the top platform to the bottom platform above the lava. Then jump to the right, and jump up to the right once again to discover another hidden passage. Jump up and back to the left to reach the chest. Inside, you will discover the Cross, an item which will make the final boss vulnerable to the Red Arrows. Without it, the last fight is next to impossible. Once you collect it, the next best step is to use the Angle Ring to return to the dungeon entrance before continuing.
  8. From the entrance, head to the right, and drop down to the bottom level. Beat the purple creature, watch out for the lightning, and break through the blocks on the second level. Jump up once more, defeat the next purple creature, and jump down through the gap so that you can land on the small platform below in H-6. From there, continue to leap along the platforms to the right until you make it to the entrance at K-6. Once there, enter inside the shop to purchase the Harp for 380 Coins (regardless of character), which is required to access the final boss.
  9. Head back out and climb up the ladder at J-6. When you arrive in J-5, turn left, and use Ceramic Arrows to break out the two blocks to your left. Jump over the gap and break the next two blocks with your sword, and continue left. Watching out for the gold knights, climb and jump your way to the top level. Break the blocks to your left and climb up the ladder. After arriving in I-4, immediately fall down through the gap to your left, climb up the next ladder, and fall down through the left gap again. Climb up the next ladder, and jump up the platforms to the third level. Walk to the right to find a chest and open it to collect the Map.
  10. From there, jump up to the ladder to the left and climb up. To your left will be a series of gaps. Jump over the first two-block gap, and then over the next one-block gap, and fall down the second two-block gap. When you land in H-4, there will be another treasure chest to your right. Open it to collect the Holy Water. You have now collected every item in the dungeon. From this location, you will have no choice but to start back over from the start of the dungeon, and retrace your steps to return to the location of the Map.
  11. When you've return to the location of the Map chest, climb up the ladder to your left to arrive at H-3. Jump all the way across the small platforms, watching out for the lightning sent down by the clouds. (Alternatively, you can go up and around through the hidden ladder at the top of H-4. Jump up to the top of G-3 and climb the right ladder up to G-2. When you reach this level, no enemies will appear except for a green dragon that teleports in and out of the room, breathing fire just before it disappears. It's difficult to defeat the dragon, and it can go an extensive bit of damage to you, so it's best to try to avoid confronting it altogether. Jump up to the very top level, a break the blocks to the left. Drop down to the floor and Mine the blocks on the bottom of F-2 to create a gap.
  12. Fall through the gap to F-3, walk to the left along the top platform, and climb up the next ladder. When you arrive, walk as far to the left along the floor as you can and drop a Mine before the wall. Fall down the gap it creates, and climb up the ladder to your left. Jump up the left side of E-2, and break the blocks to the right along the top passage. Continue to the right, and drop down to the next ladder. Climb up, and make your way to the ladder at the top of F-2. Once you climb up, you will only see a ladder to the top chamber if you purchased the Harp back in K-6. If you do, climb up and enter inside to cast the spell which summons the final boss.


Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 5 boss.png

The boss of this dungeon is Galious himself. Galious will appear in one of four places before surrounding himself with a wheel of fire. This wheel spins around, protecting him and absorbing your shots. It expands once, and then expands once again before collapsing into him just before he disappears. The flames are not invulnerable and will disappear after they take enough damage, but it is difficult to clear them away fast enough to strike Galious. The only vulnerable location on his body is the cross in the center of his chest. To hit it, you must clear the way of fire. If you managed to collect the Cross, you will be in a better position to fight him, since this allows the Red Arrows to be used against him. Assuming you have the Cross, you should position yourself so that you have the best chance of hitting him.

If Galious appears on top of the middle platform, there is no good place to fight him from. It is best to wait in the lower right corner and wait for him to disappear. If Galious appears on the far right, stand on the center platform. If Galious appears on the far left, stand on the right platform above the ladder. And if Galious appears in the center on the floor, stand on the left platform. When you reach these positions, first lay down three Mines at the approximate distance where the flames will fly before they appear. Then back away begin stabbing the flames with your Sword. Between the Mines and your sword, you will eventually remove one or more of the flames. Then switch to the Red Arrows and fire away before Galious disappears. It is not unlikely that you will get hit when the fire briefly expands, but do you best to recover as quickly as possible and resume your firing.

If you employ this method of attack consistently, you should be able to cause enough damage to Galious and defeat him within two or three appearances, depending on how fast and accurate you are when laying the Mines, how quickly to stab your sword, and how fast you can fire the arrows. When you beat Galious, a chest will fall from the ceiling, and just as before, it will contain a Great Key. Only this key won't open a Castle door. Instead, when you pass through the room entrance, you will find yourself in a new room.


Majou Densetsu II Epilogue screen.png

When you leave Galious' room, you will find yourself at the top of a room full of blocks. You will need to break your way from the top to various regions of the room to find what you are searching for. Some of the blocks break away, while others become walls. Some blocks hide strange fuzzy orbs which rotate around the screen and generally make a nuisance of themselves, but do not harm you. The screen shot to the right has been doctored to show you the ultimate path that you should take to the bottom of the room where you goal lies, the baby of Popolon and Aphrodite which was kidnapped from the future. If you make your way down to it and collect it, you will be rewarded with the game's ending. Congratulations.