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Ammo Weapons[edit]

Weapon Description Location
Red Arrows This is your first basic alternative weapon. Firing these uses up ammunition, but allows you to attack enemies from a safe distance. The Castle: F-4
Ceramic Arrows Unlike Red Arrows, these arrows plow through several enemies, and they can even break blocks. The Castle: C-4
Balloon Bomb Balloon Bombs float high into the sky, and only explode if they hit an enemy or a platform along the way. Useful for clearing overhead blocks. Dungeon 2: E-3
Mine Lay Mines on the floor to attack enemies, or clear blocks beneath your feet. They explode when they are touched or after a period of time has passed. Dungeon 3: B-8
Rolling Fire Rolling Fire will drop to your feet, and then proceed to cycle around the edge of whatever platform you're standing on. Dungeon 3: F-4
Fire Fire drops to the ground, and proceeds in the direction that it is sent, falling off any edges that are encountered along the way. Dungeon 4: E-2

Dungeon Items[edit]

These items are available in every dungeon (except for the first Great Key.)

Item Description
Great Key Great Keys serve two important purposes in the game; they allow you to access the next dungeon in your quest, and they increase the length of your vitality meter. All Great Keys are obtained by defeating the boss of the previous dungeon, except for the first Great Key which is found in the Castle, just to the right of your starting point.
Map The Map allows you to survey the arrangement of the dungeon that you have collected it from. In addition, you will see one blinking square that indicates your current position within that dungeon. The Map is further enhanced by the Lamp.
Holy Water Collecting the Holy Water will allow you to inflict twice as much damage as usual against the dungeon boss, which should shorten the duration of the battle.
Mantle Donning the Mantle will halve any damage caused by the dungeon boss, allowing you to sustain twice as many hits.
Magical Rod The Magical Rod is an incredibly valuable dungeon item. It permits the infinite use of alternate weapons against the boss without decreasing your ammo supply. This effect only applies to boss battles.


Item Description Location
Mongolian Sword The Mongolian Sword is a stronger sword than the one you begin the game with. It has the capability of breaking certain blocks when you strike them. Dungeon 1: C-5
Muramasa Sword The Muramasa Sword is even stronger than the Mongolian Sword. When you strike a block, a wave of force travels all the way down the row of blocks, allowing you to break many at once. Dungeon 4: C-8
Asurot Shield The Asurot Shield improves your defense over the original shield by enabling you to deflect projectiles shot at you by small enemies. Dungeon 1: G-5
Great Shield The Great Shield offers even greater defense by deflecting projectile shot by any enemy, even some of the biggest in the game. Dungeon 4: D-3
Sabre Collecting the Sabre will improve your offensive ability, allowing you to do twice as much damage as normal. The Castle: K-4

Use Items[edit]

To use these items, you must go to the items menu and select them.

Item Description Location
Angel Ring Using the Angel Ring in the Castle will instantly transport you to the password room at D-6. Using it inside a dungeon will transport you back to the dungeon's entrance. Cannot be used when in a boss room, hence no quick escaping. The Castle: D-7
Devil Wing The Devil Wing allows you to zip around the Castle especially fast. Each time you use it, it will transport you to the entrance of any dungeon that you've visited at least once. The Castle: F-6

Automatic Items[edit]

Item Description Location
Lamp If you possess the map for a dungeon, the Lamp will indicate the location of the room in which you are to cast the dungeon boss summoning spell. The Castle: D-2
Boots Collecting these boots will protect your feet from the effects of the scolding geysers that shoot out of the ground in the second dungeon. The Castle: A-9
Salt Without possession of the salt, you will be unable to enter the room of resurrection in the castle at C-7 if you need to revive a fallen character. The Castle: B-7
Necklace If you purchase the Necklace, you will be able to switch to Popolon in the areas of the second dungeon that are ordinarily off limits to him. Dungeon 1: H-6
Candle The candle will light up a particular dark area of the third dungeon. Without it, you'll have a difficult time passing through. Dungeon 2: B-5
Bracelet The Bracelet allows you to switch to Aphrodite in the areas of the third dungeon that are ordinarily designated for Popolon only. Dungeon 2: D-5
Black Onion Collecting this strange item has a magical effect in the second dungeon: It solidifies the lava on the bottom floor of the second dungeon, enabling you to reach the boss. Dungeon 2: I-6
Oar The oar is a magical item which grants you the ability to walk on the surface of a particular body of water in the third dungeon. Dungeon 3: E-5
Earrings The earring is one of the items which balances out the differences between Popolon and Aphrodite. The earring permits Popolon to fire three simultaneous weapons just like Aphrodite. Dungeon 3: C-5
Pendant The pendant is another such balancing item. While it doesn't permit Popolon to remain underwater as long as Aphrodite, it does slow down the rate at which Popolon loses health in water. Dungeon 3: C-3
Magicwear Wearing magicwear will break the curse cast over the fourth dungeon, which causes your controls to reverse. It is found in the first dungeon, but you need Mines and Balloon Bombs to collect it. Dungeon 1: E-7
Puppet The puppet is a special item which is needed to access the final dungeon of the game. Only the puppet can help erect a bridge that leads you to the dungeon. Dungeon 4: A-11
Belt The belt also attempts to balance the two characters by giving Aphrodite the ability to break blocks with a single strike of the sword, just like Popolon. Dungeon 4: B-8
Helm The Helm will prevent you from taking damage from falling boulders. Note: This item is referred to as a Parasol in the Japanese version. Dungeon 4: A-4
Jar Possession of the jar (also referred to as the bottle) will double the amount of experience each character earns for defeating an enemy. The Castle: J-7
Bible The bible breaks the slowness curse cast throughout the fifth and final dungeon. Unfortunately, it's also found in that dungeon, so it should be the first item you obtain. Dungeon 5: E-5
Cross The cross is an incredibly difficult item to get, but it's incredibly valuable. It allows you to damage the final boss of the game with Red Arrows. Without it, you must use your sword, which is extremely challenging. Dungeon 5: A-5
Harp Only the melodies of the harp will allow you to access the boss chamber of the final dungeon. Without it, you will be unable to complete the game. Dungeon 5: K-6