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Exploring the Castle[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Castle map 2.png

Now that you have the Mongolian Sword, it's possible to break down blocks and explore a much larger region of the castle than when you first began, although the right region of the castle still remains out of reach. Use this opportunity to collect more valuable items, and even plunder a few secret areas for much needed and hard to find cash.

  1. You begin back down in F-7, by the entrance to the first dungeon. Your first objective should be to return all the way to the top, back to D-2 where you collected the Lamp. This time, continue to jump up and break the blocks on the third level to reach the ladder to your left. Climb up and have Popolon push the two yellow doors around so you can climb down the ladder and jump through the hole in the floor.
  2. Make sure you jump instead of simply falling so that you can push left as you fall into D-3. If you fall, you will land on top of a plant enemy. Defeat the plants and travel left from the lowest level through an invisible passage through C-3. When you land on the floor, continue to the left to B-3. You must carefully jump over another invisible gap in the floor, which lies beneath the spot where the floor on the second level ends and the wall begins. If you make it over the gap, you can collect the 9 bags of gold which give you 10 Coins each for a total of 90.
  3. Return and allow yourself to fall through the gap that drops you through B-4 and deposits you at the top of B-5. Drop down to the right so you can access the ladder that climbs back up to the level above. In C-4, you must navigate your way around the platforms while avoiding the Skeletons so that you can reach the chest in the middle. In the chest is the Ceramic Arrow, which can be used to break blocks from a distance, but at the cost of some ammo.
    • Note that in the room below, C-5, you can summon a Fairy that will appear and refill your health if you manage to catch it. To summon it, you must stand by the crack in the wall on the lowest floor. A bunch of shimmering bubbles will appear around the screen. When enough appear, they will coalesce into the Fairy, who will start to roam around the screen. Catch it, and she will instantly refill your vitality.
  4. Your next goal is to return to the site where you collected the original Arrow, F-4 where the boulders fall. Instead of dropping down, remain on the third level and break the blocks that bar your way to the right. Continue to G-4 where you will eventually see a floating platform which rises up and down through several screens. Ultimately, you must ride this platform down.
  5. Ride the platform down two screens until you reach G-6. Carefully jump on top of the column and avoid the bats (use your arrows to get rid of them if you have to.) If you get knocked down to the room below, just wait for the floating platform to reappear, and ride it back up. Your goal is to land on the floor of the lowest level in the room so that you can attack the blocks to your left. Buried inside of the blocks is a treasure chest. Inside this chest is the valuable Devil Wing which will automatically transport you to the location of any dungeon entrance that you have previously visited. This becomes a tremendous asset to your ability to move throughout the Castle.
  6. Now return to the left and drop down through the gap to room G-7. Break the bricks to your left until you fall down through an invisible gap in the floor. You will land in F-8 where you will find three bags of money, each containing 50 Coins for a total of 150 additional money. After you collect the money, jump up through the ceiling to the left to find another hidden passage. Walk left, and you will fall down into a chamber in E-8 which contains 5 sets of 10 arrow quivers for an additional 50 ammo.
  7. From there, climb up the ladder and walk left through yet another hidden passage. This one will end when you reach D-8. Since you are standing above water, it is highly advised that you switch to Aphrodite (Venus) at this point in case you fall in the water. A Giant Octopus will attack you from the surface of the water. While it can leave a large amount of ammo behind if you defeat it, it can be difficult to hit and is largely more trouble than it's worth. Focus on continuing to the left, and reaching the opposite end of the pool at A-8. You may fall through a gap in the floor from B-8 to B-9, and that is fine as well.
  8. If you didn't fall through the gap, climb down the ladder to A-9. Watch out as this is another location where boulders fall. Proceed to the right to B-9, and make your way along the lowest floor back to the treasure chest. Inside, you will find the Boots which will protect you from the geysers in the second dungeon. Collect the boots, then return to the left and climb back up the ladder.
  9. Once back in A-8, use Aphrodite to make it all the way back to the low platform in C-8 (watch out for the gap in the floor at the end of B-8, and then jump up on to the platform to leap across the water to the left. Wait at B-8 for a floating platform to drop down, then jump on it and ride it up.
  10. In B-7 switch from the vertical platform to the horizontal platform, and jump across to the left. Break down the blocks and proceed to A-7, where you must make your way around the platforms and up to the treasure chest. In the chest, you will find the Salt which is the required item in order to enter the resurrection chamber at C-7. To use the chamber, you must pay the price of 100 ammo and 100 coins to restore your fallen partner.

Once you collect the Salt, you will have collected all of the extra items around the Castle that you can collect, along with a substantial boost to your wallet which will really come in handy when you revisit the first dungeon. Assuming you managed to collect the Devil Wing, you may use it right now to instantly transport yourself back to the dungeon entrance.