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Store Updates
  • Student Store: Nicro Cloth 70, Polish Powder 230, Light Armor (Recipe: Leather Cuirass) 250
  • Cafeteria: Salt 50, Flaming BBQ (Recipe: Steak) 250, Fruit Juice (Recipe 120% Fruit) 250
  • Infirmary: Medicinal Collar (Recipe: Flea Necklace) 250

This chapter is the school's summer break. Since it is illegal to practice alchemy outside of the school, students aren't permitted to leave until they've graduated. This means that all of the students are in school for the next 4 weeks, but none of them have classes to attend. The first week is an event, which takes place entirely through a cut-scene. This sends you straight into week 2, which is free time. Week 3 is another block of Free Time, but it starts with a cut-scene tying into the events of week 1.

Between the two weeks of free time, you should have finished up the second part of the character quests for both Nikki and Jess. The fourth week starts with a visit from Flay.

Week 4 Event[edit]

  • Swinging Drum - Wood Tympani
  • Robe - Arabesque Robe
  • Glasses - Glasses of Death
  • Echoing Cymbal - Alchemic Cymbal

Track down the monster that took Riggs in the southeastern section of the Resource Center. When you arrive there, Flay will come to take Riggs home, and leave the three of you to teach the monster a lesson about why it shouldn't be kidnapping students. The recipe for Cure Jar can be received when defeating the monster. Flay tells the three to visit a number of places on campus known for scary stories, and to read the stories as they visit each place. The Resource Center becomes available on the Campus Map. The areas to be visited are:

  • Infirmary
  • Music Room
  • Resource Center
  • Off Campus - Old Schoolhouse

You can visit them in whatever order you wish. Flay seems to know a few secrets, and there are certainly some strange things going on around campus. After visiting all of the scary places around campus, a scream is heard. Riggs gets dragged off by a monster deep into the Resource Center, and the group agrees to go after him.

Street Vendor
  • Wild Meat 20
  • Rotten Meat 10
  • Tuft 30
  • Endless Seaweed 50
  • Joker Fish 50
  • Tiger Blowfish 50
  • Masou 60
  • Beast Fang 80
  • Cyprus Copper 140
  • Carbon Boulder 170
  • Bonita 180
  • Monster Cookie 200
  • Puppy Paw Flan 250
  • Taiyaki 500
  • Long Ice Cream 510
  • White Feather 240
  • Sharkgill 410
  • Muscat 330
  • Mandarin Orange 370
  • Holy Crest Paper 1000
  • Echoing Cymbal 3500
  • Glasses 3500

The party can leave the Resource Center and come back to finish looking for Riggs and the monster later. This may be a good idea when finding certain recipes or ingredients within the area in order to create new items and expand the characters' Grow Books. Near the location of the monster is a save point that restores HP & SP, so you won't have to make it all the way there without getting into a fight in order to have good health and the full range of spells available. Of course, this enemy has a self-heal spell and can drain your SP, so it could be a long fight anyway. When the monster is defeated, Flay will take you all back to the workshop and introduce you to Pamela, who you encountered in the Resource Center. She seems to have taken a liking to Vayne, and decides to join the workshop.