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Store Updates
Item Cost
Campus Grounds
Taun 180
Plosion 410
Preuve Lead 420
How to Knead Dirt
(Recipe: Magical Clay)
Invisible Mantle
(Recipe: Treasure Cape
Student Store
Silky Cloth 360
Expensive Paper
(Recipe: Holy Crest Paper)
Metallic Claw
(Recipe: Steel Claw)
(Recipe: Unipuni Pudding)

Zeppel has prepared assignments for the students to finish over the Summer now that the term is complete. He also tells them that they must do independent research. The relationships between the students in the workshop are explored a little further through their reactions to the assignments and the idea of research, then they are given three weeks of Free Time for the Summer.

Weeks 2, 3, & 4: Free Time[edit]

When going to the Workshop, Pamela reveals that this season she will scare her 1000th Freshman. After this, reassign the students on the schedule as needed, and then head for Student Affairs to retrieve some Summer jobs.

Anna, Flay, Pamela, and Roxis all have new character quest events for this term.

Week 5 Event[edit]

The students, having completed their assignments, discuss what their workshop will be turning in for the research project. Flay brings up the idea of excavating in the Mana Ruins, and as with most of Flay's ideas, everyone seems to go along without really knowing how they came to the agreement. The Mana Ruins - Interior Heights become available, and this is where Flay expects the students to start excavation.

Deep within the ruins, the students find a strange metallic egg. Before they can decide what to do with it, Tony and Renee stop them. This could be a very long battle. Remember to take advantage of the new skills learned in the previous chapter, as Tony and Renee have a few thousand hit points each. As usual you may want a handful of Nectars on hand to revive the occasional ally, and bombs to exploit weaknesses to get quick acces to Burst Mode. Recipes for Estevan Guard and Feathery Flow may be received after this battle. Return to the Workshop to meet the newest member. Only Nikki seems to keep in mind where they found the new kid.

The students rush off to see the Principal to enroll Muppy (royalty of Waiiha). Everyone seems to have forgotten they have an independent research project to turn in.