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Week 2 & 3: Four Class Choices[edit]

Store Updates
  • Campus Grounds: Metallic Pack 800, Foreign Blade 800, Magic Garments 800
  • Student Store: Razor Card 800, Alchemy Symbol 800, Hammeryhammer Plus 800
  • Cafeteria: Huge Donut 800, Fishbot 800
  • Infirmary: Spreading Medicine 800, Super Juice 800
  • Resource Center:

The classes you can choose from are Alchemy History, Synthesis V Application, Synthesis VI Cooking, and Combat IV Preservation.

  • Alchemy History
  • Synthesis V Application: The assignment says to make a Tera Flame "Neatly", this simply means to make it "Detailed". To do this, you need to make the ether level between 15-25.
  • Synthesis VI Cooking: For this class, you need to make a Red Soup with a "Spicy" effect. However, if you make it with just a "Spicy" effect, you will receive a B for the course. Instead, if you make the Red Soup with a "Flaming Spicy" effect, you will pass with an A. To make it, simply get the ether level as close as you can to 0.
  • Combat IV

Weeks 4, 5, & 6: Free Time[edit]

The character quests available now are for Roxis, Anna, and Muppy

The jobs available now are job numbers 093, 092, 078, 068, 058, and 048.

Week 8 Event[edit]

After the scene, go to the Faculty Room and speak with Zeppel. When that scene is done, [OLD SCHOOLHOUSE - CLOSED AREA] will be added to your list of locations. You cannot use Vayne this time, so pick another character to replace him. The enemies in the dungeon can/will cast venom on your characters, synthesizing and equipping them with Tangerine Hats will be very handy in this dungeon. If you come across an Ancient, just use Flay's Raiden Charge due to them being weak against lightning attacks.

The boss is Chimera, and has a tremendous amount of HP plus no elemental weakness. Try using multi-hit chain attacks to activate your Burst Gauge. Use Nikki's Decoy Shield to help reduce the damage; Flay's Raiden Charge, Drill Twist, and Buster Star to help deal a lot of damage; and Roxis' Chrona Drive to help inflict even more damage. Also, use Roxis' Purifying Skill to get rid of any time cards Chimera has set in the battle field.

When the battle is over with, you will receive "Moon Flower". Return to the Academy and go to the Faculty Room for a scene.